Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Blowfish and Rocket Dog Shoes at Ruche

I've picked up Blowfish and Rocket Dog shoes for Ruche! You can never go wrong with their shoes. They are super cute and comfortable too. What more can you want in a pair of shoes? I myself am in love with Blowfish and Rocket Dog shoes so it is only fitting that I share it with you! I only have one case of each to try out, so hurry and get your sizes before they run out.
Gladiators are super hot this season!

Blowfish Crete Gladiator Platform sandals $54.00

Blowfish "La Villa" gladiator sandals $50.00

Rocket Dog "Lisbon" t-strap sandals $44.00

Canvas boots scream Spring!
Blowfish "Wild Life" canvas buckle boots in black buff $90.00


Jessica Haley said...

Cute! and yes, so "in." Maybe I should make some gladiator baby sandals... ;)

Crimzen Creative said...

I love them all! Guess it's time to do some more shopping :-)

Zornitsa said...

the gladiator wedges are so cool

Kasey said...

girlfriend, I am doing a post on your shop tomorrow!
oh, and I'm totally upset you don't have the shoes i am coveting in my size.

Anonymous said...

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Dog Shoes said...


Blowfish and rocket dog shoes are super cute and comfortable, i love with blowfish and rocket dog shoes so it is only fitting that i share it with you!

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