Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Daydream With Us For A Chance to WIN!

Come along, get some peace of mind, and tell us where you dream of going for some R&R, and you can win a memento from our recent trip to Mexico! Now that we've shared our dream vacation outfits, we'd love for you to tell us about your dream vacation and your dream vacation outfit! Share with us what Ruche item(s) you would bring with you, and where you would take it.

10 lucky contestants will be randomly selected to win a mini suede coin purse from San Miguel de Allende with a little goodie inside!

1. Leave a comment on this blog post with your name AND what Ruche item(s) you would take on your dream vacation. Email is NOT required, but you MUST check back to see if you've won.

2. The item(s) listed must be currently offered by http://www.shopruche.com.

3. Limit only 1 entry per person. Open internationally!

4. Be creative!

5. Contest ends April 5, 2010. The name of the winners will be announced by April 9, 2010, so please check back to see if you've won!

Contest Disclaimer:
Comments will be numbered (in the following order: blog comments then facebook comments) and we will use randomizer.org to find the winner.

No purchase necessary. We reserve the right to close the contests early or late without warning. We will post the name of the winner on April 9, 2010. You may exchange the item for a gift certificate of the same value, but you must request it upon winning. Upon winning, you agree that your name can be published on this blog at the close of the contest. You must contact us within 7 days after the winner has been announced to claim your prize. "Goodie" inside the coin purse may be an item, gift certificate, or special one time discount.


Kate said...

My dream vacation would be to go to England, and I would wear the Afternoon Tea Ruffle Dress! =D

I have wanted to go to England since I was little, and I look at ShopRuche.com everyday for new arrivals.

Kate Wright

Lynners said...

My dream vacation would be to France because in high school I learned French and I thought it was a lovely language.
I would bring the norwegian kimono dress because it is very lovely and elegant.
I would also bring the Pink Studio "Leisa" gray platform wedge sandals to pair with it and the red rose ring to complete the outfit.
I love all of your items it was hard to pick between them all.

Irene Mena said...

My dream vacation would take place at an unknown destination, a new place where i wouldn't know anyone, and nobody would know my name. A trip to a land where details of the past wouldn't matter, but where treasures and memories are always carried in my pockets, making me who i am today. Sunny mornings would see me dressing treasures of santa fe, walking down the street, making new friends and learning from them, sharing my view of the world over a cup of coffee, exchanging thoughts and understanding each other. Oh wait, I think there's a smile upon my face!

little luxury list said...

I'd love to visit the warm, friendly isles of Greece and wear the dot grids pocket dress there. The ethereal and fun dress would match my mood and those lovely waters!

Chelsie said...

On the arm of my husband, we will arrive in Athens, Greece for a quick weekend runaway.
I will touch the Greek lands with my Chocolat Blu "Jillian" t-strap sandals and flowing San Miguel Bohemian maxi dress. My hair is done in a loose braid to show off my gorgeous otto red matrix earrings. The Grecian sun will coat my skin and shine sparkles off of my Delilah Vintage Carved Coral Class bracelet. Exploring the Athenian streets mixed with cobblestone, brick, clay and sand we sample the local cuisine reminding of us that we are soon due to be dining by sunset on a chartered boat floating on the Grecian turquoise waters. With that scene in mind, I packed my complimenting Floralia Festival Tube Top dress along with my handmade golden leaf necklace and pink geranium floret earrings. Oh how the bold black and white pattern will look against the fiery meditrranean waters and my sweetheart! Our seafood dinner is caught just moments earlier and now being prepared in the yachts kitchen. I can smell the fresh herbs, maybe some fennel and lavender? The fresh hummus is still warm on our tongues as we enjoy wine from the local vineyards in Greece, our steamed red snapper with yes, fennel, lavender and a garden of herbs in its steamed belly and fresh herb greens and handmade pita. Superb. The moon is out with it's light dancing on the water. Reminds me of silver silk.
The night ends with dancing to a live band on the shore of a beach and it seems to be getting chilly, good thing I had brought my Marseille Stroll light trench coat to keep me warm under the arm of my love. With my husbands hand in mines and my BCBG "Vepica" cutout sandals in his other hand, we feel the soft sand under our feet as we stroll back under the full moon to our bungalow overlooking the ancient lands.

The next day I am ready for shopping! I am geared in my new midnight confetti skirt, blushing roses lace top, zinfandel woven belt, grab some shade floppy hat, ivory bell earrings and of course, my absolute two favorite Ruche rings: my autumn leaf indie ring and silver leather and pearls ring. We're out the door grabbing that always perfect for shopping my marigold silhouette flower purse and oh so comfy (and Grecian looking) Blowfish "Lost City" studded t-strap gladiator sandals!

The salty air, the white buildings against the crisp blue waters, fresh served food and local wines, the language, the people, the donkeys- we love Greece. Boarding our flight, my lover and I bid farewell in my KORS Michael Kors Gem in white vacchetta sandals, golden afternoon dress and under my wavy flowing hair, my geranium floret earrings.

Aaaah, to runaway...

sel said...

I've been thinking about vacations a lot lately, since I'm in desperate need of one but had to stay on campus and work over spring break. It also doesn't look like I'll get a true vacation until sometime in 2011. So dream vacations are all I've been dreaming about.

Normally, I'm an explorer on my vacations, but my dream vacation right now is to escape all my work and worries and head off to Santorini, a cluster of islands off the coast of Greece, for a few weeks of R&R. Pictures of Santorini always make my heart jump - brilliantly blue waters contrasted with blue-topped white buildings upon cascading cliffs. I would love to wake up every morning in one of those residences, throw open my windows to the Aegean sea, drink in the salty air, and wander around the winding streets, reveling in the Greek food and language and people.

In my dreams, Santorini always has perfect weather: warm sun but with a slight, cool breeze. I would take along the It's a Tie Crochet Top in Walnut - simple, cute, amenable to feeling the breeze against my skin, and festive enough to feel special.

Brechtje said...

This was not a very hard task as I love daydreaming and do it quite a lot ;)
I also love travelling and have seen, if I say so myself, a lot of countries (in Europe). It's such a thrill to step out of the car or airplane and see and meet new people and experience new cultures. I love it so much I want to make it my profession; at the moment I study arts, culture and media.

But I've decided that my dreamvacation will not be about new cultures and new people.
About two years ago I lived in America for about 11 months as an exchange student. I met so many wonderful people during those months. American and Foreign. I immersed in the American culture and became 'american'. It was such a great adventure and I'd love to continue that adventure by visiting all of my foreign friends and family.
It's great to have so many lovely friends, but it would be sad to never see them again as we are scattered around the world.
My dreamvacation would be visiting all those friends.
And ofcourse wearing the treasures of santa fe dress as I am a big fan of nice weather and ruche's dresses ;)

JordanMayTwigs said...

What a grand idea for a giveaway.
This is awesome reading these entries.

I would love to go back to Nappa Valley, CA.
To go to the spa's and be pampered.
As well as go on exploring in the little shops and such.

I would bring with me::
The Huckleberry Ruffle Dress for the day.
And wear the Parisian Trench Coat over it at night.
[[ It get's cold there at night ]]



Renee said...

My dream vacation would be to Ireland, with my husband.

Amongst all the verdant Irish bliss, I'd want to wear the Parchment Perfection top with the Lovebirds Ballad necklace, the Abigail Tulip Ruffle Gray Coat over it, and jeans, and the Mustard Seed Ruffle Scarf. the Leave Nothing Behind canvas bag for traveling, the Flower Ruffle Purse for going out. For an extra coat, I'd bring the Macchiato Tweed Ruffle coat. For datenight while on vacation, I'd bring the Fuschia Daisy Stories dress. I can imagine my husband and i traipsing around ireland, me in the whimsical ruffly clothes. so romantic, *sigh*

Renee Emerson

Stephanie said...

My dream vacation would be an actual honeymoon. My husband and I wanted to go on a cruise in Alaska but instead ended up day-kayaking down the river. Not complaining, spending the day together was nice, but we really, really want to go to Alaska! The breathtaking scenary, the beautiful wildlife, exploring the mainland....a lifetime of memories. We would never go to our room.

The maryanne ecofriendly coat with recycled fabrics by Rebe would definitely be the perfect item to bring along on that kind of trip!

Anonymous said...

My dream vacation would be in Rio de Janeiro, in Copacabana Beach. I imagine my self with a beautiful tan and wearing the treasures of santa fe dress walking on the beach with drinking Coco Frio and the MIA "Village" strappy leather gladiator sandals in the other hand.

Chocolate and Cognac said...

My dream vacation would be to the wilds of Wyoming or Alaska, camping in forests, riding horses and seeing grizzly bears. And I'd wear the cheyenne ruffle country cardigan there!


Samantha Bender said...

No doubt in my mind, my dream vacation would be to Santorini, Greece. After seeing this stunning place featured in some movies, I have dreamed of visiting Santorini...maybe someday! I would love to be wearing the Everything is Rosy Now dress with the Blowfish "Seeing" natural amalfi peep toe flats...and my mothers necklace...which is a vintage gold locket and the names of my three little boys are carved inside.

g+m said...

Oh dear lord.

Our dream destination, for years now, has been Buenos Aires. My boyfriend and I talk about running away to there all the time.

Dream outfit for the running: the Poseidon pumps (which I've been in love with since they were posted, by the way) and the Criss Cross and Wrap Dress in Lavender. I'd also take the peach nectar maxi dress, especially if I can have the hat and sandals that it's pictured with.


Lilly said...

My dream vacation would be to Hawaii. I am a big Lost fan so I'd love to be in this beautiful place.
I would wear the scarlett satin bow tie dress and Blowfish "Lost City" studded t-strap gladiator sandals.
Thanks a lot for the chance.

Claire said...

This is such a wonderful way to spend my long, slow Wednesday morning at work.

My dream vacation is to travel to Paris with my husband. I know that it is very cliche- but OH SO romantic! We'd spend the day wandering the narrow streets, soaking up the sunshine and languages swarming around us. We'd go back to our swanky hotel to change for dinner. I'd wear the Sweet Angelic Shimmer Dress with Morning Glory Bunches Necklace in Moss and coordinating BCBG "Vepica" cutout sandals in bamboo. Although it is warm and summertime, the evening has a chill, so I'll throw on the Abigail Tulip Ruffle gray coat to cut the edge of the cold.

A dainty clutch would look wonderful, but come on! We are in Paris! Of course I'd have an enormous, fancy camera to capture the grandeur! So, I'll need a full-sized purse to put it in. I'd choose the Silhouette Flower purse in marigold because it would add a nice element of "pop!"

We'd have a lovely dinner and then proceed to wander thru Paris. Happening upon the Eiffel Tower, we'd dream of the future of our love and the enormity of this moment together.

Thanks for the day-dream. :)


Sarah L. said...

A trip to the Bahamas would be a dream for me! Crystal clear blue waters! ahh...perfect...
And of course, what vacation is complete without the appropriate apparel? I would wear the "hello springtime" dress and slip my feet into a pair of "BCBG 'Vepica' cutout" sandals. To complete the outfit, I would wear the "golden hibiscus" chain necklace and the "agate cammellia" ring.

Wren said...

My dream vacation would be a honeymoon with my husband in Thailand! We would visit temples, beaches, the city, and be sure to eat food so spicy we cry!

For our temple visits I'd wear the Treasures of Santa Fe dress with some comfy sandals, like Chocolat Blu "Jillian" t-strap sandals for exploring and of course I'd schlep everything around in my Leave Nothing Behind bag!

I'd cover up at the beach with the malibu denim pocket sundress and explore the city in the mosaic festival ruffle dress!


Ashley J said...

My dream vacation would be in St. Lucia because that is where my husband and I went on our honeymoon and it would be wonderful to recreate those precious moments when it was just us aganist the world. I would wear the San Miguel Bohemian Maxi Dress because it looks beachy and flowy and top it off with the Chocolat Blu "Jullian" T-Strap sandals and Marigold Enamel Flower Ring to complete the look.

Annalise said...

My dream vacation is Australia. I would wear the plaid tuxedo tube dress together with Circa Joan and David "Narcissus" peep toe wedges. I chose this colurful dress as it reminds me of my cheerful and bubbly friends I have in Australia. I would then complete my outfit with the all you need is love necklace. This is to symbolize the love i have for this country.

Angelique said...

My dream vacation would be to go to Sweden in the summertime. I would eat tons of strawberries while staying in a little red cottage. I would visit the home of the artist Carl Larsson and the Astrid Lindgren theme park.

I would wear the lackadaisical daisies ruffle dress and the nephelae of the clouds cardigan for when I'm a bit chilly. On my feet would be the Rocket Dog lisbon sandals - not too high, so I can do plenty of walking. For adornment I would wear the Golden daisy sparrow earrings and the cream lace headband.

Such a dream!

Chelsea said...

Funny that you went to Mexico, because that is exactly my dream vacation! I completed a Spanish minor in college and have always wanted to go.

I would take:

Sprouting up tank


My Go To Skirt in Green


Jillian T Strap Sandal in Cognac


and the

Turquoise and Pearl Ring


Thanks for the cute contest!

Unknown said...

oooh! My dream vacay is to go to the Mediterranean. Like Italy and Greece. I would take the red velvet cake bag! It would be perfect for walking around and shopping. Plus I just looove bags!!!

Thank you so much for the fun contest!!

crystalbella77 at gmail dot com

victoria said...

My dream vacation right now would be somewhere like Tahiti! Enjoying warm summer weather during the day and sitting on the beach or swimming in the ocean. Then enjoying dinner on the beach at night with a light breeze. And of course I'd take my bag packed full of Ruche goodies!

Mightnight confetti dress
Blue peony flower hair clips (because flowers mean a lot to Tahitians)
Tinkerbell green leaves indie earrings
Flower ruffle purse in sandy brown
Lilac moondrop earrings
I'll wait for you, gatsby headband
Silver and leather pearls ring
Chinese laundry "cute" canvas peep toe sandals
Pedal pusher linen capris
Camille strapless dress
San miguel bohemian maxi dress

.. okay that sounded like a shopping list. :) Love your new stuff Ruche and it's always fun to dream. :)

Tanna said...

My dream vacation has always been to go to Hawaii. And some years ago we had planned to go and had to cancel our trip last minute :( The good thing about going now would be we have our daughter (whose name by the way is a Hawaiian name) to come along with us!

I picture crystal blue waters, white sand beaches and lots of little drinks with pink umbrellas in them :)

For an evening out for dinner somewhere overlooking the ocean with the smell of coconut in the air and a starry filled sky, I would wear the sugar coated tiers dress along with the Michael Kors "Gem" in white vacchetta sandals finished off with what else but the aloha wood beaded necklace!

JessS said...

My dream vacation is to visit Maldives (the lowest country in the world in terms of sea level) since it continues to be threatened by the rising sea levels. The tall palm trees, white sand and blue lagoons along with the surrounding coral reefs make it the perfect relaxing vacation spot.

From ShopRuche, I could pack all the outfits I'd need for a vacation to Maldives:
1. KORS Michael Kors "Gem" in white vacchetta sandals to wear with EVERYTHING
2. Geodesical patterns long tube dress for the beach and a night out to male, the capital
3. A straw hat for Huck's girl to shield my face from the sun
4. Simply white linen pants to wear with 'baby's breath bouquet tunic top or parchment perfection top
5. San miguel bohemian maxi dress
6. Olive green songbird shoulder bag for books on the beach and things to take on the plane
7. Sailing Romper
8. The peeking wildflowers blazer for chilly nights
9. Jewel toned bangles, vintage carbed coral class bracelet to add a touch of color

Mmmmmm vacation.

charriet said...

i would carry the flower ruffle purse in sandy brown bag along with me to travel everywhere! i can stash everything in as i explore europe :D

Sierra said...

My dream vacation would be to Ireland because I love the castles and history and I would wear the Sprouting Up Tank, Madhatter's Tea Party Necklace, Sparkly Blue Ice Headband, and the Vivian Lace Top. I could wear so much more but this is what I would start with! :)

ilfashion said...

I have always wanted to go on a Mediterranian cruise. Visiting the everywhere from southern Italy to the Greek Isles. I would of course need plenty of sundress' and sandals! I think, considering the beautiful landscapes, and stunning colors I would have to have the "Coquille Tube Dress" with me. The colors are just magnificent and would fit in so well. I would pair it with the "Chocolat Blu 'Jillian' T-strap sandals", "A penchant for Turquise earrings," and the rediculously awesome "Delilah Vintage Cared Coral Class Bracelet by Ollipop." And the "Woven Trails Mini Purse" to carry my camera and spending cash!

Pearblossom Highway said...

I would love to go to Spain!I think it would be such a great culture shock! The beaches on one side and then all the green on the other side is just sooo beautiful.
I would pack the Midnight confetti skirt with the crafty garlands top tucked in and the Missie wedge sandals. I would also pack the peeking wildflower blazer incase it gets chilly. For the night I would pack the Cherry Blossom Ruffle Dress(ive had my eye on it for weeks!) with the Leisa shoes. I would also have the Take me with you clutch, the brassy linked bangles and the love birds ballad necklace

Living It At Home said...

I would love to travel to Bora Boras. I would take with me:
When Skies Are Gray Top
Simply White linen pants
Silhouette flower purse in marigold
Linen floppy hat
Missie wedge sandals

My perfect outfit!


Erin said...

I love the everything is rosy now dress and the camille strapless dress. I would rock these while drinking mojitos on a remote beach in Mexico!

The Epper's said...

My dream vacation would be relaxing and people watching in the small Italian village of Vernazza a part of Cinque Terre, Italy. Cinque Terre is a series of 5 coastal towns that flank the Italian coast line. Vernazza is acclaimed for its colorful and rustic charm, as well as their variety of quaint Italian condos, lazy roaming cats, and unique boutique style shops hidden through the hillsides of the village. No streets, no motorized vehicles, no pollution, just a small cobblestone walkway that parts the two hills from the small black sand beach. I would be wearing the “pink cinnabuns dress” while I sipped Prosecco (Italian sparkling wine believed to have been produced back in the Roman times) and ate the most AMAZING pesto thin crust pizza in the world at the quaint pizzeria located next to the tiny marina watching the fishermen in their small motor boats filled with shrimp, fish, and smiles come back from sea.

My fiancé and I got engaged in Vernazza last May and I would love to go back and experience the beauty, charm, and the slower paced life that Vernazza and Cinque Terre have to offer.


Megan Douglass

Toki Lee Kanitz said...

OMG... I have not really allowed myself to dream about a vacation in such a long time... it's true what they say about having kids. As a busy mom of twin boys who are now 6 years old, we get so caught up in taking care of everyone else and I've had to squash my passion and desire for traveling. Also doesn't help to have a home body of a husband who loves to stay close to home - LOL! I would love to go to so many places but right now, my dream vacation would be to go somewhere exotic, far away from my life in the suburbs of LA. I would love to go to Italy and just immerse myself in its culture and see/smell/hear/taste something completely foreign. My one must have item for my vacation would be the cotton pickin tunic by minkpink because I can wear it to go sightseeing during the day and wear it into the night as we dance underneath the starry skies. It's really hard to pick just one item from your collection because they are all so stunning!! I'm glad to have found you! Thanks for letting me dream just a little. Now I have to go back to cleaning the house before the kids get home ;-) Ahhhh, vacation....!

Em said...

Rest and Relaxation? Not on vacation, I can do that at home! My dream getaway is Borneo, as a volunteer in an orang sanctuary... Can you imagine the colours? Everything seems to be so much more alive in tropical forests; The vivid orange apes, the vibrant green foliage. While I am being overwhelmed with concentrated colour, I would surround my body with loose and flowing clothes, because I always feel more at one with everything when I'm not being tied down by my garments. I can picture myself on sparse minutes off, wandering down a beaten jungle path in a build me up buttercup top, or perhaps the blue sky organic tank top. So what if I'm a romantic? :)

Lindsay G said...

Sigh...how often have I daydreamed about "my perfect vacation":)... there's only one place that I can absolutely say, would seem perfect...and that is Italy!! I mean after seeing Roman Holiday, or Only You (with Robert Downey Jr.) or the commercial for Letters To Juliet (in Verona) how can you NOT dream about Italy??? It's absolutely gorgeous! My outfits would be feminine and wispy...but simple (I would so wear a lot of dresses) like the nautical storytales tube dress, lunch at Tiffany's Polka dot dress, mosaic festival ruffle dress, or the "I'll remember April dress" which has the "Italian Gypsy" look. I'd wear the Botique 9 sandal heels, Rocket dog "Missie" wedge sandals, and maybe put some flare in there with the Poseidon grey suede pumps! And we can't forget....I'd NEED plenty of accessories: Silhouette flower purse, sunny veracruz straw tote, regal rose purse, floral fabric headband, weathered sails bucket hat...and so many other of the wonderful Ruche accessories...sigh I can dream can't I???... Well back to the real world:)

Jessica Hilliard said...

So I have always dreamt of going to Greece. I mean, since I was a little girl. I remember reading about Greek mythology in my 2nd grade teachers class, and I've wanted to go ever since. It looks so beautiful, in pictures. I even worked in a Greek restaurant back home. Greek food is amazing. I wanted to go for our honeymoon, but it was too much money. I hope one day we will get to go. For walking through the villages or perhaps riding on a donkey doing some sightseeing, I would wear the katsura garden smocked tube dress with some frayed denim bermuda shorts and the Rocket Dog "Lisbon" t-strap wedge sandals with some classic black Jackie O style sunglasses. I can just picture it.... :) It's crazy Im so in love with a place I've never even been to.

My name is Jessica Hilliard. Thanks for letting me share!!!

Karen said...

karen beyer says...

my absolute dream vacation would be to italy...to celebrate our 10 yr anniversary with my husband. i would definitely want to take along your "in the cloudy afternoon" dress b/c it's lightweight, comfortable and definitely romantic!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Paris, I just cannot get enough of it and everything parisian...and would definitely want to take along the destiny and fortune embroidered top, the name itself is enough! I also love the braided large white satchel purse and I love the mini suede coin purses too. So many lovely items to choose from...

Monique said...

My dream vacation would involve going to Greece to check out the ancient ruins, like Delphi. I'm a Classics major, so it's right up my alley. I would definitely want to the 'Chocolat Blu "Jillian" t-strap sandal in cognac' because they are so Grecian-looking! They are the perfect summer sandal and I would be so comfortable wearing them while I voyage through Athens on a hot summer day.

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

There are so many places I want to go! At first I started thinking of the Mediterranean or some beautiful tropical place. But I think my ultimate dream vacation would be to hop in an RV with my wonderful husband and my baby boy and travel across the United States. We'd stop at places like Yellowstone National Park, and while we were in California we'd have to stop at Disney Land :-). We'd also go to the Grand Canyon & Bryce Canyon. We'd stop in Vegas for a day or so. We would eventually move on to the East Coast where we would check out all the history and culture of New England and Washington DC... I could go on & on. It would be a lot of driving but something sounds so amazing about me and my little family out on the open road. No time table, with the freedom to go anywhere we'd like.
Now... for the fun part. The Ruche items I would take with me are:

peach nectar maxi dress
rocket dog "lani" fabric wedge sandals
barbados beads ribbon necklace
silhouette flower purse in marigold
pink chrysanthemum blossons headband


Lisi said...

I daydream of walking the streets id San Fran my dogs...Listening to everyone around me but having to answer to no one :)

Lauren L said...

I have always dreamed of going to Greece with my little sister. I would definitely wear the good morning sunshine top because it is so bright and cheerful and it would inspire me to be the same way.

beth h said...

my dream vacation is the British Isles... and I would bring the scarlett satin bow tie dress (and I would want to pair it with the floral lace necklace!!)
What's even better, I do get to live my dream vacation in June... as my honeymoon with my soon-to-be-husband!! so excited :)


Elizabeth said...

I am DREAMING to go to Paris. It's the city of romance, after all.

I would wear the "pedal pusher linen capris", with the "time of the lilacs chiffon blouse" and pair it with the "flower ruffle purse in sandy brown". The ultimate romantic outfit for a city full of romance.

Anonymous said...

My dream vacation is to explore Iceland. I've always been fascinated it!

I would go shopping with my red velvet purse from Ruche!


abstoner at comcast dot net

Rebecca said...

My dream vacation is to visit Tanzania! I would love to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, visit Zanzibar, the Serengeti (zebras and wildebeests!!!) and the Ngorongoro Crater.

This is my absolute dream trip for when I finish my PhD (in clothing and textiles sciences). I'll definitely need a long holiday after my many years of study!

The grab some shade linen floppy hat would be a must for this trip, along with the Silhouette flower purse in marigold, and the pedal pusher linen capris. These would be the most chic items for an African Safari.

chelsea lee said...

I'm hoping to experience my dream vacation this summer!

My boyfriend is taking me to his hometown of Oslo, Norway for a wedding of a friend he has known since he was 2. We're hoping to arrive in Copenhagen, train and ferry our way over to his family's summer home in Halmstad, Sweden and end up in Oslo for the wedding. I would love to wear the Mosaic Festival dress to the wedding, but its already sold out in my size!

katie s. said...

right now, i'm feeling oslo in the summertime. nothing sounds better than spending may/june riding a bike around the city, strolling through the university botanical gardens, visiting the edvard munch museum, and watching sailboats by the sea!

i'd pair up these ruche items for a perfect day in oslo:
-manzanilla olive floral dress
-brandied apricot long pocket cardigan
-the lovebirds ballad necklace
-OTBT "Ashland" eco tire tread miliary boots in Otan
-ponderosa ranch crossbody saddle bag (love this!!)

-katie s.

Sarah Macfarlane said...

I would head out to New Zealand for my summer trip!! The seasons are opposite from ours but it's still great weather! There is amazing hiking, biking, sea kayaking and exploring to do! When I wasn't adventuring I would be wandering along the coast and tasting (and drinking) the local cuisine. The best vacation outfit always involves layers! So I would bring the Mosaic Festival Ruffle dress, keep warm with the smoke gray two-way cardigan by BB Dakota and accessorize with the mini ruffle button purse in ruby red and the Rocket Dog "Lani" fabric wedge sandals!

Kristin P said...

Honestly, my dream vacation would be spending time with my family and my best friends. Being in college, I don't get to see my best friends at all, like most high school friends who are now in colleges very far apart. I wish I could take my friends and family to just spend some time together again! As childish as it may sound, my friends and I have always talked about going to Disney World (THE MOST MAGICAL PLACE ON EARTH!) I honestly don't dream of a huge, extravagant vacation, but I do DREAM of being able to get all my friends together again and spending time together. (yes so cliche! but its the truth.)
Being that my vacation would just be hanging out with my best friends and family, in Disney World, I would wear...
The "Brownie Button Tab" Shorts
the "Stargazer Lily tiered tank"
with the "accordion over blazer"
and just to add a little something I would throw on a "sands of time oval ring"

I think that outfit would be perfect because it is cute, comfortable, and plus- those are a few pieces I have been eyeing on shopruche! I could easily wear them to walk around Disney, go out to dinner, or just to hang out with my friends.

PatriciaKo said...

My dream vacation would be to go to the vibrant country of Costa Rica! My outfit of choice would be to wear the mosaic festival ruffle dress combined with the otto red matrix earrings. The Chocolat Blu "Jillian" t-strap sandal in cognac would also add a nice touch. This outfit would definitely tune me in to the whole feel of the environment!

Courtenay said...

I've always wanted to go to India, but thinking about it now and my current state of mind, what to say to you, what item I would wear there... it doesn't seem like the right place to visit at this point in my life. Instead, in my head, I keep coming back to images of Greece, and the beautiful landscape and blue water, the luscious food and wine... and I think I would want to wear the quilted flower patch dress. It isn't overly flamboyant or loud, but it isn't too dark and dismal either. I think it would look extremely beautiful in a Grecian setting. :)

Oh! And, some blue peony hair clips would go nicely... ;)

Madeline said...

I'd be in Tuscany, Italy, sipping wine in the summer moonlight on an outdoor patio...table for two please...
And I'd be wearing the midnight confetti dress by Tulle with the rustic rings necklace...and most likely the Circa Joan and David "Narcissus" peep toe wedges. Ooh la la...


MissBird said...

My dream vacation would like me to be in the beautiful, ancient city of Florence, Italy!
Preferably in the spring, before the heat of summer. I love to walk the cobblestone streets wearing the dress "peach nectar maxi dress" and comfortable shoes to walk for hours, as "weave gladiator sandals " around and full of history and beautiful places.

Gloria said...

My dream vacation is to Italy during the summer. I know it gets scorching hot there so I would definitely wear a dress. I would pick the san miguel bohemian maxi dress because of the colors and the length. Summer is all about being loud and colorful and this dress fits perfectly. Walking the streets of Italy seems like the best means of transportation when exploring the wonderful country so I would match the dress with the Not Rated "Jessie's Girl" faux snakeskin sandals. To put the finishing touches, I would wear some brassy linked and goddess of fortune bangles.

Alison Rowley said...

Oh to Ireland, me lass! That's where my heart lives, and where my feet will travel back someday... The outfit I have chosen is perfect for everyday, everywhere I'd go. Luscious curls and fair skin would look lovely accompanied with this marvelous outfit! My items are:

floral field of ruffles dress

flight of the hummingbird necklace

flower ruffle purse in sandy brown

floral fabric headband

Blowfish "Countess" in khaki street denim

Unknown said...

I have always dreamt of going to Machu Picchu in Peru. The site is full of mystery and breathtaking scenery. During the day, the sun will probably shine brightly, showing the vast mountains on either side. As evening approaches, thick clouds fall on either side, chilling the air, allowing for an even more contemplative feeling.

The outfit I imagine that would go great is as follows:

- "my 'go to' skirt in green tea"
- "white shirttail pocket tank" tucked loosely into the skirt.
- "weave around gladiator sandals" to complete this simple, yet chic day outfit.

Evening (as it gets cooler):
-Throw on the "golden corn fields sweater"

Accessories (for day and evening!):
-"sands of time oval ring in orange"
-"amber daisy chain earrings"

Purse (day and night):
-"ponderosa ranch crossbody saddle bag"

This outfit is simple, yet the colors together offer a chic combination for vacation purposes! I love finding elegance in simplicity. Machu Picchu offers that as a vacation spot and I believe this outfit does, as well.

Elizabeth said...

Destination: Cape Cod. I'd for sure take the san miguel bohemian maxi dress as you have to have a nice long dress for the wind to blow around as you walk along the shore.

Whatever I wore, I'd try to make sure it sent well w/some of the strappy sandals like the Rocket Dog "Lisbon" or the KORS "Gem".

Elizabeth Licitra

Anonymous said...

Ohhh...i had a hard time deciding my dream vacation,but finally chose the Meditaranian! Greece and Italy have always been up at the top of my list.They sound so romantic and like nowhere i've ever been!An even harder desision is what Ruche itoms i would take! The definate "musts":
-acordion over blazer
-mustard seed ruffle scarf
-lovebird's swing neclace(one of my favorites!!)
-flower ruffle purce in sandy brown
-destiny and fortune embroidered top
-rocket dog "missie" wedge sandals
-lorelei pearl ring(also a favorite!)
-little lily white headband
and the list goes on...and on...!

Melissa C said...

Although all the clothing is wonderful......My dream vacation would be for my husband and I to take a honeymoon to St. Lucia.

The first morning we would be there I would wear the Morning Sunshine outfit. Because it would be comfortable to go explore the island in.
For the evening I would wear the Sweet Angelic Shimmer dress to a wonderful dinner.

For the next day it would be all about the sun dresses! The White Ruffel sun dress for day and the Sunset Beach dress for night.

For the last day I would wear While She Waits. I can picture myself in this outfit while going home and dreaming about the perfect vacation I just had, in the perfect outfits.

Rebecca L said...

For my dream vacation, I would love to visit Scotland. Ever since reading the book Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, Scotland has been my ideal holiday destination. Of course, I’d want a great look that could take me from visiting the Culloden battlefield, to lunching in Inverness.
I’d pair the stargazer lily tiered tank (can’t get enough of the florals!) with the accordion over blazer for a polished look. Add a pair of dark wash, straight leg denims, the Rocket Dog "Dart" frayed canvas ballet flats, the not so typical diamond locket necklace by Thursday Island, and of course a durable and waterproof jacket for the rainy weather!

Of course I’d have a fantastic holiday, meet plenty of new, interesting people, and look fashionable while doing it.

Unknown said...

My dream vacation would be on the shores of Puglia, in Italy. My boyfriend and I always joke that someday we will have a bungalow as our second home on the bleach white beaches that are washed with the dreamy blue water. I can almost see myself in the copper coils button up tunic, so breezey and white to keep me cool in the bright sun. This tunic would be the perfect suit cover up or top to wear to their open markets for dinner each evening. Someday, living there would be incredible.

Anonymous said...

My dream vacation would be to New Zealand, the land of both the quirky Flight of the Conchords and the setting (sort of) of Lord of the Rings. With me I would bring the fall sorbet sweater dress to use as a map around Middle Earth and the OTBT "Ashland" eco tread military boots in Otan so that I could trek across the landscape looking for lost hobbits.

Gracie said...

My dream vacation would be to southern france during the summer.
I would take my Magic Squares In Art Dress because it is super cute and really flattering on me!

Nicole Hope said...

I've always dreamed of going to Greece. As I would walk the streets of Athens just taking in all the sites I would wear the Costa Rica Festival Dress and maybe a pair of your "Lisbon" wedge sandals.
At night while I sit on a roof top with friends I would wear rosette pillar white shorts, gold coast cotton silk peasant top and a Splash Of Color Scarf.

Unknown said...

My dream vacation is Santorini - relaxing on the beach, enjoying the gorgeous scenery and architecture, and just soaking up the atmosphere. I would bring the sugar coated tiers dress, because the white would look amazing with a tan, the grab some shade linen floppy hat to protect me from too much sun, and the circle loop peep toe sandals, because the flats would make hiking around easy while still looking cute.

Stephi A. said...

I would take a lovely cycling tour of Barcelona, Spain. In pedal pusher linen capris and the "Treasures of Santa Fe" dress, with "Jillian" t-strap sandals and blue peony flower hair clips, I'll find myself at a charming little beach bar, sipping sangria and wondering how I could have waited so long for this...

Anonymous said...

i would wear the "Jillian" t-strap sandals to trek through the UCSD lands while I am visiting colleges! (currently a high school senior debating between colleges)


Anonymous said...

i would pair the "splash of color scarf" with linen capris to wear in Argentina since I'll match with the colorful buildings!

Unknown said...

My dream vacation is to go to Morocco to do some site seeing, walk along the beautiful beaches and see all the dazzling colors, prints and architecture. I would definitely take the san miguel bohemian maxi dress, the geodesical patterns long tube dress and the peach nectar maxi dress. I will also need a hat so I will choose a straw hat for huck's girl which will go great with the peach nectar dress...

Anonymous said...

My ideal vacation would be a train trip through as much of Europe as possible. It's hard for me to narrow down what country I'd want to visit the most, and I've always loved the history & romance associated with trains, so I think that would be SO perfect. And SOME of the many things I'd love to take along from Ruche are:

the pallas gray sweater dress
the paisley swirls on azure silk dress
the violet blooms ruffle gray dress
the silhouette flower purse in marigold
the cognac strap knee high boots...
and of course
the all aboard linen engineer cap!

Love your site!

Unknown said...

I'm dreaming of a vacation under the Tuscan sun.

Somewhere simple and beautiful.

Laying in a field barefoot... dressed with "Roses in the Dust" and with the "lovebirds ballad" playing on my chest.

the november princess said...

I'd like to go to Hawaii with friends, and rent out an apartment off the grid somewhere. I'd wake up early and go into town and buy breakfast from the markets - befriend stall keepers and fishermen and children on their way to school. Then my friends and I would spend the day exploring, seeing local landmarks or just lounging in the sun. On the weekends we'd vacation away from our vacation home, going to different islands or more popular spots or whatnot. In my mind, an ideal vacation should be a month long!

I'd take the peach nectar maxi dress for those morning strolls, the welcome aboard nautical sleeve top and the simply white linen pants to explore in. I love accessories, so I'd bring the hawaiian hibiscus earrings (how appropriate!), the sparrow heartdrop earrings, the apple blossom butterfly necklace, the chandani elephant charms necklace, the ring around the rosies and chained to my flowers bracelets, and the lace brim hat and a straw hat for huck's girl hat. I'd wear the Blowfish "Cyprus" brown sophia gladiator sandals and weave around gladiator sandals. My bag would be the box pockets purse in chestnut or the sunny veracruz straw tote!

Anonymous said...

Catherine Hunter

My dream vacation....
a cruise to anywhere. I would be living in the moment. I would spend the nights leaning against the side railing of the ship looking out into the vast nothingness in front of me, imagining it to be the edge of the earth. I would be wearing the midnight confetti dress by Tulle but would be barefoot:)

Unknown said...

I would go to Morocco, by boat from Spain. I'd take the OTBT "Ashland" eco tire tread military boot, to wear with a caftan in the desert!

Sarah said...

I would totally go to Austraila & I'd take the lace upon a tier tank, midnight confetti skirt, blowfish "countess" khaki street denim shoes, paired with the symmetrically pleased belt in ivory w/ the golden daisy sparrow drops .... for a night out look in the warm air!

such a great contest!

Kels said...

I would, without a doubt, go to the Makarska Riviera on the coast of Croatia for a while before venturing back to the capital city of Zagreb, with my husband, of course. This place is a fairy tale, so I would take all dresses, including (but not limited to:)

the in the cloudy afternoon dress (current fav)
the peach nectar maxi dress
the la dentelliere dress
and the seems of rosy hues dress.


Hungry Hill said...

I dream of going to Italy with my mom. Something we've wanted to since I can remeber.
I would bring with me the white shirttail pocket tank because I could dress it up, down, or wear it to sleep If need be.
I would also bring with me the MIA "Village" strappy leather gladiator sandals because I love them and would be comfy and cute.
I'd bring some fun jewelry too like the jaded dangling hoop earrings by Ollipop and the brassy linked bangles.
Mmm, it would be a dream come true!

Ebony from Scio

Lesley said...

Id love to go to Rio Brazil, everything is so bright and colourful there so i would take :

plaid tuxedo tube dress

floralia festival tube top dress

rose parade tank top
rosette pillar white shorts
flower ruffle purse in sandy brown
wrap around a rose belt in swiss coffee

grab some shade linen floppy hat (love!)

Sarah said...

I would love to go to Ireland. Here is what I would pack in order to keep warm and blend into the beautiful scenery:
Quilted flower patch dress
Poseidon grey suede pumps
Cheyenne ruffle country cardigan
my "go to" skirt in green tea
tiramisu lacey tie tank
victorian lace back cardigan
abigail tulip ruffle gray coat
silhouette flower purse in sesame
mermaid's coral blue earrings
ariel's pearly coral ring
leave nothing behind canvas bag as carry-on

Unknown said...

My dream vacation would be to go to Bibao, Spain to visit the Guggenheim Museum, drink lots of wine and eat delicious food. I would wear the Mosaic Festival Dress with the Rocket dog lisbon T-strap wedge sandals, wouldn't want to be taller than my husband on our dream vacation. I would carry the sunny veracruz straw tote. Wear the tinker bell green leave indie earnings, worn around bangle and flower chid oval cocktail ring.

bwynns said...

My dream vacation would absolutely be a trip to Peru to visit Machu Picchu and the other ancient ruins in the Cusco province. I've always been fascinated by ancient cultures...everything from the Egyptians & ancient Chinese dynasties to, you guessed it, the Incas. I love strolling through old stone cities and seeing how people lived centuries ago. And as an added bonus...there are lots of llamas. What great photography subjects: century old ruins and hairy, big-toothed llamas!! I love it!

For this trip I'd pack a mix of clothes. For afternoon strolls I'd pair the simply white linen pants with the white shirttail pocket tank and lacy western delight vest, the "lisbon" t-strap wedge sandals, and the cherokee feather necklace. Then for a night of tasty food and maybe a little dancing I'd take the mosaic festival ruffle dress with the "missie" wedge sandals, grey berriflower headband and sands of time oval ring (mustard). And since I hate being weighed down trying to carry too much stuff with me, I'd use the take me with you clutch to carry the essentials.

Peru here I come! :o)


Serena Gene said...

Ahh to dream....
It is beyond hard to choose one place in the world I would travel to. This is coming from a Travel channel junky who drools over the locations I view on the television, as I run into my closet just to change into an outfit that would be fitting to match the location on the program.(This is a habit I should never admit to, but it is true.) Sometimes I even go to the extent of experimenting with the task of making authentic dishes from many foreign countries. My husband Kyle always knows it is going to be an interesting evening if he walks in the door to serenades of music from a far. The food is never as good as it looks on T.V. but I blame that purely on my cooking skills. One day we plan on traveling the world but until then I dream as a look at the images of beautiful locations that I have pasted on my walls.
I will shamelessly admit to the "travel journal" I have created just for future reference. With it, I will be able to refer to noted information about destinations and I will know exactly what to pack, wear, shop, eat and everything else lovely that comes with exploring new locations.
At the moment I find myself caught in day dreams about walking the streets of Bavaria, Germany. such a beautiful town. I imagine it would feel magical with its old streets and buildings covered in old world murals. I can just hear the beautiful sway of the hanging sign the hover above each shop. Ahh, one day I will walk those streets. If it were today, I would wear the delightfully fun Huckleberry ruffle dress with the Parisian trench coat and of course the Linen engineer hat to top it off. Germany is known to have spring rain showers so I would want to wear closed toed shoes much like the Cognac strap knee high boots but, if I were lucky and the sun was shining I would wear the Village strappy leather gladiator sandals. I would most definitely not forget about accessories so of course I would be sporting the Sparta hoplite cocktail ring as well as the Box pocket purse in chestnut. It would be a whimsical day in the town of Bavaria. Rain or shine, it would be amazing to roam the streets in a wonderful outfit with my husband at my side as we munched on scrumptious German chocolate.

Brittany Gehoski said...

Holy fabulous!! What a dream come true!!
First of all, I would die to have everything you guys create and make. It's so lovely!!

First and foremost, I would take myself and two friends to Liverpool, England. I've been a huge Beatles fan since I was in the 5th grade (now a sophomore in college.) I would tour and rome my surroundings and see the beautiful city where the fab 4 were raised and grew up. What a dream! Right?!

I would do this all in a days end by wearing…

- The beautiful Chocolate Blu “Jillian” t-strap sandal in cognac
- Matching the Mosaic festival ruffle dress
- Cute bag, the silhouette flower purse in sesame

Man, you guys are amazing!!!!!!

Love Brittany

Laurie said...

My dream vacation would be to Prague. The architecture is astounding, and the history of the place makes Prague truly extraordinary.

I would bring with me these items:
1. Rouge apple pea coat by Tulle
2. Pink Studio "Ballroom" Pumps
3. "nine to five" window pane pocket dress by Dear Creatures
4. I'll wait for you, gatsby headband
5. Sands of time oval ring

Star said...

My dream vacation would be either Germany or Australia.

I'd wear sawyer's mississippi necklace, the red velvet cake handbag, key to my heart necklace, pedal pusher linen capris, back to black pleated shorts, when skies are gray button top (very versatile), and the sweet angelic shimmer dress. :) I would bring everything on the site if I could, actually. x)

The Time Has Come... said...

My dream vacation would be to go back to Germany. I would bring the Baby's Breath Bouquet Tunic Top with me as it would be perfect for an afternoon in the Harz Mountains as well as a night walking through Munich, my favorite city.

Michelle said...

I am a lucky girl because I am going on my dream vacation at the end of May! I am going with my family on a vacation through England, France, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands!

Since it is supposed to be rainy about half the time we are there, I've been searching for the perfect spring trench, and the Parisian Trench Coat is just that! Underneath, I'd wear the Dear Creatures Navy Sailor Dress (I am in LOVE with their Spring/Summer Collection), paired with minimal accessories and simple flats to complete the outfit.

- Michelle

AT said...

I've wanted to go to Hawaii for as long as I can remember. I would wear the Malibu Denim Pocket Sundress with the Little White Lily Headband and Sunny Veracruz Straw Tote.

Josie said...

I dream of white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, sunshine and no shoes. Wherever there's a hammock, an open-air cabana, lots of quiet waves, sweet bird songs and not much else. No other people around, except maybe some friends on the other side of the small island who walk over to cook some fish and drink rum at sunset. A small rustic "kitchen" would be provided with a kayak and an old record player with three or four sleepy records from the 40s. I'd Climb some trees. Weave something out of leaves. Fish. Bask.

I guess I'd wear the copper coils button up tunic over my swimsuit and the dark brown long cargo shorts in the case that I need to wear pants, which shouldn't be often. The MIA Village strappy leather sandals would probably do well in the sand. I'll take the brandied apricot long pocket cardigan just in case it gets chilly, but it won't.

I really do dream of this, every night when I set my little bedside "Soothing Sounds" maker to waves as I fall to sleep...

Gugabaga said...

Dream vacation? Anywhere... since I have 6 mounth old baby...Just short runnaway to Croation seacoast..Sun, sea, spring breez,no shoes and Scarlett satin bow tie dress, the dress for any occasion.. ;)

K said...

I would so take the Parisian Trench Coat to... Berlin, the place to go to in April! Or Paris would be nice, too :)

Zoie said...

Dear Ruche,
I love you. My dream vacation is a honeymoon in Egypt. My husband and I were married late last year and we have not been able to go on this honeymoon yet. If I could take any of your merchandise along...what wouldn't I bring? The Michael Kors "Gem" in white vacchetta sandals are a must. My huband loves sandals that wrap around the ankle and so do I. I'd take the tanika brown beaded wrap bracelet, because it satisfies my earthy side & I'd wear it all the time. I picture myself on a cruise down the Nile the camille strapless dress. It looks comfy and feminine. And, to keep my eyes shaded from the sun, I'd love the all aboard linen engineer cap that makes my heart melt almost as much as my husband's kisses (not quite).
Thank you for making such beautiful clothes and accessories.
Love Always,

Danielle Marie said...

If I were to take a dream vacation there a quite a few Ruche pieces I’d be bringing along. First off, I’m a total sucker for handbags, lots of handbags; coordinating, complimentary, I love being able to switch a handbag off for another, and still be able to compliment the outfit from the outside in. As a base to this ensemble, I’d choose to bring the “mosaic festival ruffle dress” on my trip. This dress is just enough to either be worn alone or with coordinating pieces; and since the dress is so busy, simple, solid-colored handbags with stunning accents would do the trick. Such as the “silhouette flower purse in marigold”, the “ruffles and ripples ivory purse”, and/or the “flower ruffle purse in sandy brown”, all of which are complimentary and simple yet chic over-the-shoulder bags to accent this dress. I would finish the outfit off with the “lovebirds’ swing necklace”, and bring along my “chocolat blu “jillian” t-strap sandals in cognac”. To top this ensemble off, I would add a pinch of color on the hand with the “marigold enamel flower ring”. The great thing about these 7 pieces, available from Ruche, makes it easy to inter-change and design a whole new style for yourself or another. Ruche makes it easy to buy complimentary pieces.

Thanks, Ruche & happy shopping!
-Danielle G =]

Sarah said...

My dream vacation would be to go to Paris or London! Or any fashion capital really! lol
I'd wear the Time of the Lilacs chiffon blouse, the rosette pillar white shorts, and the Boutique 9 Uzuri sndal heels for an unexpected pop of colour (and because I'm obsessed with them!)
I'd probably accesorize it with vintage earrings tht are the same colour as the shoes. :)

s.marie said...

My dream vacation would be to go to London and I would take the Regal Rose Purse in Travertine, or just the whole 'Symphony' outfit. I think it looks classy and beautiful and very European chic.
I love every single item on Ruche and wish I could buy out the entire site.

Lauryn B said...

My dream vacation would be to New Zealand.
I would bring the destiny and fortune top its so delightful. I also love hats and would love to bring the all aboard linen engineer cap it is super cute and chic. I am also a fan of the woven trails mini purse its a nice size and style.

Anonymous said...

My dream vacation would be to go to France. My family is french and I have always wanted to go there to experience the food, people, and of course shopping! I would take the peeking wildflowers blazer with me because it is a basic blazer but with such a cute touch on the sleeves. Very magnifique!

Unknown said...

My dream vacation would be to sail on a boat around the Caribbean with my loved one. I sail a boat myself but its not a full scale boat like the one i would want to sail on. My perfect outfit would probably be the 'Destiny and fortune embroidered top' (because i absolutely love that shirt) with the 'pedal pusher linen Capri's ' and the 'falling leaves earrings' with the 'Weave around gladiator sandals'. I would wear this outfit for one of those titanic moments, when you stand at the prow of the ship looking at the beautiful ocean. That memorable moment where everything seems perfect and you wish it would last forever. I love to wear sundresses and flow-ie tops so i would pack lots of those. I love the ocean and many of Ruche outfits would be worn if I had that dream trip.

Tahni Candelaria said...

my dream is beyond vacation, but to live my life as a traveler. i dream of walking through the lavender field in provence and along the beautifully blue coast of france during the spring and summer while wearing the spring greetings dress, the missie wedge sandals, the woven trails purse, and the turquoise and pearls ring by ollipop.
oh the joy of being able to live in that moment!
thank you for this.
-tahni candelaria

Unknown said...

Been missing France, so I cooked up 3 outfits to fit the rugged coastal countryside of Normandy, the effortlessly chic Paris, and something classic but sultry for the beachside resort of Deauville…

And everything I picked works together for over a week’s worth of new outfits:
• Normandy: Camille strapless dress, Maryanne ecofriendly coat, Mia village strappy sandals
• Paris: Back to black pleated shorts, Sophisticated sailor top, Whiskey square buckle boots, Accordion over blazer.
• Deauville: Black Marisa dress, Parisian trench, Blowfish denim Countess heels

Mix-and-match with these accessories:
Rapunzel scarf, Peach and rose pearl Ollipop ring, Greyberri floral headband, Denim bow belt, White shirttail pocket tee, Tammie shoulder bag, and the fabulous Turquoise romance earrings.

Have fun styling this mini-wardrobe, fellow Ruchies!

Jo said...

My dream vacation would probably be revisiting the sunny island of Hawaii.:)

The geodesical patterns long tube dress with its wavy bright prints is the perfect dress for a day at the beach as it will photograph really nicely against the breathtaking backdrop of the deep blue ocean.:)

The sun's gentle glow on my face, the wind's quiet embrace and the sound of waves crashing onto the shore.... aloha Hawaii, thats where i want to be....

Suzanne said...

My dream vacation would be to visit the romote Scotish island Fair Isle. I would spend my time hiking around the perimeter with my camera, taking pictures of the cliffs and puffins. Relaxing at the inn, I imagine myself wearing the floral lounge jumper romper.

Kelli Martinelli said...

I'd land smack in the middle of Brazil, tromp through the jungle to the opera house in Manaus, let the Amazonian critters crawl across the tops of my "jillian" t-strap sandals. Then when my skin could take no more chomps from biting bugs I'd flit to the coast, pull my coquille tube dress on, clip my dirty tresses out of my face with blue peony flower barrettes, and samba baby samba.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...My dream vacation would be to go to Chichen Itza and tour the Mexican ruins. While enjoying a walking tour and Mexican mu seams, I'd be wearing "Lani" fabric wedge sandals with my quilted flower patch dress and blue peony flower barrettes in my long curly hair. When it got cold, I'd through on my splash of color scarf and spend the night dancing and drinking cerveza. :)

fran said...
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Anne-Julie said...

My dream vacation would be to go to Iceland. I totally want to discover this beautiful island, surrounded by extraordinaire nature and poetry. I want to meet the magic!!!

Considering the weather is not so warm in this country I would wear the "ivory floral picket sweater dress" and "soft sweater leggings in grey", complimented by the "mustard seed ruffled scarf" and "the lady in scarlet double breasted trench coat". The "Ashland" eco tire tread miliary boots are perfect and the "madras tan shoulder bag" is a must.

Now I'm ready for Iceland!

fran said...

my dream vacation is to go to new zealand to visit its beautiful sceneries! i'd go with this outfit:
- opalescent curlycue top
- skinny black tight jeans
- pink studio allyson tstrap flats
- lady in scarlet double breasted trench coat
- cubist braided tote

francesca baldassarri

christie said...

My dream vacation is to visit new york for 2 entire weeks. Wake up in the morning, take water and sandwich for lunch, go for breakfast in Starbucks and spend the whole day visiting museums, art gallery's and fashion studios. At night go for dinner in some place I have discover during the day were I can relax and lisent to music or maybe go to some show or dancing.
For that I would love to take with me some dresses like:
Linen Corset denim dress
Chiffon Lingerie Sweatshirt Dress
Float Boucle Bustier Dress by Acne
Of Two Minds Multi Floral Panel Dress
And some tops like,
Printed silk double-layer top
Embellished tank top
Gainsborough Tunic by Vivienne Westwood Anglomania,
to wear with my favorite jeans and boots.

Christie Checo

heather said...

My Dream vacation would definitely be going to Spain in either Barcelona or Madrid! It would be amazing to travel the town seeing all the culture, meet the locals, and of course walk the "golden mile" of fashion!!! My outfit choice would definitely be "My Pet Burro" because i am in LOVE with the "in the cloudy afternoon dress"

Heather Caughell <3

lisa said...

i would love love love love to go to paris in the summer.

i would bring the floralia festival tube dress and wear it every day with a different cardigan and heels while going to all the cafes in paris to find the perfect espresso :)

disneyfanheather said...

I've always dreamed of going to Paris, and I would take the Camille Strapless Dress with me!

Anonymous said...

Off to the lush English countryside I would go... to romantic Bath, and then to London for sightseeing and shopping. There I would linger over tea and crumpets and I wouldn't mind if it was raining because underneath my ruffled umbrella, I'd be covered in my romantic Parisian Trench coat. My curly tendrils would be peeking out from under the Weathered Sails Bucket hat donning my lucky head and alas, my pretty Peach Rose and Pearl Ollipop ring would certainly draw attention as I hail a cab back to my posh London hotel.

Anonymous said...

I would totally go to Paris! That is my dream vacation! I would wear the sugar coated tiers dress, and just walk around enjoying the sights, sounds and croissants. I can see myself in that cute little dress kissing my honey under the eiffel tower!