Thursday, August 4, 2011

Project DIY: Arrowhead Earrings

Today we have a special guest post! Blogger Rebekah, from A Bit of Sunshine, dreamed up this adorable late summer DIY just for you. We hope you enjoy!

Arrowhead Earrings

two different colors of suede
jump rings
a pair of ear wires

sharp scissors
jewelry pliers
fabric glue
small nail

1. Cut two triangles and two smaller diamond shapes from the pieces of suede.

2. Glue the diamond shapes onto the triangle by folding it in half on top making them as straight as possible.

3. Use a couple of clothes pins or heavy books and press the pieces together until the glue dries.

4. Using a hammer and a small nail pierce a small hole into each corner of the triangles.

5. Use the jewelry pliers to add a jump ring and a small length of chain to each corner through the holes you just made. Make sure to count the chain links so that each side is equal.

6. Add a larger jump ring to connect the two lengths of chain and then hang them on the ear wires.

Rebekah suggests wearing them with our nopaltzin amazon printed dress or the daylight afterglow striped maxi dress!



Unknown said...

Love the earings. Makes me want to try and make one pair for myself.

Heel in Mint

stacy bostrom said...

sooooo adorable - what a great idea. cute earrings and adorable little blog post and pictures!!!

custom made jewelry said...

You really look pretty with those earrings! I will try to make my own soon.