Saturday, July 26, 2008

Richard Chai for Target

You know where I will be on August 3rd??? TARGET! Richard Chai is Target's next GO International designer and his collection will be launching August 3rd. I just love his mixture of color and texture in his clothing. Last month, I was able to grab a couple pieces from Rogan Gregory's eco-friendly collection, each piece less than $20!

I picked out a couple pieces that I thought were "modern vintage". You can view the rest of the collection here: Richard Chai for Target.

I love the green and blue color block outfit. The thick brown belt adds the finish touch with a hint of vintage.
Draped Tee in Green $16.99
Bubble Skirt in Blue/Gray $29.99

Here comes another color block outfit. Vivid purple dress with a tie in front toned down with a long gray cardigan. Purple and gray goes so perfect together don't you think?
Long Cardigan in Indigo $39.99
Colorblock Tie Dress in Gray/kPurple $44.99

Same dress above but with blue and black. Midnight elegance...
Colorblock Tie Dress in Blue/Black $44.99

I like this deep purple color and the graffiti rose print is sorta like the new "modern tapestry".
Tuxedo Dress in Graffiti Rose Print $39.99

Notice anything in common on all the looks? The shoes!

I'm not sure if they have those shoes available at Target. But I was ecstatic to find out that they sorta look like one of the shoes at Ruche! When I got them for the shop, I knew they were versatile...but actually seeing them on all these different outfits just proved my point. They look perfect with skirts, shorts, capris, tights, jeans. The ones we carry at Ruche are canvas and has 1 1/4 inch heels, which I think is the perfect height by the way. They aren't too high, but enough to lengthen your legs a bit.

canvas peep toe low wedge $22.00 at


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your help.


Unknown said...

oh my gosh...did Richard Chai just read my blog?!!! AHH!! that is so cool!

Anonymous said...

Omg! I love those shoes. I have been looking for something similar to them for a while now. But am I correct in saying that Ruche does not stock them anymore?