Friday, May 20, 2011

Love Stories

Welcome to our newest series, Love Stories. Tell us your love story, submit your photos, and we'll share it here. We want to know how you met your significant other, how your puppy makes you smile, why your best friend is your best friend, and any other stories you have in your heart. Love is in the air. Let's embrace it. ♥

We're excited to share our first Love Letters submission today! Mai and Josh, the creators and owners of Ruche, share their story:

Mai's side of the story:

Josh and I officially met at a friend’s Halloween house party in 2002. I was a little vampire (a quick costume I found at the 99 cents store) and Josh was too cool to come dressed up.  I was “trying” to play the guitar and this boy came and sat next to me and asked what I was playing.   It was the intro to Led Zeppelin –“Stairway to Heaven”, the only song I really knew how to play.   A bit of chit chatting and by the end of the night, he asked for my number.    The journey started from there. Our first date:  Starbucks & star gazing at the beach. 2nd date:  Gina's Pizza across from our university.  3rd date:  movie?  I'm quite forgetful.   I remember coming out of the first date thinking, “this guy is such a show off”…..later to find out that he was just a dork who was trying to impress me.  I love dorks!

As our time together passed, Josh and I became inseparable.  We studied together, hung out together, and as we both got our first jobs, we always tried to have lunch together and see each other after work.   A lot of people have are you two always together…don’t you guys need some space apart?  What can I say...we just love each others company! I guess it’s just that type of relationship.   In 2004, we bought a puppy together and it was the most precious purchase we’ve ever made.   Roji, our American eskimo remains our only “son”….for now.   As we both settled into our full time jobs, it was time to think of our future together.   In 2005, on a trip to Cancun, we were walking along an empty beach during sunset when Josh got down on one knee and proposed.  ­There was no questions or doubt in my mind when I said "Yes". 

We married in 2006 and now we are even more inseparable.  Ruche developed in the midst of it all and Josh supported me in every way.  While all his roommates were playing some game called “WoW”, Josh was busy shipping orders  (Sorry Josh!).   I’m sure he would rather have played games with the rest of his friends at that time, but he says it was worth it in the end. =)   Ruche would not be the way it us today without both of us (you can read more on Ruche's store in our "About Us".   As a husband and wife team, we live together, carpool together, and work together.   People, do not attempt to try this at home unless you are skilled (lol)!  As in any normal relationship, there is a bit of annoyance and bickering here and there but being together 24/7 (literally) has taught us so many things and have only made us stronger.   Josh and I are as happy as ever because to us, we are the most lucky people in the world.  =D

 Josh's side of the story:

Mai and I officially met at a friend's Halloween house party in 2002. I initiated getting her number, but she instigated the conversation with her guitar playing vampire costume. I thought someone who could come up with that idea must be very intriguing, and I had to know more about her. We went on a few dates, but I most enjoyed visiting her at her job at a tea cafe nearby campus. Not only was there good tea, but Mai was also there. Our first year and a half flew by, by the time I graduated I had to decide whether or not I should move back to San Jose where there were plenty of jobs awaiting. I knew I wanted to stay, but I was broke...

Mai was very supportive while I finished school and searched for a job. In between job hunting I would bring our dog, Roji, to a park nearby her work and have lunch. I was fortunate to land a job close enough to meet up with Mai for lunch almost everyday. There were 2 highlights of everyday that I looked forward to, lunch time with Mai and going home. Mai and I  and our sidekick Roji enjoyed our time together so much that I felt it would be cool to make it last forever, so I proposed on our first big trip to Cancun. Of course she said yes. ;)

Life after marriage has only gotten better, and the beginning of Ruche has only enhanced our relationship in a positive way. It hasn't always been easy as I sacrificed much by alienating myself from video games and golf while I focused on selling women's clothing online (haha). Believe me, that was a tough pill to swallow, but it was worth every bit of it. Having a wife as a coworker has its perks definitely. I'm the happiest guy in the world showing up to work everyday with Mai, and on occasion even showing up with Roji. Perhaps someday our family will grow to Josh + Mai + Roji +? sooner or later... keep checking back for that kids line ok? ;)

 If you would like to submit your story, please send an e-mail to You may attach up to 5 photos, and we welcome creativity! Please try to keep your stories to a 1200 word limit. You will receive an e-mail when your story is selected.


Renata said...

What a darling and beautiful idea. Love this!

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Ah soooo cute! And what a great ide for a feature! :)

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What a wonderful idea, it's super cute!
Just found out your shop and your blog is totally cool :>

Anonymous said...

Awww I love this idea, and your "how we met" story is so cute. I met my boyfriend on Halloween too (he was also too cool to dress up).

Zoe said...

They are just so sweet, a geat feature.

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