Friday, May 27, 2011

Love Stories: From Cooties to Love

"Once in your life, if you are very lucky, you will meet the person who divides it to the time before you met him/her and the time after." 

My time happen when I was six years old. I was at a baseball game, sitting on the bench waiting for my turn to bat. I turned to the little boy next to me and said, "Hi, I heard you were home schooled, so am I." He looked at me and said, "Yeah... so?" From that day on that sarcastic little boy has been in my life and has grown to be the man that I hope to spend the rest of my life with. We went from the stage of "little boys and girls have cooties," to "oh, I guess you're not that bad to talk to," to best friends and then all of that turned into love. 

In no way is our relationship perfect, but the imperfections of it is what keeps it fun. I'm with the guy that saw all my nerdy awkward teenage years and still wanted to be with me. It's amazing the way God maps out your life. If someone had told me that the little boy I said hi to when I was just 6 years old would be the guy I ended up with 15 years later, I never would have believed them. I'm living my own romance story, and I wouldn't change a thing.

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Priscilla Francine Makeup said...

What a cute story, I was homeschooled too and my husband ended up being in my homeschool group when I was young, I had no idea until we started dating ;)

warm peach & pink candies said...

Thank you! :) its amazing how small the homeschool community is, everyone is connected even if they dont know it. Im very glad I was homeschooled though, I think it gave me a better understanding of myself without all of the highschool drama and gossip! plus I probably wouldnt have met by boyfriend haha

Rebecca said...

I love your story! :) My fiance and I met in middle school and soon became best friends... Its great to grow up together and see the plans God has for you.