Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ruche's "Name This Dress" Contest

It has been a little more than a year since our first "Name this Dress" Contest! It was so much fun and we got so many creative responses last time, it is a shame we had to wait until now to do another contest! Sorry ladies! But better late than never right? Anyhow, we just got this lovely piece in and it is dying for YOU to name it! If we choose your name, you win the dress! See Below for details.

Feel free to click on it for more detailed images.

1. Leave a comment on this blog post with your name AND the name for the dress.
2. The name must have the word "dress" in it.
3. Limit one (3) entries per person. Open internationally!
4. Be creative!
5. Contest ends August 19th, 2009. The name of the winner will be announced August 21, 2009 so please check back to see if you've won!

Contest Disclaimer:
No purchase necessary. We reserve the right to close the contests early or late without warning. We will post the name of the winner on August 21, 2009. You may exchange the item for a gift certificate of the same value, but you must request it upon winning. Upon winning, you agree that your name can be published on this blog at the close of the contest.

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platformshoesandwintercoat said...
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platformshoesandwintercoat said...

I am not sure if I'm doing this right, but here's my one (3) entries:

The Ship Maybe Coming In Dress

The Whoa Bow Dress

The Flipped Out Girly Dress

-Phoi Huynh

JackalopeTea said...

Merrily We Bow Along Dress

The Ruffle My Feathers Dress

-Rhianna Dean

Maura said...

The Bluebird's Call Dress

My Fair Lady Dress

The Misty Lighthouse Dress

Maura McDanel

Capricious Traveler said...

Tea party dress

Abigale dress


Emily Khong said...

Here are my 3 names :

The Breakfast Club dress - for the character of Allison Reynolds, as a post-makeover outfit or for the so-called "princess" Claire (in ode to the late John Hughes)

Paris Je t'aime dress - for strolling the streets of Paris

Icing on the cake dress -the duo meaning of the idiom "icing on the cake" and for the visual look of layers of ruffles that look like frosting


Jenn said...

Blue Belle Dress


Samme Van Kollenburg said...

Ocean's Foamy Waves dress


Blueberries and Whipped Cream Dress

kv said...

Go Lightly dress

Serendipity dress


Rachael J said...

Coney Island Getaway Dress

Rustic Shores Dress

Summer's Eve Dress

Anonymous said...

Melt my heart dress

Breezy skies ruffle dress

Starry-eyed sailor dress


Rachael J said...

Whoops, forgot to add my email.


Emily said...

dusty evening dress

haus_frau said...

The Eiffel Dress

The Ambassador's Dress

Promenade Dress

-Christine Reedy

Katy said...

I realized a posted an anonymous comment accidently and forgot to put in my email

I said:
Melt my heart dress
Starry-eyed sailor dress
Breezy skies ruffle dress


A girl said...

- Vintage Aqua Bow Dress
- Vintage Ruffly Lovely Bow Dress
- Vintage Sailor Dress

Emily said...

fragile fog dress

(I also posted dusty evening dress before)


Kati said...

Blueberry Parfait Dress


Amanda Wright said...

Amanda Wright's 3 entries:

- blueberries and cream dress

- cumulonimbus dress

- blue bottom beauty dress

Tira said...

*The Official Yacht Party Dress
*The Fit to Be Tied Dress
*Ultimate Vixen Blues Dress

Shatira J.

Deborah said...

Flutter Facebook dress

Bluebird cafe dress

Ruffled and Ready to Go dress

Unknown said...

Here are my one (3) entries...

Ship's Bow Dress - because the dress has a large bow, is blue and white, which reminds me sailors, so a play on words- bow of the ship, bow on the dress.

Sand and Water Sailor Dress - Sand for the white, water for the blue.

Ruffles, White, and Blue Dress - self explanatory, a play on words- "red, white, and blue" -> "ruffles, white, and blue"


karima said...

Hello There!

What a lovely little dress! Here are my names:

1) The Bon Voyage Dress
2) The Seafarer's Sweetheart Dress
3) The She Sells Sea Shells Dress

Thank you!
- Karima Salmi

MJ said...

Summer Skies Dress

"On the Town" Dress (like the Gene Kelley musical)

"Summer Magic" Dress


Fish Monkey said...

"Hello, Sailor Moon"

traci said...


ebb and bow dress
nantucket frills dress
merrily merrily dress

Sarah said...

From Work to Play Ruffle Dress

Gray- Blue Skies Dress

Dear Anna Dress

Grace said...

Fairweather Maiden Dress
Off To The Races Dress
Ocean Blues Dress

holly darling smith said...

-- The Deep Sea Dress

-- The Ardently Vanilla Dress

-- The “Ruffle in Time” Dress (A dress perfect for any party or tête à tête! The name is also partly inspired by Madeleine L’Engle’s great literary work, “A Wrinkle in Time.”)

Tania de Almeida said...

1 - All I ever wanted dress

2 - Alice takes Ruche dress

3 - D'Lovely dress



Anonymous said...

"Ida Dressed You Already"

"Heron Dresser"

"Sugar Dress Me Down!"

-Bekah v.

Lauren said...

Simple & sophisticated I'm going to go for:

Penny Lane Dress

Della More Dress

Marceau Avenue Dress


may said...


On a sailboat dress

Anonymous said...

=) stand.still@live.com

1 - Sailor Girl Dress
2 - Dress on the Dock
3 - Sunday Flirt dress

AWG said...

Hm. It seems almost 40's screwball to me...

Girl Friday Dress

Or like a picnic...

Saturday in the Park Dress

Though it would be nice to see the ruffles flying about on the wind and mist, leaning over a guardrail...

Waterfall Dress

Jennifer Young said...
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Jennifer Young said...

Babbling Brook Dress

Dress(ed) in Sapphire Sky

Dreaming Gently Dress


Heather Potts said...

1♥Royal Ruffles Dress
2♥Sweeping Waves Dress
3♥Anchors Away Dress

~Heather Potts

Unknown said...

True Blue Sunday Dress

Modern Mary Dress

Flirty Fancy Breeze Dress


ba17anna said...

Blueberries 'N Cream Ruffle Dress
Blueberry Cobbler Summer Dress
I'm On A Boat Ruffle Dress

Anna Lin (annalin@gmail.com)

Parfe said...
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Parfe said...
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Emily B. said...

-The Mariner's Lost Love Dress

-Marooned But Not Blue Dress

-Maytel's Merry Time Dress

Emily B.

Sharla said...

heres my three

*my ship will come dress

*the jaunty mariner dress

*smooth sailing dress

(reminds me of a sailor outfit)
its so cute I would loovve to win this!

sharla stenersen

Anonymous said...

- Caravelle Dress
- the Free Wind Dress


emily said...

beautiful dress!

my ideas:

- sweet sailorette dress
- totally nautical dress
- constantinople dress

thank you! my email: emilychap@gmail.com

Gabrielle Jean Murphy said...

1. Delphinium Day Dress
2. Hope Knot Dream Dress
3. A Day by Sea Dress

--- Gabrielle

LETIZIA said...


1-"My little blue dress"
2-"Cool Blue Night Dress"
3-"My moon,my love,my Blue Dress"

Letizia Tregambe

Ashley said...

Blueberry Swirl Ruffle Dress

Love the dress, no matter what it's name - so gorgeous!


Traveling Mama said...

How fun!
1. They call me FabuDress.
2. No longer got the blues dress
3. Not your granny's Sunday dress


Sara said...

Oh my goodness - it's beautiful! I can absolutely see this dress on a breezy beach somewhere...

Land Ahoy dress
Ship-shape dress
Starboard dress

Beth said...

Come Sail Away Dress
Blue Seas Dress
Nautical Lovely Dress

Annie H said...

End of Summer Stroll Dress
Waves on the Promenade Dress
Blueberry Picking with Your Beau Dress


orange sparrow said...

On the Boardwalk Dress

Pretty as a Peacock Dress

Grecian Ruffle Dress



Unknown said...

Nautical Blue Dress

Skipper Girl Dress

Sailor Party Dress

jrerwin6 at gmail dot com

Jannah said...

The Sweet as Sugar, Twice as Nice Dress

The Welcome Home, Sailor Dress

The Tout Sucre Tout Miel Dress (All Sugar All Honey Dress)

jmb said...

Did Molly Ringwald say she loves this dress Dress?

Hello Sailor, I like your style dress.

You look so good in blue dress.


Trish said...

"heart's a flutter" dress

"sailin chiquita" dress

" smooth sailin" dress

Deborah Slone said...

Lunch Date Dress

Sailor 'Cross the Sea Dress

Coffee Blues Dress


Nicole said...

Sail Away Dress

Sea of Ruffles Dress

Sea Maiden Dress

emily said...

bleu à la mode dress

cerulean siren dress

shuffle and shake dress

email: mandroided@gmail.com


Krysti Kalkman said...

• Sail On The Ocean Of Blue Dress

• The Lass That Loves A Sailor Dress

• The Open Sea of Blues Dress

*this dress is adorable fyi!


Krysti Kalkman said...

Oh & I just got the ruffle tulip dress I ordered-- I absolutely LOVE it!

<3 Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Good Gracious Dress

Under the Boardwalk Dress

Frill Seeker Dress

Kelsey Richardson

Emily said...

A Midsummers Day Dream Dress

Anonymous said...

A summer fling dress

Pat Chivers @ ohwellpat@hotmail.com

Anna G. said...

Ruffled Seas Dress

Cirrus Dress

Foggy Londontown Dress

Roco said...
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Birgitta Sif said...

1.Wind by the Harbor Dress

2.Waves of the Sea Dress

3.By land or water Dress

Roco said...
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Roco said...

Salt Air Without a Care Dress
Anchors Away Hooray Dress
Bouncin' by the Bay Dress

Roco is Michelle Rodino

3 o'clock walk said...

Olive Oyl Dress

Popeye the Sailor's girlfriend would wear a dress like that for sure! ;)


Unknown said...

The Rime of the Fashionable Mariner Dress

Blue Willows Dress

Ruffle Me Pretty Dress

Unknown said...

Erin D'Amelio

Anonymous said...

little bow peep dress
little girl blue dress
nursery rhyme dress


Unknown said...
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Jenny said...

Ocean Sails Dress
Soft Dreams Dress
Classic Lifestyles Dress

Cher H. said...

1) Sophisticated Ruffle Dress
2) Midnight blue empress dress
3) Chic Blue Cotton Dress

Cher H.

linsey said...

-Blue Bayou Dress

so cute, looooove it! :)

Julie said...

1) Josephine in Paris Dress
2) The Satorialist's Lover Dress
3) Dress you up in my Love


......♥(A)biigail. said...

Hope i win. Good luck to everyone! (:
My names abigail urena.
1. Blue bird of the sky Dress.
2. Here I come Titanic Dress
3. Blue Heaven of the sea dress.


marian said...

I Wanna Dance Dress
Come Sail Away Dress
River Rhine Dress

--Marian L.

Hannah said...

1-Southern Sunday Lunch Dress
2-A Kiss along the Thames Dress
3-Perfect Sunday Picnic Dress

Hannah Ryan scout_3304@yahoo.com

Jess Babarskas said...

The All in a Day's work dress
The Midnight stroll dress
Diamond in the Ruffle dress

Jessica Babarskas

Everylittlethingshedoesismagic said...

This dress is gorgeous... perfect for waving bon voyage on a boat or prancing around on a patio watching the rain. :)

1. Steely skies ruffle dress
2. The perfect storm dress
3. Gray gardens ruffle dress


Lauren Kennedy said...

The XOXO Dress
Bows and Arrows Dress
The Two if By Sea Dress

Lauren Kennedy

Mattie Babb said...

1. Bonnie Blue Dress
(Scarlett O'Hara's daughter)
2. Blue Jay Dress
3. Blue Moon Dress

-Mattie B.

Anonymous said...

1) Spring Fling Dress
2) Girls' Day Out Dress
3) Picninc in the Park Dress

Liz Reger

Leelo said...

Natalee -

1)Blue Skies Shining on Me Dress
2) White Whimsy Dress
3) Kiss the War Goodbye Dress - becuase it reminds me of this poster:http://hollywoodgallery.stores.yahoo.net/kiwargo.html

Anonymous said...

That last should be "Picnic in the Park Dress"

Always remember to proofread, kids.

Liz Reger

Leelo said...

OH! my email: nataleelpz@gmail.com

Nancy S said...

The Mod Squad Dress. I don't know why, but that name leaped out at me when I saw the dress.

Nancy Summers

shadowsvines said...

My dress name would be the
"Perfect Pitch dress."
Like what I would want to be wearing at choir practice when I hit that pitch I've been trying for.
"Monday Brunch dress,"
Because brunch with a cute guy or my best friend is the only thing that would make Mondays better.

Anonymous said...

The Revelry Dress
The Blue Tail Fly Dress
The Sha Sha Dress

Alex Lopez

Unknown said...

Hey my name is Patricia o. i.

1.Ruffles in the deep blue dress
2.A pinch of ruffles on the sea dress
3. Ruffles in my deep blue heart dress

Lindz said...

1. Dress me Pretty
2. I feel Blue Dress
3. Dressy Bessy.


Beth @beth-adam.blogspot.com said...

Take Me Away Dress

Love My Sailor Dress

Victory Dress


Unknown said...

I'm feeling musical today, so all my names come from songs:

--Mrs. Blue Sky Dress

--Crystal Blue Persuasion Dress

--Soulful Shade of Blue Dress (from a song that is actually about a blue dress!)

Meredith, mnewmark@gmail.com

Anna said...

~ Sweet as Pie Dress
~ Sally Seashore Dress
~ Sunny Day Best Dress


Shelby said...

This is a beautiful outfit (: here are my entries:

Dreamland's Droplet Dress
Veil of Waves Dress
Oceans Lullaby Dress

Shelby Johnson

Rheanna Lea Cline said...

1. The Ruffles Along the French Riviera Dress.

2. The Sheets of Linen Dress.

3. The Going My Way, Sailor? Dress.


[emt] said...

Dinner and a Cruise

Stephanie said...

Lady Sophia

rita said...

1) Moonlight Mist Dress
2) Dress me navy
3) Under the ocean blue dress

Anonymous said...

1. Clouds above Pacific Dress- the ruffles remind me of clouds, the first think that came to me sky and ocean.

2. Bella Blue Dress

Emmy A.

Anonymous said...

Love this dress!!

My entries:

Mon Amour dress
Stone Cold Fox Dress
Vintage Lust Dress


Anonymous said...

Triple Ruffle Truffle Dress

entry by: Dawn Joyce
email: dpeterson3@elon.edu

Anonymous said...

(1) Do-Si-Do dress
(2) Country Cobalt dress
(3) Blueberry Parfait dress


Anonymous said...

1. The little blue dress
2. Ahoy matey dress
3. Whose that lady dress

Jana Volitis

Unknown said...

A Kiss Under the Stars Dress
We'll Always Have Paris Dress
Sighing Lover Dress

~Denise Apigo

Anonymous said...

Poughkeepsie Dress

The Winsome Dame Dress

The Lauren Bacall Dress


Anonymous said...

1) Waltz of the Waves Dress
2) Candlelit Coasts Dress
3) Shoreside Skies Lighthouse Dress

Amy Edmonds

Unknown said...

1. Reverie in Blue Dress
2. Moi Je Joue Dress (French for "Me, I play", a Brigitte Bardot classic!)
3. Mademoiselle Dress

-Sara Rossi

Jessamine said...

Darling Delta Dress

-Jessie Lopez

Unknown said...

The Ocean on Her Shoulders Dress

- Sammy F

Unknown said...

Kentucky Derby Dress

All Aboard! Dress

Blueberry TRuffle Dress

My name is Joy!

Emma said...

Such a gorgeous dress!!!

Some ideas:

*the "500 Days of Summer Dress" (reminds me so much of something Zooey Deschanel's character would have worn)

*the "Cape Codder Dress" (reminds me of something I'd wear on a Cape Cod vacation with my family)

*the "Brandy, You're a Fine Girl Dress" (after the classic Looking Glass song, of course!)


Heather L. said...

1) Bella Ruffled Dress

2) Bluebird of Happyness Dress (i know that's spelled wrong, i just thought that spelling seemed to suit the dress for some reason!)

3) Ocean Song Dress

Heather L. said...


email is darkgothicfairy100@yahoo.com

Jaclyn said...

Row Row Ruffles Dress

A Picnic at Sea Dress

Dainty Sailor Dress

Jaclyn Nuss

Anonymous said...

1. betty blue dress

2. midnight sun dress

3. true blue dress

panda said...

'The Belle of the Ball Dress'

'Move Over Cinderella Dress'

'The Best Dressed'


Cynthia said...

Spanish Frill Prim dress

Delicate wave dress

Soft cloud and sea dress

Alisha Ramos said...

Dreaming On A Boat Dress

JungyWungy said...

1. Pretty in Blue Dress
2. Dreamy Ruffles Dress
3. Tea with the girls dress


Unknown said...

Sugar Bowl Dress

Anonymous said...

Seaside Serenade
Whimsical Frills
Blooming Delphinium

Anonymous said...

Seaside Serenade Dress
Whimsical Frills Dress
Blooming Delphinium Dress

limitedgirl200@hotmail.com :)

Marcola said...

- Ocean's Mist Dress

- Midsummer Night's Dream Dress

- Whipped Cream Dress

Anonymous said...

1. The love boat dress
2. silver belle dress
3. the blue Lucy dress
(in honor of my blue american pit bull terrier lucy) :)


Irene said...

1. Sailor's Wife Dress
2. Lilly of the Valley Dress
3. Silver Lining Dress

(fingers crossed)

Barbara said...

sailing bow dress

blueberry bell dress

ruffle wave dress

Anonymous said...

-Three Cheers for Ruffled Tiers Dress
-Bayside Breeze Dress
-Morning Tea by the Sea Dress


Sarah said...

The Sunday Brunch Dress

The Dress to Impress

Wish You Were Here Dress


Mallory W said...

By The Sea Dress

Sailor Love Dress

Anne-Marie K said...

1.Ruffle Heaven Dress

2.Doves in the Clouds Dress

3.Chic Blue and White Ruffle Dress

Anonymous said...

1. Ahoy Sailor Dress

2. Bluebell Dress

3. Bow-ed over Dress

Jenna Z

little one said...

Starsailor Dress

Boardwalk Blues Dress

Radiance in Blue Dress

Samantha B

Malis said...

Tripping Daisy Dress.


shopruche.com said...

Love these names! This will be such a difficult decision!! Keep them coming ladies!

Erin said...

Love the Dress!:)

Midnight Stargazer Dress

Venice Sweethearts Dress

Firefly Picnic Dress


Unknown said...

Sailor's Blue Dress
Sailor's Knot Dress


Jamie said...

cute, cute, cute dress!

1. if you go chasing rabbits dress

2. down the rabbit hole dress

3. lost in wonderland dress

Mary said...

Hello, my name is Mary.

1. Ruffle Day Blues Dress
2. Sweetheart Sailor Dress
3. The Sheer Romantic Dress

Claire said...

1. Blue like Hot Jazz Dress

2. Sunlight Coming Thru Dress

3. A Dream Strayed into Daylight Dress

my name is Claire.

Unknown said...

1.Weensy Bird Dress
2.Lulu Dress
3.Kate's Getaway Dress


Etc. said...

1. Blues Sky Dress
2. My Ship has Come Home Dress
3. Sweet Blue Bell

Christina.i.lucas (at) gmail (dot) com

Medusa Rocket said...


1. Girl Friday Ruffle Top Dress
2. Friend of Dorothy Ruffle Top Dress
3. Blue Dahlia Ruffle Top Dress

Anonymous said...

Very cute dress!

The name would be " On the Blueberry Plains"


me said...

Oooh....very very pretty!
I thought of Gilligan's Island when I first saw it sooooo....
1. Mary Ann's Summer dress
2. Party hardy with a pirate dress
3. Cruise the open Blue dress

great contest!
~rachel darley

Kimberly Keesecker said...

- Sea Damsel In Disdress

- Take A Bow Dress

- Alice In Ruffleland Dress

--Kimberly Keesecker

Jenbolaya said...
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Jenbolaya said...

This dress is beautiful!!

1) Sunday Brunch
2) A Nantucket Affair
3) Seaside Escape


Anonymous said...

1)'LOTUS FLOWER' hostess dress.

2)'MOONBEAM' cocktail dress.

3)'LUNCH' at Tiffany's dress.



Kelly N. said...

My three names for this gorgeous dress are:

1. A Ruffle in the Clouds Dress
2. A Ripple in the Clouds Dress
3. Starboard Sky Dress



Christina said...

this dress it freaking cute!

the sailor's sigh dress

berries and cream dress

that's all i've got!
you know how to reach me:)

Christina said...

concord grape dress (my first thought upon seeing this dress was it would be perfect for a day of wine tasting in Napa. Concord grapes are blue!)

pier 39 dress (this outfit would be perfect for a day of sightseeing in SF)

blueberry vanilla cupcake dress

christina y.

Unknown said...

Hi there! Thanks for the awesome opportunity to win this dress! My 19th birthday is actually on the day this contest ends, August 19th. This would be such an awesome birthday gift!

Here's my shot at the names-

Alice blue jumper dress

Alice blue cocktail dress

Nautical blue jumper dress

My email is emando16@gmail.com

Kirstin said...

skyline fantasy dress
midnight special dress
lady day dress


Charley Delacroix said...

audrey hepburn at sea

the girly magazine dress

boyfriend < this dress
(nerdy, I realize this)

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

1. Rainbow Row Dress
2. Mad Hatter Tea Party Dress
3. The Vineyard Carousel Dress


Unknown said...

jealous of the moon dress
leave it to happenstance dress
twilight, before sunrise dress


Unknown said...

1.East Coast Heiress Dress
2.Darling Penelope Dress
3.Sweet Goodnight Dress

Unknown said...

I love this dress!
1. High Tide Ruffles Dress
2. Lovely Little Ruffles Dress
3. Coveside Hideaway Ruffles Dress


Breana said...

1. Buruffleaucat Dress (Bureaucrat + ruffle = buruffleaucat)
2. Indie, Go Dress (From the color indigo)
3. Birmingham Blues Dress

I've been in love with this dress since it was in stock over at Modcloth months ago! I still remember that it was named the Cosette Dress. Though very French, I don't think that it really captured the true spirit of this beautiful dress. I hope this contest comes up with something wonderful for it!


Xindy Holliday said...

Sweet Dress reminds me of a frock Lucy would have worn in Cuba with Ricky. My top three names,
1.Club Tropicana Dress
2.Cuban Candy Dress
3.Con Amor Dress

~Xindy Velazquez

Grace Kim said...

dress is so cute

dreaming of summer at sea dress

top of the lighthouse dress

summer mist dress

Grace Kim

Unknown said...

The Sail Away Dress

Ocean Waves Dress

A Midsummer's Daydream Dress

Kiss Me softly Dress

Lana Hunt

jess said...

I absolutely LOVE this dress!! :)

The Sea Princess' Dress


Rachel Follett said...

I would name it:
Lulu Sails the Seven Seas

Anonymous said...

This is the most amazing dress i've ever seen...
i think these names suit it best:

/Loose Lips Sink Ships Dress

/Imagine If We Were Lost At Sea Dress

/Davy Jones Tea Party Dress

Zoe Cooke

Getter said...

This is the Blue Marine dress.

Grace Lin said...

Such a cute dress!!!
Here are my suggestions :)

* "Sea Breeze - With A Little Bit Of Ruffles"

* "Sandy Beach"

* "Casual Hangout"


Justine said...

my suggestions:

"boating belle dress"

"bow rider"

thanks, justine

Unknown said...

Here are my three suggestions:

1. "I'm late for a very important date" dress.

2. Blue and White D-Day dress

3. Sailing to the Moon dress


Unknown said...

The Dust Ruffle Dress

Anonymous said...

Sunday Brunch

Lunch On the Pier

Afternoon in the Hamptons


Heather Hynes said...

The Diane Dress

mrsdavis said...

My Girl Friday Dress

Whitney Harold


Hailey said...

The "Cerulean Cockle Dress"

Hailey Lafone

Brandy Betz said...

Stolen Kisses Dress

Burgirl said...

RuffleStiltskin Dress

Come Sail Away With Me Dress

Look like a Saint, Curse Like a Sailor Dress

Helena Handbasket said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Helena Handbasket said...

Blue Kerfuffle Dress
My Blue Heaven Dress
Sky Frock Dress

Maddie said...

High in the Clouds Dress

Blue Beyond the Clouds Dress

Floating Above the Sky Dress

staeg5 said...

Sunday sail dress
out to sea dress
nothing but the best dress

stacy volesko

Anonymous said...

blueberries & cream dress

summer skies & clouds dress

sweet dreams dress


The Closet Therapist said...

Stroll on Nantucket Dress

Avedon Dress

Left Bank Lucy Dress


Danielle Wheeler said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LisaMarie said...

1. De-lovely Dress

2. Petite la femme

3. Joie de vivre

Jennifer said...

The Sweet Icing Dress!

Or Buttercream Icing Dress!

Jen M.

Ruthy T. said...

I love this dress,

1. Annapolis Bay Dress
2. Take a Bow Dress
3. Fun Dip Summer Dress

Ruthy T.

Rachel Russo said...

Blue Willow Dress

Rachel Russo said...

forgot to leave my email.

Courtney said...

1. Clouds are in the Sky dress
2. Dont be Blue dress
3. Out to Sea dress

lindsay petrick said...

1. sweet sailing dress
2. blueberry seas dress
3. billie holiday blues dress

- lindsay petrick - lindsay_petrick@hotmail.com

Suzanne@threepeats said...

Block Party dress
Evening Ruffles Dress
Night Sky Dress
Ocean Waves Dress
Midnight Waves Dress

Tracy D said...

May Grey Ruffles Dress

Sweet Seas Dress

Making Waves Dress

Alicia M said...

Simple, beautiful and classic!


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