Friday, February 20, 2009

More New Goodies at

Some more new goodies added! More high waisted skirts, dresses, and a couple tops.

These two dresses are just amazing! They are a little higher priced than the normal Ruche pricing for dresses but that is only because the quality and material is terrfic. It is still a great deal compared to lots of other stores! I think these make great dresses for attending a Spring or Summer wedding. The lavender dress below would actually make a really unique bridesmaid dress don't you think?

lavender tissue flower chiffon dress - $59.99

yellow aquarelle silk dress - $59.99


May said...

I love the aquarelle dress!!! Beautiful!

NicNac Beauty said...

I ADORE the bow skirts!!!!

Skyla said...

How cute.!! Yellow aquarelle silk dress is my favorite too.

ashkindred said...

These dresses are gorgeous. Is there any chance you'll get any more in size Medium? I'm behind!!!