Friday, March 20, 2009

Hello Spring!

Ahh fields of yellow flowers....Hello Spring!

I LOVE Spring, especially in California. It must be my favorite season of all. The weather is warm and never too hot. You can start pulling out your Spring dresses and still wear them with boots and tights. Not only that, I am loving the new time change. I get out of work and there is still light out!

This weekend, I'm doing more shopping for the store. It is going to be a busy week! Hopefully I can get some new things up for you all. Any requests or suggestions as to what I should get?? One of my dear customers Karen suggested Spring capris, so I'll be on the look out for those. I have been dying for cute linen pants too.

Some more photos to get you in the Spring mood!


Lissa said...

I've been looking through your adorable clothes and just realized you're the shop that Kasey just recommended! Wow! I really like it! Thanks for your sweet comment about my kiddos. I think they're kinda cute as well. :) Boy I wish I was in So. Cal. today! Sounds lovely!

Kasey said...

Well, i just want those shoes in a size 8.5, can you work on that:)

Anonymous said...

Yay! love it when you re-stock you always find the cutest stuff... I have 2! the peacock dress that you have been sold out on for a while now.. and more items with crochet. I am totally digging the crochet this season and there aren't many local stores around me carrying it. Enjoy your spring!

Fish Monkey said...

Hey! I vote for more pants, especially wider leg styles, and possibly some 100% cotton shirts -- can never have too many of those :)

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see some light hooded jackets, especially since it is the rainy season. Love your selections as always!

sel said...

Hello, first wanted to say how much I love your store. I don't know if this is pathetic to admit, but every time I'm having a bad day, I come here and get so cheered up. Everything is just lovely!

I second the request for hooded jackets - I was just thinking, walking home today in windy rain, how much I need one, and would love to buy it here.

Also, I love the short-sleeve tops (so spring-like) but for those of us who hate our arms, a few lightweight three-quarter/full-length sleeve tops would be wonderful as well. :) said...

Lissa - It is funny how the first day of Spring in CA turned out to be windy and gloomy! The second day was rainy. I jinxed it! But third day was a charm...warm and sunny.

Kasey - Yes maam! will guarantees! =D

Ann Marie - I'm hoping to get more of the peacock dresses in a week or two! Will work on the crochet!

Fish Monkey - I will have to look into getting more pants on the site! I don't have that many yet! Cotton shirts are definitely doable.

Tina - Thanks a bunch for the suggestion. I got your comment after I went shopping! But I will definitely make a note of this for next time. I'm stuck here in CA and I always forget that the weather isn't the same in other areas of the country!

Seldomyes - Thanks for the sweet comment! That made my day! Great suggestion on 3/4 and full length sleeves. I didn't realize how many short sleeves and tanks I have!

Thank you all for your comments and suggestions!!!


Unknown said...

Cute cute cute clothes! I'll be back to look some more! Jen

platformshoesandwintercoat said...

The only thing I can thing of right now is some really simple jewelry.

Jasmine said...



the spring line is looking good!