Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Some New Accessories at Ruche

I haven't added jewelry and accessories in a while so I figure it is about time! I have a bunch more but I'll have to post those up later. Finally FEATHER HAIR CLIPS are back in stock! Sorry for the delay ladies...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Add Ruche" Contest Winners!

I chose the perfect non-biased assistant to choose the winner for the "Add Ruche" Sweepstakes! I cut up all 600+ entries from all the fans from Facebook, friends from MySpace, and followers from Twitter after 1/21/09. Congrats to Keri L. from Facebook!!! You've won a $50 Gift Card to Ruche.

Roji, my little American Eskimo helped me choose the winner for the contest (after a little coaxing and a couple treats).

I threw a treat in the bag and when he found his treat, he also picked out a winner. Good boy Roji!

Isn't he the cutest! Single and available in case you know any other female American Eskies =).

I also ran a couple other sweepstakes on the side.
Congrats to Kiarii from dresscodes.wordpress.com for helping me spread the word about the contest! - $50 Gift Card.
Congrats to Mona V. from Facebook for writing a comment on our Facebook wall! - $25 Gift Card.

Thanks all for joining! Stay tuned for the next contest or sweepstakes!

Friday, February 20, 2009

More New Goodies at ShopRuche.com

Some more new goodies added! More high waisted skirts, dresses, and a couple tops.

These two dresses are just amazing! They are a little higher priced than the normal Ruche pricing for dresses but that is only because the quality and material is terrfic. It is still a great deal compared to lots of other stores! I think these make great dresses for attending a Spring or Summer wedding. The lavender dress below would actually make a really unique bridesmaid dress don't you think?

lavender tissue flower chiffon dress - $59.99

yellow aquarelle silk dress - $59.99

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ruche - Spring Lookbook Teaser Part 2

Stephanie WOWed me once again with these gorgeous photos she took of Anna. Check out those eyes! Makeup and Hair by Devon Duff. Devon also makes her own AMAZING jewelry. Her earrings are so unique and you won't be able to find them anywhere else. She uses feathers, charms, and vintage beads as well. I'm actually going to be carrying some of her pieces. You can see the earrings featured here on Anna. It is sorta hard to see in the picture but trust me...you're going to love them.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ruche - Spring Lookbook Teaser

This week, I had the privilege to work with the most awesome crew of photographers, models, hair stylists, and make up artists. We were working on Ruche's Spring Lookbook. Stephanie Williams and her husband Isaac where the photographers for the shoot and they were absolutely amazing! Stephanie's creativity was out of this world. She does weddings, portraits, catalogs, and product photography. Check out her site, she is really something!

As far as everyone else on the set, I've never seen so many talented people work so hard and have so much fun. The pictures may not show it, but the models were freezing! The sun didn't really help that much hehe. Sorry ladies! Thank you so much to everyone who was involved!

So after 8 hours of hard work for 15 people, 4000 pictures later, the results were out of this world...nothing short of perfect. Here are a couple teaser pictures from the shoot. There are PLENTY MORE to come =). Some of the items are already on sale, but the rest will be on sale towards the end of February.

Eleanor is wearing the "wrinkle in time ivory dress" and "mustredevilliars grey tapestry coat", and geranium stone embroidered clutch. This is the same outfit I used to style the Madame Bijou concept for Vasti. I just love it!

Sunisa is wear the cream sparrow nest ruffle top tucked into the mint n chip flower skirt (necklace coming later).

Andrea is wearing the ripple yellow organic v-neck tank underneath the picnic date eyelet light spring jacket, red braided shoulder bag, and mustard floral ring. Pants and crochet necklace coming later.

The "bumblebee tuxedo high waisted dress" is currently out of stock, but coming back in March.

yellow cherry bunches tank tucked inside the
cadette gray high waist bow tie skirt
(almost out of stock ladies!).

(middle outfit: silk sheer bow teal blouse tucked inside cadette black high waist bow tie skirt (almost out of stock!).

Cast and Crew

Stephanie Williams & Isaac

Nicole DeLaTorre
Lindsy Nicole
Eleanor Goldfield
Sunisa Kim
Andrea Padilla
Jose Delgado

Hair Stylist:
Kyle Rich

Make Up Artists:
Glenna Victoria
Jessi Pagel

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Vadama's Madame Bijou Part 2

Here are the pictures for the second outfit of Vasti's "Madame Bijou" photo concept. If you were following a couple previous posts, I helped Vasti by doing some wardrobe styling for her Madame Bijou concept: "based on this woman who could never find true love and was just gaudy and wandered the world looking for it".

I put model Frankie Sin in the "wrinkle in time ivory dress", mustredevilliars grey tapestry coat, and gold studded pointy heels, black lacy tights, and lots of jewelry (coming soon). I'm just totally in love with this outfit!

The rest of the pictures can be seen on Vasti's blog.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Ruche Winter Lookbook

I know....Winter is almost over...but I was finally able to finish up everything for the Lookbook. I will definitely have to start earlier next time.

Photographer: Joleen Thiessen
Model: Andrea Padilla
Makeup: Susie Chhuor
Wardrobe Stylist: Me

Shop Charmant

Shop Waves of Grain

This dress is actually for Spring and isn't available yet. Expect it sometime soon though.

Blue Confetti Funnel Neck Trench Coat

Perfect Pairings

Shop Waves of Grain

Shop Mellifluous

Softer Than Cotton Capelet

Behind the scenes and me looking like a slob. Please give me a break though, it was early and photo shoots are stressful! =)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Goodies at Ruche

I added some new goodies today. Most of them have measurements too! More to come by the end of the week. ENJOY!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Vadama's Madame Bijou Part I

Through Ruche, I've had the opportunity to meet so many talented people, both virtually and in person. I must say that the qualities that inspire me the most in people are their creativity and passion. Creativity comes in so many forms. Whether it be in writing, photography, fashion design, and even everyday outfits, people surprise me everyday. Passion, which is much more rare, but when someone is passionate about something, you can definitely see it.

This weekend, I had the honor to work with Vasti, a creative photographer whose passion for photography shines through her work. She awes me with her unique, abstract photography work and Photoshop wizardry. The most interesting thing about her work is the concept she has behind each shoot. They all have a story behind them. You can also see the emotion she captures in her photos. I helped her style her "Madame Bijou" concept. The concept is "based on this woman who could never find true love and was just gaudy and wandered the world looking for it". I think she truly succeeded. Must I also mention that she's still only in her early 20s?

Our model was Frankie Sin, who is also a makeup artist, hair stylist, wardrobe stylist, and costume designer. She seriously is the one stop lady for any photoshoot! She really was a natural and had the perfect look for the concept.

Here are a couple pictures of the first Madame Bijou look. You can view the rest of them on Vasti's site. The second outfit will be coming soon so stay tuned!

Frankie is wearing "my fair madame dress", "softer than cotton capelet", and "brown ankle strap heels" and a ton of jewelry & accessories (collaboration of Frankie's and Ruche's collection), and lacy tights from ebay.