Friday, July 22, 2011

Love Stories: Meant to Be

You know how some people say “it was meant to be?” Well, it kind of was…

We met first year university, that’s nothing spectacular, I know. He was in my tutorial for a class everyone hated. He had caught my eye ‘cause he was cute, and one day he was put in my group on a project. As group leader I knew that we all just wanted to get the whole thing over with, so when he didn’t get his stuff done on time I was very annoyed with him. And that was it. I was annoyed. 

But by this time he had a big crush on me. He became a frequent customer at the coffee shop on campus where I worked, even though he hated coffee. He came in just to see me, and hopefully talk to me. But he never said anything. The year ended, and I left.

Several years later, I visited a friend for the weekend at his college five hours away. One of the evenings we went out with a group of friends to the local bar, and walking from the bathroom I saw a familiar face. There he was. He was hanging out. We said ‘hi,’ did a little small talk, and then I joined my friends.

A few months later he was out with his friends at a club and saw me on the dance floor. He spent the whole evening psyching himself up to go dance with me and to talk me. But to no avail. He couldn’t do it. And I never even knew he was there.

Then an economic crisis hit and I had to find any job at all. So I started working at a coffee shop again. I left the location I was at to do a promotion at the Toronto International Film Festival for a few weeks. When I came back my manager told me that they hired a new guy and that when he saw my name on the schedule he said he knew me. When I saw him I just felt so happy – I had no explanation for it at the time- but it was just a bright wave. As we worked together we got to know each other, and within a week he asked me out. Within six months, he got down one knee, and less than a year later we said our vows. That was over 7 years, one dog, and a baby girl ago.

At first you may not like the one you’re supposed to be with. You may find him annoying. But if fate throws you two together enough times, you finally get the message.

And the adventure continues daily!


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Ellen said...

Ooooh, how wonderful. - When I met my boyfriend, I thought he was utterly boring and he thought I was a man-hater. We were both wrong :-)

devin leiva said...

That's just beautiful I might just have to tweet this greatest love story thus far it just shows you can't fight fate xo

Unknown said...

Thanks Ruche for featuring our story! We're celebrating 7 years of marriage (eight together) in a couple of weeks!


ensalada Rusa said...