Monday, March 15, 2010

Name This Dress Contest!

Help us name this dress! If we choose your name, you win the dress! See Below for details.

Feel free to click on it for more detailed images.

1. Leave a comment on this blog post with your name AND the name(s) for the dress. Email is NOT required but please check back to see if you've won.
2. The name must have the word "dress" in it.
3. Limit only 3 entries per person. Open internationally!
4. Be creative!
5. Contest ends March 19, 2010. The name of the winner will be announced by March 22, 2010, so please check back to see if you've won!

Contest Disclaimer:
No purchase necessary. We reserve the right to close the contests early or late without warning. We will post the name of the winner on March 22 2010. You may exchange the item for a gift certificate of the same value, but you must request it upon winning. Upon winning, you agree that your name can be published on this blog at the close of the contest. You must contact us within 7 days after the winner has been announced to claim your prize.

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Amy said...

Lemonade and Freckles Dress

Kir said...

Teatime and Rosebuds Dress.

Unknown said...

Katelyn Sills
"Pocket full of Posies Dress"

CC said...

Can't Rain on My Sunday Dress
Innocent Floral Dress
Quaint Getaway Dress

Anonymous said...

maria paniagua
sprikles cupcakes dress

Gussy Girl said...

Jen Gustavson
English Garden Dress or
Meandering English Garden Dress.

Jewelsee said...

the "Garden-Party Kiss" Dress. -julie weekes-france

Isy said...

Wow, what a wonderful dress...
First names that come to mind. seeing this beauty:

#1: "Chaotic Rosedream Dress";
#2: "It's time to Floralise! Dress"
#3: "Rock the Rosebud Dress"

Good luck to everyone!

{covet} said...

Melissa Witt

"creme de fleur dress" & "apothecary rose dress" come to mind for this gorgeous dress.

Unknown said...

Garden Tea Party Dress
Le Fleur Chic Dress
Ring Around the Rosies Dress


Jewelsee said...

the 'Honey-Do' Dress. -julie weekes-france.

SammyJay1981 (UK) said...

Dolores Tea Dance Dress
A Midsummer Night's Dream Dress
A Vintage Rose Affair

SammyJay1981 (UK) said...

***last one should read "A Vintage Rose Affair Dress"***

H. said...

Heidi West Nielsen:

Pink Sweetness Dress

Poetic Romance Dress

Elena Garnica said...

Lily Rose Dress;
FloraGrace Dress;
The Secret Garden Dress

Elena Garnica

melissamilis said...

Melissa Milis

Romance in the garden dress
Romantic Garden dress
Garden Romance dress

MarinaRrobot said...

1. floral spring dress.
2. yellow love dress

Anonymous said...

1. Ravishing Romance Dress
2. Romantic Frenzy Dress
3. Rose Maiden Dress

plainsong said...

1. tearose garden shift/dress
2. afternoon tea shift/dress
3. vintage find shift/dress

Gugabaga said...

1. Spring garden dress
2. Spring wellcome dress
3. Hello Spring dress

Melissa G said...

1. First kiss and frills dress
2. Rosey Marshmallow High Tea Dress

Unknown said...

Love this dress! I'm Marianne Garcia&my ideas are:

1. First Blooms of Spring Dress
2. Sun-Kissed Petals Dress
3. Blush Beneath the Sun Dress

*fingers crossed!*

Janet said...

stroll in the garden dress
rosy new friend dress
the loveliest day dress

Unknown said...

Everything's Coming Up Roses Dress

Suzanne@threepeats said...

Roses and Ruffles Dress
Spring Bouquet Dress
Garden Party Dress

Casey said...


"Picnic in the Park" Dress
"Secret Garden" Dress
"Poetic Days" Dress

Anonymous said...

Games and Daisy Chains Dress

Hailey said...

Hailey Lafone
"Mary Mary Quite Contrary" Dress.


Keiko said...

1. Lullaby dress
2. Isabel dress
3. Sweet Perfection Dress

Anonymous said...

Lex Cutamora

"Anne of Green Gable's Dress"
"A Yard of Flowers Dress"
"Fabric-ated Flowers Dress"

Niky Casadei said...

Tea with cookies dress

Renee said...

pink lemonade dress
sweet sixteen dress
pocket full of posies dress


jane bachman said...

Jane says:
rosy posy pinafore dress
anything's posy-iful dress
a rose by any other name dress

Nikiee NM said...

Nikiee NIK

The Impressionist Dress
Sunday Afternoon Dress

Kathi said...

Blushing Blooms Dress
A Blush of Summer Dress
A Touch of Pink Dress

Jessica Larae said...

1. Whimsy loves Spring Dress
2. April showers brings May flowers dress.
3. cream, sugar, and tarts dress

Anonymous said...

Trudy Zhang

My dress on Daisylane
Dress me up to the Gardens!
Rosie Milkshake Dress


Anonymous said...

The "Loretta" dress

Nicole said...


Sound of Music Dress
Rosebuds and Ruffles Dress
Country Getaway Dress

Cookin' Cowgirl said...

Stephanie Hann

1. Alice's Tea Party Dress
2. Tiptoeing Through The Tulips Dress

Heidi said...


Splendid Spring Tea Party Dress
Cream Tea & Roses Dress
Rosebud Kisses Dress

Dress Me Up said...

1. Madhatter and Me Tea Party Dress
2. Croquet In The Garden Dress
3. Waiting On The White Rabbit Dress

Katie said...

1. Down A Dirt Road Dress
2. Isn't She Lovely Dress
3. Sunshine On A Rainy Day Dress

Jo said...

Jo :)

Pink lady dress
a pink floral dream dress
'my fair lady' dress

Jones said...

1. Sense and Sensibility Dress
2. The Rose by Any Other Name Dress
3. My Florist's Apron Dress

Anonymous said...

Flowers & Spice & Everything Nice Dress

Anonymous said...

Pretty in Pink Floral Dress

Anonymous said...

Picnic in the Park Smock Dress

Anonymous said...

Sunday Afternoon Tea Dress
Juliet in the Garden Dress
The Jump If You Want To Dress


Anonymous said...

Roses, Tea, or Me Dress
Sunshine on My Shoulders Dress

-Cindy B.

Emily Marks said...

-cream and sugar
-English rose
-saunter in roses
-country garden

Lindsay Cronk said...

Persephone's Dream Dress
Flower Girl Frock
Tea Roses and Conversation Dress

Natasha said...

1. Spring Sugar & Spice Sweetness Dress
2. Upstage The Bride Dress
3. First Date Floral Magic Dress

Anonymous said...

1. Sweet But Thorny Dress

2. Blushes'n Petals Dress

3. Alice in Roseland Dress


the style crusader said...

Sorbet Tea Dress
Sorbet Floral Dress
Sorbet Ruffle Dress

haha... obviously it reminds me of sorbet! xx

Taryn said...

Sprinkles on Top Dress
Petals and Posies Dress
Budding Ruffles Dress


Marge said...

four o'clock tea dress

front porch swing dress

vineyard summer dress

Margaret B.

Kristen Nichols said...

1. Pocket Full of Posies Dress
2. Pretty Innocent Dress
3. Rosebud Betty Dress

Mich said...

Little Dress on The Prairie
Primrose Path Dress
April In Paris Dress

Michelle D.

Wren said...

~Tea for Two Dress
~Early Spring Garden Dress
~Ruffled Buds of Spring Dress


Kristi said...

Barefoot in the Park Dress

Roots and Feathers said...

Pretty Petals Tube Dress
A Walk In The Garden Dress
Sunday Picnic Pocket Dress

Maeko said...

1. The Spenser Rose Dress (After Edmond Spenser, one of the best known Pastoral Poets)... It's fitting.

2. Victoria High Tea Dress

3. Marian Meadow Dreww

My name: Mae

Maeko said...

I meant "Dress" in "Marian Meadow Dreww"... --TYPO!


Desiree said...

Desiree Altman

1. Hello, Sunshine Dress
2. Goodmorning, Beautiful Dress
3. The Serendipity Dress

Anonymous said...

My name is Liubov Stryzhak.
My e-mail

Flora dress
Almond cream dress
Rosebud dress

Sarah K. said...

merry unbirthday dress (referring to the tea party in Alice in Wonderland)

briar rose dress

waltz of the flowers dress

Suze said...

1. Sunday Stroll Dress
2. Tiptoe through the Tulips Dress
3. Summer Breeze Dress

Anonymous said...

Oooh! Pretty!

Michelle B

Peach Blossom Dress
Camellia Patch Dress
Dress me in Vintage Blush

eileenerb said...

Bowers of Flowers Dress
Column Vine Dress
Blooming Tube Dress

cheryl Dilday said...




Unknown said...

Rachel E.

1) Cream de Cacao dress
2) The Constant Gardener dress
3) Days of Wine and Roses dress

cat05 said...

Hello Spring Dress
Time for Tea Dress

Naomi Edwards said...

How Does Your Garden Grow Dress
Blush Bouquet Dress
Tea for Two Dress

Kate Hillstead said...

Franny Glass' Favorite Dress

punkinmama said...

1 Ruffles and Roses Dress
2 The June Cleaver Dress
3 Teatime and Roses Dress

Jess said...

1. Spring Forward Dress
2. May Flowers Dress
3. Here Comes the Sun Dress

kristina sapienza said...

The Fiore Dress

Shannon Leong said...

1. Coco Cherry Dress
2. This Woman's World Dress
3. Choked by Apron Strings Dress

By Shannon Leong (

Charity said...

Garden Spritzer Dress
Nanny's Day Off Dress
Bye Bye Kitchen Dress

Janice, Editor-in-Chief said...

1. in full bloom dress
2. that touch of pink dress

-janice wallace

jane717 said...

Milk and Sugar, Please Dress
Cream and Honey, Please Dress
Morning Glory Dress

marnhead said...

Ring around the Rosie

Chloe said...

How cute! (^_^)

Kiss Me, Frill Me Dress

Blushbelle Beauty Dress

She Walks Amongst The Roses Dress

Chloe Livingstone

Morgan said...

All In A Golden Afternoon Dress

Anonymous said...

i. sweet summer kisses dress
ii. realize you're in love dress
iii. blushing in flowers and frills dress

Kelsey C.

Eileen W. said...

Eileen Weigand
"Flowered French Maid Dress"

Bobbiebobbbob said...

1. Freckled Lemonade dress
2. Very good advice dress
3. Afternoon delight dress

Anonymous said...

Tenisha Anderson

1. Kiss The Cook dress
2. Cupcakes and Champagne dress
3. How Does Your Garden Grow dress

Nicole Faby said...

The Lucille Claire Dress
The Verbana Dress
té de tarde Dress (Afternoon Tea in french)

Clairebear said...

♥ Fair Maiden's Dress
♥ Peacefull Pastures Dress
♥ adDRESS Your Dreams

Unknown said...

Laurence Ledoux

1. Spring flowering Dress
2. Poetry and roses Dress
3. Sunday morning's poetry Dress

Amy Fitzsimmons said...

Modern Jane Austen Dress

Amy Fitzsimmons -

a girl with a smile said...

A spring summer delight dress
Vintage floral romance dress
An Evening with spring dress

a girl with a smile said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elizabeth B. said...

Floralista Dress

Ariel said...

-The blushing rose dress

-Color me pretty dress

-Mauvelous garden party dress

Amy Fitzsimmons said...

I Dream in Pink Dress

Amy Fitzsimmons -

Amy Fitzsimmons said...

whimsical memories from my mother's garden dress

Amy Fitzsimmons -

Unknown said...

Spring's First Dance Ruffle Dress

curly k said...

1.Ruffled Roses Dress
2.Blushing Spring Dress
3.Blushing Floral Dress

Allison Steele said...

1) Baker's Delight Apron Dress
2) Sugar and Spice Dress
3) Fine Frenzy Dress

Anonymous said...

1. Splendor in the Grass dress
2.Butterfly Watcher dress
3.Tea with Honey dress


Sunnybre77 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Bridget Ferguson says...

Garden Bursting to Life Dress...
Afternoon Delight Dress...
Dress Me up in your Love...

Ashley said...

Dewdrops in the garden dress
Afternoon delight dress
Sophisticated lady dress

Anonymous said...

Spring Fling Dress
Spring Morning Dress
Magical Garden Picnic Dress

CVHPinup said...

-"A Dress with any other Rose..."
-"Twitter-pated Dress"
-"You can call me flower if you want to" Dress

Helena said...

Summer in the City Dress
Evening Primrose Dress
This Little Rose of Mine Dress

Natalia said...

1. Cream & Spring Dress
2. Skin Flowers Dress
3. Creamy Spring Dress

Flutterby said...

The Cook's Escape Dress
Afternoon in Ruffles Dress
A Stroll in the Roses Dress

Flutterby said...

My name is Vanessa :)

Lindsay P said...

"Spring in Blossom Dress"
"Last Taste of Spring Dress"
"Eau de Printemps Dress"

Hanna said...

A Ruche Awakening Dress
Budding Romance Dress
The Brunch Club Dress

Hanna Scott

Michelle said...

The Tea Time dress
Ruffled Around the Edges dress
The Housewife Dress

Lindsay P said...


Sunnybre77 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sunnybre77 said...

The Alice Dress
The Alice in Flowerland Dress
Coming up Ruffels and Roses Dress

Lindsay C said...

one. Summer Bloom Dress
two. floret flower dress
three. flaunt your flower dress


Melissa Gartner said...

"Flirt with me Dress"
"Spring Fling Dress"
"You Have a Crush on Me Dress"

Twig said...

Paris Patisserie Dress

Vintage Patisserie Dress

Maiden of Spring Dress

- Jana

Thanks! :)

Caitlin said...

Caitlin (

"Here Comes the Sun Dress"

"Springing Ahead Dress"

"Edge of the petal dress"

ma frimousse said...

"La Fièvre du Printemps Dress"
"La Maison de Thé Dress"
"Tea and Crumpets Dress"

Anonymous said...

the Princess Pattycake Dress

Unknown said...

"Silver Jubilee Trellis Dress"
after a particular breed of pink old english rose.

Kathryn N.

minnie said...

1. sweet steford dress
2. cupcakes and sprinkles dress
3. tea time dress

Sarah said...

"You Can Learn A Lot of Things from the Flowers Dress"


aj said...

" Sweet Little Miss Dress"

" Bloom Where You Are Planted Dress"

" Delicate Flowers For You Dress"

A_C_E_ at hotmail dot com

AJ ( :

Lis said...

Field of Flowers dress
Springtime Sprig dress
In the Solarium dress


Kylie said...

Sweet Blossom dress
Stella Pretty dress
Simple pleasure dress

Britt said...

I would call it
"I'd rather have roses on my dress than diamonds on my neck."

Britt R

Melissa Peugh said...

Melissa Peugh (

1) (The) Antique Wallpaper Dress
2) (The) Frills of Springtime Dress
3) (The) Lady Gardenia Dress

redwoodbird said...

"Lets cook flowers dress"
"Flowers and cupcakes dress"
"It smell as spring dress"

Marta Cabrera

Annie, The Friendly Fox said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Annie, The Friendly Fox said...

Barefoot on the Front Porch Dress
Ruffle Your Roses Dress
Mimosa Morning Dress


Cat said...

Kensington Gardens Dress

Mathilda said...

Vintage Roses in my Teacup Dress

Rosa's Teaparty Dress

Once Upon a Rosy Gardenparty Dress

Monique said...

1. Blushing rose bib dress
2. Love's eternal spring dress
3. My English rose dress

Tenley said...

1. Picinic in the Park Dress
2. Spring Awakening Dress
3. In Full Bloom dress

Tonya said...


keep it simple :)

Heather Christina Fitness said...

{Spring into Lovely dress}
{Not your Average Country Dress}
{Flower Affair Dress}

Heather Potts

peaceluvbug said...

Not a Teenager Dress

peaceluvbug said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amy Carroll said...

French Provincial Dress

Unknown said...

Love is in the Air Dress

I like: men in suits smoking cigarettes. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
brigette b said...

Fleur du Jour Dress

Electric Springtime Dress

Blossoms on the Bough Dress

Lora Northway said...

The Hide and Sweet dress

The Day Dream dress

A Dash of Blush dress

Lora Northway

Jaclyn Leigh said...

get yo woman into floral dress
springtime bouquet mini dress
a rose by any other name dress

Bethany said...

Spring Forward Dress

Anonymous said...

Name: Wiebke

C'est l'amour dress

blushing roses dress

l'odeur des roses dress

BunchStudio said...

Mai says:

The Afternoon Delight dress

Jenny K. said...

Ditsy Floral Dress
Wallflower Dress
Budding Bouquet Dress

amym said...

glory dress
sing dress

Laura said...

1. Wonderland Dress

(I just saw the new Alice In Wonderland movie and the dress reminded me of the flowers in the movie :)

Unknown said...

"Spring Personified Dress"
"Tea Party Dress"
"Tres Belle dress"

Jessica Budry said...

1) Floral Flattery Dress
2) Garden Drapery Dress
3) Florist's Fling Dress

Ana Chapa said...

Ana Chapa

1)Late For Tea Dress
2)Spring Maiden Dress
3)My Prince Is Coming For Tea Dress

Susie said...

1. Ruffles in My Rose Garden Dress
2. Lovely Roses Dress
3. Sunday Morning Dress

Baroque said...


1. The Sense and Sensibility Dress
2. Summer's Sweet Dress
3. The Utopia Dress

Anonymous said...

Be home soon Dress

lovely wishes Dress

Tea & Twigs Dress

My name is Mareike!

brandie said...

So cute!
Rose Cottage Dress
Idyllwild Dress
Blush & Bashful Dress

Jess said...


1) Alice in Wonderland dress
2) Mad Hatter Tea Party dress
3) Winter florals dress

Lily said...

Garden Tea Party dress

Emily said...

Tea for Two Pinafore Dress

Anonymous said...

Turkish Delight Pocket Dress
Rosey Cheeks Dress
Afternoon Tea Pocket Dress


Anonymous said...

Turkish Delight Pocket Dress
Rosey Cheeks Dress
Afternoon Tea Pocket Dress


Maite said...

1 :: Tea for Lovely Dress
2 :: Hopscotch + Hiccups Dress
3 :: Frills for Fun Dress

Hillary said...

Cake and Sweet Creme Dress

Lia said...

Portland Summer Day Dress
Rosebuds and Romance Dress
Teatime in the Garden Dress

Cameron Ingalls said...

Confetti Cake Dress
(i may be the only guy commenting. it would be for my wife. ;)

KelseybRose said...

Flores del Verano Dress
Fresh Spring Efflorescence Dress
Ruffle Floweret Dress

Sarah L said...

Beautiful dress!! Absolutely gorgeous!

1) "Spring-Time flowers dress"

2) "Rosemary dress"

3) "Floratina dress"

Rebecca Lorentz said...

first of all, i LOVE the dress!

1. "Sweet Cakes Dress"

2. "Raspberry Tea Dress"

3. "Cherry Blossom Dress"

butterfly307 said...

Here are my proposals:

1 - Spring on my Doorstep Dress

2 - Butterfly Dress

My email is:


paper and type said...

Dress Up, Buttercup.

-victoria v

Anonymous said...

"summer lovin" dress
itsy bitsy dress
sweet lemon dress

Super Mom said...

You guys make one beautiful dress after another!

-Flowers and Sunshine Dress
-Pretty 'n Pink Dress
-Pocket full of Posies Dress

daimona_regina said...

Jolie fleur dress

Candace F. said...


*River picnic dress
*Strawberry fields dress
*Sugar dust dress

Candace F.

Anonymous said...

Samantha Parente

1. Summer Bouquet Dress
2. Spring Rosebud Dress
3. Time for Tea Dress

fika said...

razzle dazzle rose dress
springfest dress
nice day for a walk dress

Becky said...

1. The Rosied Ruffles Dress
2. The Ruffle Your Heathers Springtime Dress
3. The Patio Poise Dress

Caroline said...

May Day Any Day dress
Waiting On Summer dress
Barely Blush dress

Angeles said...

1."Delicious Floral Cake Dress"


Angeles said...

"Penny Sweet Dress"

Amanda said...

1) Domestic God-Dress
2) Easter Sunday Best Dress
3) Picnic in the Park Dress

Angeles said...

"Tea for one Dress"

Ana María said...

Before you thought of Spring Dress

Nina said...

Spring Break with you Dress

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

Tea in the Garden
Stolen Kiss
Sonnet Roses

ImSoHungry said...

The dress should be called :
1 This dress doesn't belong on me
2 I work at a Florist Shop
3 I am skinny and you are not

Micayla said...

'oh hello you pretty thing dress'
It is really beautiful, may have to bookmark for summer!

amber07 said...

Briar Rose Beauty

Paola said...

"Springing in the Roses Dress"

Anonymous said...


1. "Roses in the ruffles dress"
2. "Frolic in the garden dress"
3. "Summer blossoms dress"

Catie S. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Catie S. said...

Blushing Georgia Peach Dress

Countryside Picnic Dress

Magic Garden Fairytale Dress

M said...

Michelle P

1) Put your best floral forward dress
2) love is in bloom dress
3) petite ruffle mini dress

Yvette said...

Shabby Chic Dress

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