Thursday, March 3, 2011

How to Wear a Bandeau

In response to our lacey comfort bandeau in cream and gray, we've had a few people ask, "What IS that?" We say, "It's a fabulous layering piece!"

They can be worn with anything low cut or loose fitting. For those of you who grabbed our "freshly cut flowers for you romper," a bandeau will be perfect with it! To give a few other examples, a bandeau will look cute with our "need a little shine cargo dress," "love is a mystery flowy top," and "delicate daisies sheer top."


We hope this helps solve the bandeau mystery! We'd love to hear how you plan on styling it. ♥



kate maggie said...

They are my life saver in the summer! I absolutely love them. Hope all of you lovelies at Ruche are having a wonderful first week of March! xo

JordanMayTwigs said...

I live in a beach town and they are my go to "top".
I usually have a spare one in my bag at all time in the summer.

I use them as a layer under a few of my DIY tops.
With a cute pair of Black Acid Washed Cut Offs.
Or a Denim mini.

Thanks for the new ideas though!!
Totally digging them!!


Hope said...

I love bandeaus, but I'm worried they won't work for me because I have a larger bust size. Any advice?

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Anonymous said...

bandeaus are great over your most comfortable supportive bra if you have a larger bust, that way you're still supported, but what shows is a peek-a-boo if lace and color!