Thursday, April 29, 2010

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Daydream with Us Winners

Thank you so much for participating in our "Daydream with Us" giveaway and sharing your outfits. The comments were so visual I could almost imagine myself on your vacation. It really makes me want to go on another vacation soon! If only we had the budget to send one of you off on your dream vacations hehee....maybe one day when Ruche becomes HUGE! Hehehe

Anyway, I randomly chose 10 winners using Below are the 10 lucky winners for a suede leather coin purses from San Miguel. If you are one of the lucky winners, please email us at "" with your name and address so we can send them out to you.

Here are the winners:

Sarah L. said...
A trip to the Bahamas would be a dream for me! Crystal clear blue waters! ahh...perfect...
And of course, what vacation is complete without the appropriate apparel? I would wear the "hello springtime" dress and slip my feet into a pair of "BCBG 'Vepica' cutout" sandals. To complete the outfit, I would wear the "golden hibiscus" chain necklace and the "agate cammellia" ring.


harriethu said...
i would carry the flower ruffle purse in sandy brown bag along with me to travel everywhere! i can stash everything in as i explore europe :D


Philip and Mandy said...
There are so many places I want to go! At first I started thinking of the Mediterranean or some beautiful tropical place. But I think my ultimate dream vacation would be to hop in an RV with my wonderful husband and my baby boy and travel across the United States. We'd stop at places like Yellowstone National Park, and while we were in California we'd have to stop at Disney Land :-). We'd also go to the Grand Canyon & Bryce Canyon. We'd stop in Vegas for a day or so. We would eventually move on to the East Coast where we would check out all the history and culture of New England and Washington DC... I could go on & on. It would be a lot of driving but something sounds so amazing about me and my little family out on the open road. No time table, with the freedom to go anywhere we'd like.
Now... for the fun part. The Ruche items I would take with me are:

peach nectar maxi dress
rocket dog "lani" fabric wedge sandals
barbados beads ribbon necklace
silhouette flower purse in marigold
pink chrysanthemum blossons headband


Elizabeth said...
I am DREAMING to go to Paris. It's the city of romance, after all.

I would wear the "pedal pusher linen capris", with the "time of the lilacs chiffon blouse" and pair it with the "flower ruffle purse in sandy brown". The ultimate romantic outfit for a city full of romance.


Becca said...
My dream vacation is to visit Tanzania! I would love to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, visit Zanzibar, the Serengeti (zebras and wildebeests!!!) and the Ngorongoro Crater.

This is my absolute dream trip for when I finish my PhD (in clothing and textiles sciences). I'll definitely need a long holiday after my many years of study!

The grab some shade linen floppy hat would be a must for this trip, along with the Silhouette flower purse in marigold, and the pedal pusher linen capris. These would be the most chic items for an African Safari.


Abbey said...
My dream vacation would be on the shores of Puglia, in Italy. My boyfriend and I always joke that someday we will have a bungalow as our second home on the bleach white beaches that are washed with the dreamy blue water. I can almost see myself in the copper coils button up tunic, so breezey and white to keep me cool in the bright sun. This tunic would be the perfect suit cover up or top to wear to their open markets for dinner each evening. Someday, living there would be incredible.


Catherine Hunter
My dream vacation....
a cruise to anywhere. I would be living in the moment. I would spend the nights leaning against the side railing of the ship looking out into the vast nothingness in front of me, imagining it to be the edge of the earth. I would be wearing the midnight confetti dress by Tulle but would be barefoot:)


Lesley said...
Id love to go to Rio Brazil, everything is so bright and colourful there so i would take :

plaid tuxedo tube dress

floralia festival tube top dress

rose parade tank top
rosette pillar white shorts
flower ruffle purse in sandy brown
wrap around a rose belt in swiss coffee

grab some shade linen floppy hat (love!)


Brittany Gehoski said..

Holy fabulous!! What a dream come true!!
First of all, I would die to have everything you guys create and make. It's so lovely!!

First and foremost, I would take myself and two friends to Liverpool, England. I've been a huge Beatles fan since I was in the 5th grade (now a sophomore in college.) I would tour and rome my surroundings and see the beautiful city where the fab 4 were raised and grew up. What a dream! Right?!

I would do this all in a days end by wearing…

- The beautiful Chocolate Blu “Jillian” t-strap sandal in cognac
- Matching the Mosaic festival ruffle dress
- Cute bag, the silhouette flower purse in sesame

Man, you guys are amazing!!!!!!

Love Brittany


Emma said...
My dream vacation would be to sail on a boat around the Caribbean with my loved one. I sail a boat myself but its not a full scale boat like the one i would want to sail on. My perfect outfit would probably be the 'Destiny and fortune embroidered top' (because i absolutely love that shirt) with the 'pedal pusher linen Capri's ' and the 'falling leaves earrings' with the 'Weave around gladiator sandals'. I would wear this outfit for one of those titanic moments, when you stand at the prow of the ship looking at the beautiful ocean. That memorable moment where everything seems perfect and you wish it would last forever. I love to wear sundresses and flow-ie tops so i would pack lots of those. I love the ocean and many of Ruche outfits would be worn if I had that dream trip.


Once again...THANKS ALL and have a GREAT WEEKEND!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

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