Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ruche DIY - Post It Wall + Chalkboard Wall

I meant to do a DIY post for the backgrounds we used for the "Autumn in Session" Lookbook. Guess what we used for the checkered background? Post It notes!! We used light yellow Staples branded post it notes and pastel orange "Post It" notes. For the brown tones, we had cut out construction paper or scrapbook paper since Post It notes didn't come in these colors. You can switch it up with other colors as well! It is an easy and creative way to decorate a plain wall.

For our second background, we painted a wall with chalkboard paint, which you can get at your local hardware/paint store. This was inspired by the awesome chalkboard wall from "500 Days of Summer". I didn't know how fun it was to have a chalkboard wall! You can still decorate your wall with shelves, picture frames, etc..just like any wall.

Other post it note wall inspirations:

Other chalkboard wall inspirations:


Jenmarie said...

Wow, post it notes? Who would've thought. This is so creative and fun to look at. How do you keep them from falling off?

I have never heard of chalkboard paint. How interesting!

I seriously love the ideas you had for your backgrounds. said...

Hi Jen,
They actually stay on pretty well. We didn't have any problems with them falling off.
Thanks so much!

Diana Mieczan said...

That is so creative and fun...Looks amazing! It gives such a cool effect..Well done:)


My Owl Barn said...

That's a great idea! Those post-it clown faces are amazing!

Anonymous said...

i love the 500 days of summer chalkboard! Super cute!

Vicki said...

such amazing ideas!! im so going to try this post it note idea out!!! thanks for the inspiration ruche! :) xx

dee said...

OMG I love these! I've seen post-it art before and am always fascinated by it. Yours came out so great!

casio watch said...

Hi Jen,They actually stay on pretty well. We didn't have any problems with them falling off. Thanks so much!Mai