Ruche Blogger Family

Calling all crafty ladies, DIY mavens, and style gurus! Join the Ruche Blogger Family! Inspire our community and earn exclusive rewards for your creativity.

- FAQ -

1. What is the Ruche Blogger Family?
The Ruche Blogger Family is a rewards program for anyone interested in providing content for Ruche’s official blog. Our program is especially beneficial for bloggers looking to gain more exposure and grow their readership. The content you provide will be visible to all of Ruche’s customers and will be marketed on our Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest profiles.

2. What types of rewards does the program offer and what is the difference between a Guest Blogger and a Guest Editor?
Our program has two tiers. If 1-2 of your posts are published on our blog in a 3 month period, you will be awarded the Guest Blogger title. The Guest Blogger title comes with an exclusive badge for you to share on your blog. The badge will link to your personalized tag that will contain all of your guest posts. The Guest Editor title is awarded to members with 3+ published posts per 3 month period. The Guest Editors will receive an exclusive badge for their blog to link to their personalized tag, a permanent spot on our Ruche Family Blogger page, and a one time use 15% discount coupon for every 3 posts. Members of the Ruche Blogger Program will also receive exclusive updates about upcoming sales and lookbook sneak peaks.

3. How can I become a member of the Ruche Blogger Family?

To become a member and start receiving your rewards, all you have to do is have at least one of your posts approved and published on the Ruche blog. Submit your posts to (and include any photos as attachments) for a chance to be featured.

4. What kind of posts should I submit?
Our five main categories are outlined below. We have listed examples underneath each category, but we welcome creativity!

- Project DIY:
  - Recipes
  - Crafts/Sewing
  - Interior Design/Decorating
  - Gardening/Flower arrangements
  - DIY home beauty
  - Scrapbooking

Picture This:
  - Photoshop tutorials
  - Lightroom tutorials
  - Graphic Design tutorials
  - General photography tutorials
  - Your own photography

Wedding Wednesday:
  - Your wedding photos
  - Your engagement story
  - Wedding moodboards and inspiration
  - DIY wedding favors and decor
  - Wedding trend reports

Love Stories:
  - Any story regarding relationships, such as:
  - How you reconnected with an old friend
  - How your puppy makes you smile
  - How you and your significant other fell in love

Style File:
  - Outfit photos with Ruche items
  - Polyvore styling with Ruche items

5. What are you looking for in guest blog posts?
We are looking for creative and original,posts. Posts should be short, concise, and spelling/grammar checked. Limit to 1200 words per post.

6. How will you promote my guest post?
We will feature your post on our blog, which will be exposed to our blog readers. We will also promote your post on our Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest accounts.

7. Why should I become a member of the Ruche Blogger Family?
The Ruche Blogger Family program is not only a great way for us to get to know our Ruche family and to get exclusive gifts and perks, but it’s the prefect platform for up and coming bloggers and seasoned vets to gain more exposure for their blog.

Become apart of the Ruche Blogger Family and submit your post today!

Please email your guest blogs to and include a category title in the subject line.