Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dear Lizzy

If you haven't read the blog called Dear Lizzy, go look! Reasons why we ♥ Elizabeth:

1. She has creative DIY tutorials.

2. She appreciates the small things in life.

3. And.... she wears Ruche!



...on the brink of something beautiful said...

love her blog. thanks for sharing!

Howard 6 said...

I found your shop through her blog! I want to buy so many things that are out of stock right now. I've been checking back daily, hoping! I love the clothes. I'm awaiting my first packages. Can't wait to spend more $$ on lovely clothes :)

Hannah said...

i wear ruche too. and i love my squirrel dress and my lovely indoor picnic dress. but i am so sad that i haven't got enough money to buy your gorgeous dresses. ups wanted about 40€. and i shopped for about 80€. so i could really cry. :(

i would be happy if you would take a look at my blog. :)

Carol W. said...

Love Dear Lizzy! Through her I found you! I love love your shop! said...

great blog it's wonderful.