Friday, January 6, 2012

An Interview with Tara and Jamie

Tell us a little more about being a cheerleader and gymnast.
Gymnastics and cheerleading have been a part my life since 3rd grade and I have no idea what I would do without them! Both sports (yes, COMPETITIVE cheerleading is a sport) have helped me become a stronger person, both physically and emotionally. I have gained leadership skills and lifelong friends participating in competitions and camps. I have coached numerous teams and even became a professional cheerleader, working with the National Cheerleading Association. Fun fact? I can do 10 standing back tucks in a row and walk around an entire room on my hands. :)

What's the best advice you've ever been given?
Well, I live by a quote that a late friend of mine always use to say: "It is not about how many days are in life, but how much life is in each day." That sums up everything to me.

What do you love most about customer service?
I love working in customer service! I enjoy talking to our customers and getting to know them. I  try really hard to provide the best shopping experience for everyone and I like resolving issues, hearing personal stories, and helping someone find a product they love. It's extremely fulfilling when I'm able to make someone's day or turn a "not-so-favorable" experience into an easy and fun shopping experience. I especially love when I get an enthusiastic "THANK YOU!" and when customers stop by to pick up their orders. Ruche customers are awesome!

What are you most excited about for 2012? Any plans or resolutions?
I am very excited for 2012! I have never been SO excited for a new year to start and I am more motivated than ever to reach my goal. I have set many, many, many resolutions, which include to be nicer than necessary, of course to be healthier, and to stop cracking my knuckles!

Favorite Ruche video?
I love all of the Ruche videos -- how could you not?! The one that I play over and over again? The Cherished Winter Lookbook video. It's so romantic, the scenary is breathtaking, the song is perfect and the styling is to-die for!


Tell us a little more about your need for music.
I love music! I have to have some sort of background music at all times, especially during work! It keeps me going throughout the day. And I also love searching for new songs. "Have you heard this?" or "Listen to this!" probably comes out of my mouth multiple times everyday.

How did you become apart of the Ruche family?
I joined this family all thanks to my best friend, Robin! She is Josh's cousin and when Josh and Mai needed help with Ruche, I became the fifth hire. I can honestly say that Ruche is my second family, and I think it's awesome that I'm growing with everyone and the company. Within a year and a half, the company has grown tremendously and I am happy to be here!

What is your favorite daily task?
My favorite task is printing the packing slips every morning and evening. I like having responsibility over the orders and answering any order comments, questions, or making changes. As an online shopper myself, I know what it's like to anxiously wait for your order, so I try my best to make sure everything goes smoothly and answer questions promptly. Don't be afraid to say "Hi!" in the order comments. I'll be happy to leave you a note. :)

What are you most excited about for 2012? Any plans or resolutions?
I am excited to spend my 23rd birthday in Seattle! I've never been to the northwest and I get to reunite with my best friends from high school for the first time in over of couple years! I am also excited for the summer. My New Year's resolution is to take up a new hobby and I would really like to try to surf and spend more time at the beach.

Favorite Ruche feature?
Mara's Style Studies feature! I loved seeing how to use just a few pieces to transform an outfit. Plus, I'm always complimenting Mara on a daily basis and she is a genius in styling. She deserves to be my favorite on this one. :)

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