Monday, May 16, 2011

Picture This

Because we know how much you all love our lookbooks and because a picture's worth a thousand words, we've decided to introduce a new weekly topic on this blog. Every Monday we'll be dishing on our favorite photography tips and tricks, giving you the inside scoop on making your photos look like the pro's.

First we'll start with some basics.

Best editing software to buy:
Lightroom - Easy to use and helps keep your photos organized. Although it's meant as a companion to Photoshop, Lightroom is more than enough on it's own.
Photoshop CS5 - The newest version of Photoshop is our favorite but any will do. Photoshop is ideal for those of you looking to do a little more than basic touch ups and color enhancements.

Best editing software for free:

Just for fun:

Stop by next Monday for a brief tutorial on color correction.



Amy said...

Gimp is also a great piece of PS-esque software. Like PS, though, there's a pretty steep learning curve.

melaniersumner said...

CS5 is really great for working out the noise. Good for us who haven't quite nailed the ISO issue yet. ;)

Speaking of which, I'm editing in CS5 tonight- while wearing my favorite Ruche earrings!! <3

kat evans said...

Monday is starting to be my
favorite day of the week!

heather anne. said...

i adore lightroom. i was an avid photoshop user for over five years when i started my photo business, but now i absolutely cannot get enough of lightroom. the batch editing feature is priceless!

ps, LOVE this idea!