Thursday, January 12, 2012

Project DIY: How to Alter a Skirt

Guest Post by Sarah

STEP 1: Use your seam ripper to detach the lining from the inside of the skirt. It’ll be much easier to work with if the lining isn’t fully attached to the skirt.

STEP 2: Try on the skirt and determine how much you’ll need to take in the skirt from both sides. For me, this was about 1.5” on each side. I used a safety pin to temporarily measure each side, and to keep both sides even. Then, turn your skirt inside out, and pin along both sides. Sew along both sides using a basic stitch. This will depend on the type of fabric you’re working with, but I used the basic settings for a straight stitch.

STEP 3: After you’ve sewn your sides, be sure to try on your skirt. Don’t feel bad if it’s too loose or too tight. Simply rip out the stitches and try again. (That's what the seam ripper is for after all!) Once you’re happy with how it fits on your waist, turn your skirt right side out and cut off the excess fabric. Repeat this same step for your lining also.

Note: The elastic on my waistband was quite thick, so I sewed two seams just for added measure.

STEP 4: Determine how much you want to take off the bottom of the skirt. This skirt was pretty long, so I ended up taking off about 8”! With your skirt inside out, fold up the hem so your skirt is the desired length. Pin your hemline, and use the free arm on your sewing machine to sew all the way around the bottom of the skirt. Be careful not to sew the opening closed!  Then, repeat for the lining.

STEP 5: This part is optional, so feel free to jump ahead! As you can see, the inner lining of my skirt started fraying quickly after I cut it. So, I simply folded the the hem in so the frayed part wouldn’t be exposed. Pressed the fold to get it to hold it’s shape better, then sewed along the edge. I may consider doing this with the skirt hem also, but that can wait for a later time!

STEP 6: Try on your skirt to make sure it fits how you want. And you’re done! Easy right?!

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