Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Add Ruche" Contest Winners!

I chose the perfect non-biased assistant to choose the winner for the "Add Ruche" Sweepstakes! I cut up all 600+ entries from all the fans from Facebook, friends from MySpace, and followers from Twitter after 1/21/09. Congrats to Keri L. from Facebook!!! You've won a $50 Gift Card to Ruche.

Roji, my little American Eskimo helped me choose the winner for the contest (after a little coaxing and a couple treats).

I threw a treat in the bag and when he found his treat, he also picked out a winner. Good boy Roji!

Isn't he the cutest! Single and available in case you know any other female American Eskies =).

I also ran a couple other sweepstakes on the side.
Congrats to Kiarii from for helping me spread the word about the contest! - $50 Gift Card.
Congrats to Mona V. from Facebook for writing a comment on our Facebook wall! - $25 Gift Card.

Thanks all for joining! Stay tuned for the next contest or sweepstakes!

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