Monday, February 7, 2011

Style File: Maxi Dress

Can an average height beauty wear a maxi dress? Of course. Can a maxi dress be a transitional wardrobe essential? Definitely. Check out how the fabulous fashion blogger, Julie (5' 5" tall!), styled our "jade tree belted maxi dress" for winter:

When spring blooms, we love this dress with a brighter lipstick, sandals and layers of lighter colors:

Our paisley petal garden maxi dress, lisa mae navy floral maxi dress, and blushing and blooming paisley maxi dress will be perfect for spring too! Creative fashionistas, how would you style a maxi dress from winter to spring?



Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

I'm in love with the paisley dress. The perfect gypsy/hobo piece for spring. My heart aches!!! :)

Julie said...

Love it!

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That's so nice, and perfect for every day routine. Like I am a university going girl, then I think that I can wear this type of maxi any time. That is the perfect sharing dear. Thanks for that