Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ruche "Name This Dress" Contest

Thank you all for participating in the previous "Name This Dress" Contest! I had so much fun reading all the creative names, I've decided to throw another contest!

Help us name this dress! If we choose your name, you win the dress! See Below for details.

Feel free to click on it for more detailed images.

1. Leave a comment on this blog post with your name AND the name for the dress.
2. The name must have the word "dress" in it.
3. Limit only 3 entries per person. Open internationally!
4. Be creative!
5. Contest ends September 4, 2009. The name of the winner will be announced September 7, 2009 so please check back to see if you've won!

Contest Disclaimer:
No purchase necessary. We reserve the right to close the contests early or late without warning. We will post the name of the winner on September 7, 2009. You may exchange the item for a gift certificate of the same value, but you must request it upon winning. Upon winning, you agree that your name can be published on this blog at the close of the contest.

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Leia said...

My name: Leia

Entries: Floral Garden Dress
Summertime Romance Dress

Anonymous said...

Name: Emily

-Wallflower Dress (the rose print reminds me of vintage wallpaper and the lace could be the border)

-When in Rome Dress (I would love to wear this on holiday to replicate a gamine look like Audrey Hepburn)

-Mary, Mary Quite Contrary Dress (how does your garden grow?)

navylove<3 said...

Lauran D.

*The Love Letter Lace Dress

*The Forever Kind of Love Floral Dress

*Falling For You Floral Dress

jmonkeycrew said...
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jmonkeycrew said...

name: mr. joseph

@ Neapolitan Candy Lace Dress

@ Neapolitan Cream Dress

@ Neapolitan Lace Dress

Anonymous said...

name: Maria

lustful floweret dress
ethereal flowerbomb dress
amorous floral dress

Frances Nguyen said...

vintage laced vine dress

frances nguyen said...

Name: Frances Nguyen
sorry i forgot to add my name :)

vintage laced vine dress
de la soul floral dress
garden me florar dress

Anonymous said...

Name: Wendy

La Vie En Rose (translation: "Life in Pink", but the expression means life is beautiful)

Karen Cruz said...

Name: Karen Cruz

* Kissed By A Rose Dress
* Pretty In Pedals Dress

Laura said...

Name: Laura

- Roman Holiday Dress
- Sabrina Dress
- Victorian Lace Dress

(This dress reminds me of Sabrina's jaunts through paris and her maturing in Audrey Hepburn's classic, Sabrina. I'm a Linus, not a David, girl myself!)

an iratik affair said...

Name: Krystle Ganotisi

01. She chantilized me with Lace dress (concept: as in chantilly lace)

02. The French Lace Accent Dress (concept: the vneck lace accent)

03. The Scarlet Rose Official Dress

Heather Hynes said...

sophia in the garden dress

Lilly said...

My name: Eliane
- Secret Garden Dress;
- Rose-Marie Dress
Thanks a lot.

Unknown said...

my name:Evie c
my ideas:
fancy pants dress
send me by post dress
home is where the heart is dress

Anonymous said...

My name: Lauren.
+ Save the Mess Dress
+ The Hipster Dress
+ Tea with the Queen Dress

orange sparrow said...

Beth H. (

My entries:
-Twirl and Swing Dress

-A Flower's Whisper Dress

-Lace and Dew Drops Dress

Unknown said...

V is for Violet Dress

Pitza said...

* Vanilla rose tea dress
* Flower princess dress
* Happy spring date dress

Burgirl said...

"Once in a Blue Moon" Dress

"Wish Upon A Dress" (Blue Roses are believed to give the owner wishes)

"The Glass Menagerie" Dress (Off the character Blue Rose from that play)

julia said...

Tickled Pink With Lace Dress

Giselle said...

Giselle Gerber

--Pretty in Pink Dress
--He Loves Me Dress
--Pink Cupcake Dress

Melissa R. said...

My name: Melissa R.

01. Cocktail Party in the Garden Dress

02. Lacey Rose Dress

03. Pretty in Lace Dress

lindsey k said...

"The Rose Parade Dress"

-Lindsey K

abby said...

Name: Abby Nelson

A walk in the garden dress

Jennifer said...

country lane dress

rosalee dress

dress me up in your love

name: jenny

Jones said...

My name: Katie J.

1. The Sophia Dress
2. Tea in the Garden Dress
3. Saturday Dress

Jenny said...

Sophisticate Serentity Dress

Serene Backdrop Dress

Lovely Lady Dress

Ellie m. said...

Purple oatmeal rose dress

Secret Purple Garden Dress

Romantic Laced Rose dress

Cindy said...

My name: Cindy

Dress name:

1. Ramble on Rose Dress
2. Mansfield Park Dress
3. Cellar Door Dress {Tolkien first published the claim that the compound 'cellar door' is the most intrinsically beautiful sound in the English language}

the ghost factory said...

my name: élodie

dress names:

- never listen to flowers dress
- you have tamed me dress
- le petit prince dress

Trisha said...

Thanks for the chance to win!

Lady in Pink dress
Romance in Lace dress
Because the Night dress (10,000 maniacs)

Unknown said...

My Name: MelissaG

Dress Names:

Between Atlanta and Birmingham Dress
Wishes and Whispers Dress
Romance in the Roses Dress

Anonymous said...

The Not-So-Boring Tea Party Dress
The Dress That Makes You Go *Sigh*
This is no Modern Love Song Dress

Cat said...

Violets are Pink Dress
Plant a Rose for Me Dress
If you Love Me Dress said...

name: Cathy

*afternoon tea
*barefoot in the park

Anonymous said...

1. Flowers and Frills Dress

2. Flora Forever Dress

3. Lacey in Pink Dress


Rani Jones

the november princess said...

Moonlit Garden Dress
Fey Garden Dress
Rosy Foxglove Dress

Contact: Jessica at good_luck_duck AT

Nicole said...

Midnight in the Garden Dress
Evening in Paris Dress
Teatime in the Garden Dress

Vitamin B-Lardo said...
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rach rach said...

Name: rach rach

The Tire Swing Dress

Anonymous said...

clare murphy

1. Summer in Paris dress
2. Dentelles et des Fleurs dress ( lace and flowers dress)
3. Stroll in the garden dress



Unknown said...

Andrea Reynolds

No Love Lost Dress

Vitamin B-Lardo said...

Perfunctory Lady
Reck"lace" Abandon
Lady of Like

Anonymous said...

Pat Chivers

Picking flowers dress!

thelasthurrah said...

1. The Last Hurrah dress (for one last hurrah before fall!!!)

2. The Garden Glam Dress

3. The Morally Floral Dress

cdziuba said...

Name: Carol

1. Romance of Aldomar Dress
2. Tea Party Dress
3. Enchanted Florist Dress

Jennifer W said...

Sweet Charity Dress


Jennifer W said...

Dreams of Yesteryear Dress


Jennifer W said...

Romantic Laundry Dress


Anonymous said...

Name: Nicole

Dress name: Lullaby

eileen bordy said...

Tea Rose Dress
Not Too Sweet Dress
Dress Me Up


Ugga Mugga said...

Private Garden Dress
Intimate Garden Dress
Private Party Dress


Kelly Michelle said...

Kelly E. (
The Andie Walsh dress

Holly Katherine said...

My Sweet Rose Dress

Ma Vie en Rose Dress (My life in Pink)

My Name:

Holly Katherine

aviatrix said...

Vampire's Garden Dress
Musing in the Meadow Dress
Coco in Provence Dress

Name: Nadia

alliewho said...

Allie Heimos

cheri baby dress

secret garden dress

dress me up in violets

Anonymous said...

Name: Michelle

The Daisy Buchanan Dress
A Midsummer's Dress
Lusting after Rose Dress

Kasey said...

*dance with me dress
*midnight garden dress
*lola girl dress

Tracy said...

My Name: Tracy

*Tell Me of Roses Dress
*Some Say It's Love Dress
*Lavender Breeze Dress

coutts said...

1) Ethel Dress
2) My Auntie's Dress
3) Rosette Blossom Dress

Unknown said...

Pride & Prejudress
Pride & Prejudice Dress

Ariel said...

"Tea for Two" Dress
"The Sweetest Thing" Dress
"Sunday Brunch" Dress


Melissa said...


Sweet Pea Dress

Cocktails in the Garden Dress

Leaves of Grass Dress

Meredith said...


Have Tea with Me Dress

Honey Honey Dress

Field of Flowers Dress

KatG said...

Victoria, No! Dress
Black-wrapped Posie Dress
She Wore Flowers and Lace Dress

Kat Gautreaux

Klassy C said...

Anuja Gagoomal

A day at the highline dress
The highline dress

The top of the dress juxtaposed with the floral bottom totally reminds me of the railroad tracks of the highline surrounded by flowers.

noo said...

My name is Pilar Lozano. This dress should be called "HAPPY IN PINK DRESS!"

Unknown said...

1. Pretty Posy Dress
2. Ravishing Rosette Dress
3. A Rose By Any Other Name... Dress

- Sara Clark

Heather said...


1.) Enchant Me Dress

2.) Secret Attraction Dress

3.) Love is Not Lost Dress

Diana said...


Garden District dress

Petals and Lace dress

weekend tea dress

Mylisa said...

Name: Mylisa

Summer Lovin' Dress

Lara said...

wine and roses
vintage tea dress

Trizia Roel said...

Trizia Roel

- Midnight Jubilee

- Vintage Romance

Studio Saraswati said...

Name: Supriya

1. Lady with roses dress
2. Lace and roses dress
3. Lace sophistication dress

Linde said...

Cordially Violet Dress

Splendor in the Grass Dress

Desire Under the Elms Dress

Love in the Afternoon Dress

jonna said...

Name: Jonna Isaac

1. Meet Me in the Garden Dress
2. Pretty Maids All In A Row Dress
3. Ice Cream Social Dress

SWoo said...

Name: Susan

1) Rose Potpourri Dress
2) Puppy Love Dress
3) Lace and Scones Dress

Jessica B said...

Jessica B

1.- "LA BELLA Dress" - (Bella means beautiful)

2.- "Roses and cream Dress" (Do you remember the peaches and cream barbie?? beautiful doll I'd feel like that on that dress)

3.- "Flora dress" (In Roman mythology, Flora was a goddess of flowers and the season of spring)

Joanna said...

Name: Joanna T.

- miss english rose dress
- lace-kissed dalliance dress
- efflorescence in the secret garden dress

Unknown said...

I'd call it The autumn gallop dress.

Madli J.

Abra said...

How about Afternoon Tea Dress?

cinnamon_apple said...

Name: Linda N.

-Floral Romance Dress
-The Rosie Dress
-Love Me Roses Dress

Anonymous said...

Pocket Full of Posies Dress

Unknown said...

1. Flowered Up your day Dress
2. Let me flowered you life Dress
3. Tea and Party Dress

Taylor said...

Sweet Lavender Petal Dress


Unknown said...

Name: Sarah

Dress Name:
-Alice in Wonderland dress
-Mad Tea Party dress
-Ring Around the Rosy dress

lalala said...

Afternoon at the Cottage Dress
Grandma's Florals Dress
Lacey Lady Dress

Unknown said...

I'd call it either

a) Tea Rose Dress

b) End of Summer Roses Dress

c) Summer Tea Dress

Emily Wallace, OTD, OTR/L said...

1. Seconds Before Sunrise Dress

2. Tip Toe in the Garden Dress

3. Through the Looking Glass Dress

-Emily Wallace

elysebeard said...

1. "Too Marvelous for Words Dress" Sinatra
2. Unforgettable lace dress

My name is Elyse Beard

shereflects said...

Name: Eimile D.

1. English Garden Dress

2. Summer Romance Dress

3. Garden Romance Dress

Alisha R said...

1. Bella Dress
2. Endless love Dress
3. Flower Kiss Dress

Jess said...

- "You Had Me At Hello Dress"
- "Here's Lookin' At You Kid Dress"
- "Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner Dress"

Anonymous said...

My name is Holly Baker

The simple sweetheart dress

Anonymous said...

Amber Haubert

In the Garden of Good & Evil Dress
Dress Me Daring
Naughtily Dainty Dress

Mary Lyn said...

Mary Cronkright

The Secret Garden Dress
Embrace the Lace Dress
Lavender & Lace Dress

Anonymous said...


The Renaissance Dress
Verona Dress
Forbidden Door Dress

Gabrielle Jean Murphy said...

To me this dress is like a classic movie, simple and elegant so this leads me to the names for the dress:
1. The Lavenders are in Bloom Again Dress (Inspired by Stage Door with the line Katherine Hepburn says in the play altered)
2. The Windy Corner Dress (it's a title of one of the score pieces for a room with a view)
3. Dress I Wore to the Sacred Place Where we Kissed (once again inspired by a room with a view)
---gabrielle jean murphy

Heidi said...

Heidi Binion

Frolic in the Gardens Dress
Afternoon for Tea Dress

Thanks for the chance to win!

Suzanne@threepeats said...

Naughty but Nice
Midnight in the Garden
Flowers and Lace

Unknown said...


1. Dulche Rose Dress
2. Tea For Two Dress
3. Walk in an English Garden Dress

Anonymous said...


(Reference to Ring around the Roses' Poem)


(Reference Roses are Red Poem)


Rochelle Martin

ak said...


1. secret garden dress
2. samantha dress
3. indian summer dress

elle s'ennuie said...

Pastel Pleasures Dress
Le Petit Trianon Dress (because everyone has seen Marie Antoinette, right? :)
Black Lace And Lilac Roses Dress

ak said...


Anonymous said...

Name: Florencia

- purple and pink wild roses dress

- Secret summer love dress

- English elegance dress

Anonymous said...

Name: Lauren
Contact Info:

1. The Avant-garden Dress
2. The Noble Rose Dress
3. Vintage Allure Dress

Anonymous said...

Carly Wight

The Importance of Being Elegant Dress

Rose Garden Royalty Dress

Britain's Bohemia Dress

Jennifer said...

Name: Jennifer

Evening in a Sugar Orchard Dress

The Dream Keeper’s Dress

Light Breaks Where No Sun Shines Dress

Anonymous said...

What's in a Name? Dress (Romeo and Juliet, the dress is very romantic just like this play)
The Sacred Emily Dress (Gertrude Stein's poem with the line: "Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose"
The Franny Dress (Reminds me of Franny Glass, from J.D. Salinger's Novel Franny and Zooey)


Mel said...

Thorns and Lace Dress
South of France Dress
Summer is Fading Dress

Anonymous said...

my name: lara niamh eckert

1) better than a boyfriend dress
2) key to a secret garden dress
3) i looked better than the bride dress

Anonymous said...

my name: hannah b.

1) as good as a best friend dress
2) as lovely as love dress
3) truly scrumptious dress

foxy munchkin said...

Name: Amalia Ratna Sari

1. Insane farewell dress
2. Mom's dress look dress
3. Do-i-look-mature-wearing-this? dress

Krislyn said...

Name: Krislyn Erickson


1) Effortless Dress
2) A Rose Would Smell as Sweet Dress
3) Elizabeth Dress

XOXO, Casper said...

Name: Jessie McAskill

1. Olive + Olivia dress
2. Amoureuse dress
3. Eau de Rose dress

Anonymous said...

Name : Megan Bennett

1.) Earth laughs in flowers dress
2.) Ambassador Of Love dress
3.) Where flowers bloom dress

Stylista Fitness said...

Name: melissa V

1. Roses are purple, violets are blue dress
2. A little bit a lace, a lot a rose dress
3. Meet in the Rose garden dress

Stephanie said...

1. Pride and Preju-Dress
2. The Hanging Gardens Dress (A famous garden in ancient Babylonia)
3. Tea Roses Dress

Name: Stephanie Gibson

anelieze castrejon said...

lavender petals and lace dres

dream of victorian roses dress

dress me up in flowers and lace

Anelieze Castrejon

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

name: Ashley Bailey
1. Please Ad-dress me as Ms. Daisy...(dress)
2. Biscuits with Cranberry Dress-ing (dress)
3. My Ad-dress in France is...(dress)

anh said...

name: Anh Quach
1. Floral Delight Dress
2. Blissful Day Dress
3. Flirty Flower Dress

Brittinee said...

[1] Spring Time In Paris Dress
[2] Spring Romance Dress
[3] Meet Me By The Roses Dress


Unknown said...

-La Vie En Rose dress

-When in Rose dress

-You Make Me Rosy dress

ggcm said...


-Winding Rose Vine Dress

-Dress in Sweet Victorian Roses

-Through Rose-Colored Glasses dress

Unknown said...

Sabra C.

-April Showers, May Flowers Dress

-Love Me In The Summertime Dress

-Dress Me In Majestic Roses

Anonymous said...

stop and smell the roses dress
kissed by a rose dress

marthawilde said...

martha wilde,

- color me lacey dress
- when in rose... dress
- abi gail dress

Kristen Mc said...

Kristen Mc

les jolies fleurs (the pretty flowers)

vintage blossoms

stopping to smell the roses

(name of my blog:

Lindsey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lindsey said...

Lindsey Zils
"Central Park Dress"
"Spring Time Tea Time Dress"
"Shower Me With Roses Dress"

Anonymous said...

My name is Elizabeth

My idea: Wednesday's Garden Dress

violetarantula said...

My name is Valencia! And this dress looks like a "Violet Vine Custard Dress" to me! Hope you like! Its gorgeous by the way...


"Stained Rose Yogurt dress"


"Rose Gold Ginger Dress"

Valencia Davis

Anonymous said...

forgot to write my name, sorry

stop and smell the roses dress
kissed by a rose dress

sugaryswan said...

1. aurora's angel eye dress.
(aurora as the rose and the beauty that's held in her eyes)

2. fields of purple in Paris.

3. Late night summer dances and a dress.
( the romance that can fill the air in summer with your loved one- and the dress that completes and finishes the night)

Inspired Ideas said...

Karissa S.

The Enchanted Garden Dress

Mysterious Rose Dress

Rosebud Cafe Dress

Unknown said...

"Nostalgia" Dress

Page said...

Name: Page

1. La Vie en Rose Dress

2. Roses are purple dress (because there's one that's called roses are blue dress.. :)

3. Dans la vineyard dress (in the vineyard)

arod7 said...

Name: Ali

1. Flower Picking Dress

2. Flower-Kissed Dress

3. Blooming Beauty Dress


Hannah said...

Hannah Zimet

1. Marvelous Marmalade Dress
2. Lost in the Laurels Dress
3. A Subtle Hint of Romance dress

Amber said...

My name is Amber
1) Victorian Farm Girl Dress
2) Pleasant Couture Dress
3) Pebble Bloom Dress
Thank you for the giveaway :)

Heather Potts said...

1- Savannah Slip Dress

2- Utopian Dream Dress

3- Wild Rose Dress

~Heather Potts

Justine said...

1: The Charlotte York
2: Pretty petals and pearls dress
3: A spring romance

Name: Justine

Anonymous said...

1. I never promised you a "red" rose garden dress.

Name: Jocelyn Armstrong

Anonymous said...

Pink around the Rosie Dress

Kristina said...

Kristina Remy

1) P.S. I Love You Dress
2) The Bride's Bouquet Dress
3) Flower of Youth Dress

Mewer said...

Name: Philip

C'est La Vie Lace Floral Dress
Joie de Vivre Lace Floral dress
Floral Secrets and Lacey Vines dress

AQ said...

Name: Andrea Quigley

Entry: "Violets are Red"

Thank you!

kdsprott said...

My name is Kelleigh Sprott.

1. Butter Me Pink Dress
2. Bluberry Rosebud Dress
3. Septembertime Kisses Dress

msbeanme said...

the mine rose is forever dress

the sky was made of amethyst dress

the black lace tea party dress

Anonymous said...

"That Which We Call a Rose" Dress

"Lace is More" Dress

Anna M

platformshoesandwintercoat said...

Plant Roses At My Feet Dress

-Phoi Huynh

Unknown said...

My name is Michelle.
Here are my proposed titles.
1. the "hug me in this" dress!
2. the "quintessential" dress.
3. the dress "for the ingenue"

Thank you!

Unknown said...

Emily -

"The Whimsical Romance Dress"

Unknown said...

1) lilac brilliance dress
2) sophisticated lavender flower dress
3) Vee Appealing Dress

Lauren Kinseth said...

1. The Robert Frost Dress

2. The "Song of Purple Summer" dress

3. The purple garden dress

Nishi said...

Name: Nishi

1.{A} Dozen Roses for Valentine's Dress
2. Passion for Purple Rose Dress
3. Painting the Roses Purple Dress (reference to the "Painting the Roses Red" song from Disney's Alice in Wonderland. The dress also has a whimsical feel like Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.)

Rebekah Downs said...

Rebekah Downs

lacey serenade dress

wild debutant dress

lady in love dress

Unknown said...

Name Rebecca

1)afternoon delight dress
2)afternoon tea in the garden dress
3)brocade of lilac dress

Anonymous said...

Blushing Violet V-neck Dress
Blushing Violet Rose Dress


Anonymous said...

Name: Serina

1) The Perfectly Violet Storm Dress
2) The 'Just Add Roses' House Dress
3) The V for Violet Floral Dress

Anonymous said...

elizabeth friede

Gatsby Garden Dress

Anonymous said...


"Parisian Picnic Dress"

Anonymous said...

My name: Mara (

-"I've gone for a trip dress"
-"Flowers that I pick in the country dress"

Chiara Piotto said...

My name: Chiara

-Honey flowers dress
-Rosed Love Dress
-Time for Roses Dress

Unknown said...

floral queen dres.

Anonymous said...

my name is: avha (quirkyraindrops[at]

roseate chic as roseate can either mean dusty purplish pink, pink roses or cheerful :D

Marie C. said...

Name : Marie C.

* Prelude to a Kiss dress
* This is an afternoon dress
* Posies of roses dress

sweepmom said...

Sweet Romance dress
A Rose by any other name dress
How Sweet it is dress

Madison Pascoe said...

My name is Madison.

1.Summer Lovin' Dress
2.Sparkeling Romance Dress
3.Floral Godess Dress

Laura said...

Here's a name I think you might enjoy:

Purple Roses Garden Party Dress

Laura Johnson

Unknown said...

Name: Ashley P

Love Me Tender Lace Dress

Anonymous said...

Morning Dew

clarissa at digitaldeacons dot com

Helena Handbasket said...

Scandal-Lace Garden Dress
Precocious Purple Roses Dress
Petals and Lace All Over the Place Dress

My name's Christina.


Unknown said...

Name: Melanie M.

- dainty appliqué dress
- delicate damsel dress
- blossoms of bliss dress

Elien said...

Name: Elien

- Annabel Lee's Garden Dress
- An American Girl in Flowers Dress
- Alice in Purpleland Dress

KLKeesecker said...

Antique Floral Dress

Queen Anne's Lace Dress

All Dolled Up In Lace Dress

Anonymous said...

Floral Fancy
Floral Fantasy

Sunnyvale said...

Floral 'n Black Lace

kayleigh said...

Name: Kayleigh J.

It Started in Naples Dress (Sophia Loren movie)

Sunday in Rome Dress

Mira Madrid Dress

Shirley said...

"wishful thinking"

Anonymous said...

From Floddertje:

The Blossom engraving dress

The Pride and Prejudice dress

Rainy sunday dress

Unknown said...

Diana Winoo

the Floralia dress (Floralia is the goddess of flowers)

hysterical said...

Fleur Teacup Dress
Dog Days of Summer Dress
Rosy-Fingered Dawn Dress


Unknown said...

Name - Abby Wagner
Entries - Babydoll Bella Dress
- Subtle Fling Dress
- Hopeless Romantic Dress

Naija Nabisco said...

Name- Naija Fields
Dress Name- Euphoria

Anonymous said...

Name: Peihan

- Love at First Sight dress
- Picnic with my Lover dress
- Blooms of Enchantment dress

Naija Nabisco said...

Name: Naija Fields
Entries #2 & #3:
- A Little Piece of Heaven
- Purple Symphony

Charlotte said...

1. Picnic in the Prarie Dress
2. Fall in Love in a Coffee Shop Dress
3. Garden Party Dress

Name: Charlotte Radu

Anonymous said...

1. Lace Me Up Garden Dress
2. Purple Enchantment Flower Dress
2. Sweet Surrender Floral Dress

Crystal Mojica

Kristen Nichols said...

1. Miss Threadgoode's Dress
2. Scattered Roses Dress
3. Savannah Summer Dress

Anonymous said...

name: Camille Barletta

Emma's dress

Tea Time Kiss dress

Tea Time Beauty dress

Anonymous said...

kelsey Huerta

- first kiss dress

- happily ever after dress

- MRS degree dress

Anonymous said...

Black Tea Sun Dress
~Alex Anne

Carol Tonon said...

Caroline Tonon

- Sweet Desire Dress
- Smell Like Violets Dress

Unknown said...

name: Andrew

1) Handful of Petals Dress

2) A Dress and a Picnic Basket

3) The Bouquet in Midmorning

Anonymous said...

Name: Emily Meissner

1. Rose Oatmeal with a Hint of Lace Dress

2. Rose Bowl of Oatmeal Dress

3. Field of Roses Dress

Anonymous said...

name: alma

1) Lovely lace and pretty petals dress

2) Rose petals and lace dress

3) Roses are purple dress (in case you want to keep your theme)

Unknown said...

Erin D.

Violets are Red Dress

Literary Women 101 Dress

A Promenade in the Park Dress

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