Monday, May 9, 2011

An Unending Love Giveaway

How did they fall in love?

Create their love story (please try to limit your post to 75 words or less) for a chance to win a $75 Ruche gift card. ♥ Comment on this blog post. Contest ends Monday, May 16th* at 12pm PST. We will pick our favorite. =) Please check back to see if you've won!


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katien said...

She was a hopeless romantic who broke her heel getting out of the rain; he was a pediatrician with an umbrella and helping hand. Their eyes met and he smiled, her heart skipped a beat when their hands touched. She offered to buy him coffee, he accepted. Nearly 6 hours later, the coffee shop closed and they felt like they had known each other forever. One soul from two, the best math ever.

katie n - san jose, ca

Allison said...

He found her by the lake where she spent every summer picking cattails and floating on lily pads. She thought the farm boy from upstate uncouth, but he wooed her with the crook of his arm, offered with an unaffected smile. He pointed out constellations, and she showed him Paris. She sculpted her world, and he painted his. She saw her eyes in his sky; he saw his hands holding her heart.

emma wallace said...

He found her wandering around the swamp, looking like a wood nymph of the Southern variety. Day after summer day, he took her to every enchanting place, hoping to see that mouth move from solemn to smile. But in the end, it wasn't the enchanting places that made her smile, it was he - so enchanted by her.

Unknown said...

She kept a pout on her mouth as a signature; there was nothing she was more proud of. He had thought little was more pleasant than her mouth, and there was nothing he was more proud of than breaking her pout with shameless advances. She was against falling in love - his persistence struck her ego and her intrigue in a way she hadn't known. She couldn't pull herself from his open mouthed laughter and callused hands.

ci said...

She was a rustic soul, wild with a heart full of fire and passion. Her eyes were guarded during summer days with him on the lake and amongst the flowers. Past wounds met healing when she saw the warmth of sunshine in his eyes. She new only comfort when he kissed her softly and his hand held hers so protective. He found his way to her heart and they swore there love for eternity

Who am I... said...

Needing a place to get away and just be, no one telling her how to act or who to be. He was doing his job like any other day. It was not love at first sight, but love in the small movements, glances, and then...their souls met through a look.

Renay said...
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Renay said...

love sure to never return? The seconds passed like hours and the minutes as days.Missing him, her lover gone. Will he return to me? She waited for him each day returning to the roads once walked upon and lakes floated over by two young lovers. Forever is how long ill wait. She remembered his smile and the warmth of his skin as he held her close. True love meant to last and a burning fire within the heart they both had for one another.

Merari said...

She was lost in thought and had lost in love. She had tried to hide where no one could reach her. He had come to rescue her. but she was scared to feel again. Lost between the trees, the calming waters and their passionate silence, she extended her hand in sweet surrender and he took it kindly, without judgement, with full assurance. She was lost, no more.

Genevieve said...

She was a Lithuanian student who was too shy to practice her English. He was a farm boy turned botanist who harvested orchids to pay for his Orthodontia. He fell wildly in love with her at first sight because of her stylish Ruche clothing. After courting her with bicycling and boating, she soon opened herself up to his perfect smile and love of flowers. He proposed and she said yes. She put Kate Middleton to shame.

Alexandra says... said...

They met in the spring. Warm rain and cool air sticking to their skin as they explored the newly awakening earth together. Quiet boat rides and silent looks said more than any randomly spilled words could. They grew to love each other throughout the seasons, as the sun warmed the Earth, their love blossomed. Days spent out doors led to seasons spent wandering in the forests of their youth.

Strauss House said...

Summer 1951.
With her poet aunt constantly hunched over her notebook, Helena had hours to herself and would stroll along the unfamiliar rivers edge. There she met Peter who was skipping rocks and they fell in love over lazy picnics and nights catching fireflies. On muggy days they’d float languidly in the river’s slow current , talking of childhood dares and dreams of their life together. Summer love lasted long after the fireflies dimmed…

KittyRobie said...

He found her in the bog. She had been raised by alligators, and had never seen another human before. He rescued her, and taught her how to be a person. She taught him about love at first sight. Her fashion sense was innate; that's something that can't be taught. She still has trouble forming a smile though, having never had occasion to before she met him. They take the boat and visit her parents often.

Devin said...

He is a hopeless romantic.

She is the governor’s daughter.

Never having been introduced to love, her timidity attracts him; a fragile creature, full of kindness and sincerity. An innocent heart won over by a touch and a glance.

Rachel said...

Love came softly. Like a warm summer breeze on the tail end of June, it took them by surprise. Together since childhood they shared secrets with hearts intertwined. Yet, as adulthood danced its beckoning call they drifted away. Then, one enchanting day, in the woodsy marsh of their youthful dreams, love rang true. Their knowing of each other was long and their longing fresh and new. This love, now rekindled, was always meant for this moment under the sun.

Adele said...

She wasn't used to fresh air and he wasn't used to paved streets. She couldn't imagine being just friends, he couldn't imagine why they shouldn't be. But something in the soft summer air or the velvety river water changed them. They realised they balanced out each other...The summer was long and they had lots of time to slowly grow towards each other. And they discovered they were one of those "meant to be" stories.

Anonymous said...

She had a wealthy family and lived in town. She was getting ready to go off to college when she bumped into the handsome carpenter at the annual summer carnival. They fell in love that summer through walks in the woods, dinners on the veranda and swinging from her grandmother's tree. They were kindred spirits, soul mates. Even though they came from different ways of life, it didn't matter. They knew none of that mattered because they were together.

Brandi@ Flights of Whimsy said...

He remembers the first time he saw her, she strolled into the lounge where he was playing guitar that night. She had on a flowing dress and he remembers those lips...He almost hadn't accepted the gig that night and now he was glad he did. They kept making eye contact the whole evening. When his set was over they ended up next to each other waiting on a drink at the bar. She never made it back to the table where her friends were waiting. He never made it to the party at his friends house afterwards. Now she is the muse for his music and he the inspiration for all her photography.

utterbliss said...

Her father's friend.. well, he was a gentleman. If possible, she'd choose the simple answer: to love her husband.

But it was beyond her control. She met John by chance.. or fate? Was she to live every girl's dream? Or continue her clandestine life, running away to where she made love with all her heart?

She felt dirty. But if YOUR true love walked into your life, would you let them go?

(Word Count: 72/75)

Crystal said...

It didn't happen by chance, at first sight, or in a fairytale kind of way. It happened on an overcast day, whilst staring at each other after weeks of cordial dates and late-night talks. The words "I love you" spilled out of each their mouths during a pause on a walk through the damp air by the lake. Now, their love is profound and thoughtful.

Emily said...

It’s funny how one of the worst days of your life, and one of the best days of your life can be one and the same.
You can be fired from the local newspaper, after which a sudden Southern downpour sends your entire in-the-works novel sailing into the mud.

...And a moment later, She’s kneeling beside you, stowing soiled pages in Her sweater as rain streams down Her perfect face. She takes you by the hand, and you feel yourself…unfold.

cat said...

There was love. Although it wasn’t easy to see they both knew how the other felt even though nobody else could.

jasmine said...

i wrote a poem. :)

You said that our love was unending; and led me through
the forest on the stream, on a boat
that wobbled ever so slightly on the
rippling waters. I saw your hands
grasp the oars, firmly, like the way
you would take my hand and tell me
not to be afraid, if only because
you were there. And so I tried
to keep fear at bay, when you felt
far away, and waited, waited
and waited. For unending means never
ending, never
breaking, never looking away,
though touch might cease
and hands might part.

Unknown said...
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cat said...

Riding her bike a spring morning after he had just missed his bus back to his home town. She asked "what's the matter?" and he explained. She welcomed him over to her small cottage surrounded by wild flowers. She baked him sweets and told him her dreams. He soon became engulfed in her. As did she to him. His love shown out through everything he did. Her's only he could understand. It was unlike others way to show affection. But he knew, and he loved her for it.

Lauren said...

So spellbound was she by the beauty of the surrounding countryside as she rode her bike, that she did not notice as he crossed in front of her—until all she could do to avoid hitting him was swerve into a ditch. He smiled as he pulled her to her feet, and although disheveled and flustered, she couldn’t help but know this summer would hold more charm than just old trees or hidden lakes.

Jweaver said...

They were childhood friends who hadn't seen each other in years after her family moved to the city. Upon returning to the home she knew as a girl, memories of the blond boy who brought her frogs as a gift and joined her in cloud gazing flooded back. When they were finally reunited, eyes meeting and hearts remembering, the love that had been shared between the two friends quickly turned into a lasting love between two souls.

Megan M said...

In separate worlds they lived, both overcome with brokenness. He suffocated under his parents’ pressure and she lived with memories haunting her days. They took refuge in the woods, where pain could be greeted with the tranquil understanding of nature. It was there, amidst towering trees and enveloping silence, the two found their missing piece. Over time, two souls were made new by deep understanding and two hearts were healed with genuine, promising love.

Unknown said...

They were young lovers in the communist Eastern European block. They wanted a fresh start in the U.S.A. but like all young couples they weren't allowed to leave. So, in the middle of the night he fled the country, risked prison camps and death if he was caught, and crossed the border into Democratic Germany. There he stayed for a few years working and saving enough money. Finally, he managed to scrape together enough to come to the US. He got here poor, with nothing to his name. but within a few years he had built a small life for himself and gotten his citizenship. Then he called for his young wife - the woman that had never been away from his heart but that he hadn't seen for years. The Communist block couldn't refuse the request or they would lose face. So this is their first time together in years and he's showing her their new home.

Angela said...

Their story is a dramatic one: they met onstage. Cast as partners in a murder mystery, he played the suave, flirtatious detective; she, his no-nonsense partner.

His advances and her refusals imitated their real-life relationship: she would have nothing to do with him. At the end of the play, his character chose another woman. Her character realized she couldn't live without him.

And suddenly, she realized she felt the same way. Slowly and awkwardly, she voiced her feelings and found that he shared them.

Too dramatic, you say? It could happen. It happened to me.

Tiffany said...

Two friends falling in love? She, fresh from the end of a relationship she stayed in out of comfort, not love. He, ending a three year relationship with a woman he knew he couldn't marry. Both, when meeting the other, did not have romance on their minds. They were friends. Confidants. She had a shy sweet smile and he was disarming. full of confidence. Could true love happen between friends?

Yes it can. And it did.

Arina said...

wow, this is so amazing, where did you had this shoot at?

Sarah Crist said...

Amidst the serendipity of heaven-strewn starlight, there are moments, sublime moments, moments steeped in the superlative, that kindle the poetic soul and illuminate the heart. She was his moment, so sweet, so sumptuous, his momentous bout of bliss, the jewel of his desiring. Upon the star-strung chords of his being, she strummed her song-hued ardor in a flight of felicity. He was fairly intoxicated with the ambrosial libation of her essence, poured out for him like so much sacrificial wine. She was his moment. And she alone could elevate this moment, their moment, from the debility of time to the echelon of eternity.

Blanche said...

They had known each other forever, since she was a eccentric skinny girl who wore vintage like a badge of honor and he was the boy who noticed her more than he should. Occasionally as they walked home from their bus-stop their eyes would meet and she, wary and yet eager would smile shyly, but they would say nothing, because the time was not right Until one day, when the heat made the Spanish moss wilt on the ancient oaks and smell of grass was carried on rolling waves of humidity, they met, when he checked the mail for his parents, and she rolled her old bicycle past the house. He tipped his newsboy cap, took a deep breath, and gave her that blindingly sweet smile... that makes her heart stutter to this day.

Elizabeth said...

She was a pianist; a musician. She would spend hours practicing on her smooth, black grand piano. He was a hard worker. He would spend hours working his fields, spending time with his horses, and leaning on the fence that separated their two lives. He would close his eyes, and listen to her songs of love, sadness, and longing and wish to be joined with those songs. One day she was riding home on her bicycle, when she was caught in a harsh thunderstorm. She tried to reach home, but her bicycle hit a rut and threw her off the road. He, ever watchful, ran to help her inside his home. As the storm grew harsher, and the hours dragged on, the relationship turned to friendship, then slowly to something deeper. She would sing and talk with him about her dreams, he would listen, transfixed. When the storm ended he took her home. She turned to him, and they stood looking into each other’s eyes. They then knew that the storm was no act of chance.

Flora said...

It was a warm June night and as their looks crossed both fell under the eternal fire of love at first sight. They danced all night and dawn caught them by surprise. He offered to walked with her towards the weeping willows that marked the end of the town. Without word, she kissed him and crossed the Cemetery Gate as she were part of the wind and disappeared under the wet air of the morning.

Life Masquerade said...

It was a cold and windy summerday. She walked in her favourite cafe to drink a warm cup of raspberry tea. And there he was- young writer sitting next to the window. The cafe smelled like chocolate and fresh strawberries. He saw the girl and she noticed his eyes full of happiness and love. They started to talk to each other and underestood how amazing that cold and rainy day was.

JN said...

He bumped into her at a farmers market, causing her to drop her bag of fruit which fell and apples rolled everywhere. Laughing, they chased after the apples and touched hands picking up the last one. Embarrassed, he wanted to apologize by buying her a cup of coffee. It turned into a fun morning, sharing laughs and smiles over chai, and blossomed into love!

Shewearscrazywell said...

As she stood outside in front her home the wind blew her skirt and caught his eye. He felt like magic lived inside her heart. She felt like no one ever saw who she was quite like he did. He'll never forget the magic that lived in the lace trim of her clothes. She'll never forget the first time they locked eyes.

angela said...

Dearest May,
I’d never believed you’d be a fare in my boat! From the moment on the dock, I am lost in visions of you. Such sorrowful circumstances of our meeting; I hope the business of your late aunt’s estate is complete. My sole regret was our finite time together. I was overjoyed of your return; strolling, picnicking, finally, the sun reappeared. Alas, again, I eagerly await your return, and answer to the question of our Unending future together.
Forever Yours,

Green Girl said...

i still remember our days together
our hands touch, our hearts unmindful of time
we listened to the songs of the river as we float
we were filled with dreams

each day, was an exciting beginning
the places we’ve been, the elements
everything we touch turns to love
and Mr. Sun approves

who are we to deny our joy when our witnesses
stand eternal?
If ours is not love, nothing is.

Colleen said...

She hadn’t wanted to fall in love – not with him. His smile was too easy. She wanted more, something grander and greater than the sticky sweet honeysuckle torpor that surrounded the family home. She wanted someone she could talk to about the things she found impressive – about Yeats and Keats and life in the city. But, there was something about him, she didn’t know what, and she succumbed at last when the cicadas began to hum.

Anonymous said...

It all started with an ordinary day,
As all great love stories do.
She wasn't looking for love,
And neither was he.
The true manner in which they met?
A secret they swore to never share. All you need to know,
When she first saw him,
She believed in soul-mates,
When he first saw her,
He knew love existed.
The world stopped for just one second,
And then it all began.

Emma said...

Jweaver wrote the exact story I had in my head so instead I will just say that the lookbook is absolutely breathtaking! It is very apparent that a huge amount of love, time and effort went into making it happen. I am blown away by the beauty you have created! Well done and congratulations to all involved, you should truly be proud of yourselves!

Emma x

Emilie said...

It started in the spring as she was out for an afternoon walk when she saw the man she would soon be in awe of. His genuine sensitivity towards her affection of him grew more and more
with each passing day. Days passed like minutes in their mind.He adored the innocence in her waking expression and the tender way she caressed his arm as they
walked. She was the one thing he could not get enough of. Her eyes bloomed once and he was enthralled. No more wishing for love,
they had found the truest love, and unending love which would not wither, but set their souls on fire with deep passion. Every moment spent together was like heavenly
ecstacy, the purest and most innocent ecstacy they had ever known. They knew this was not just a moment of lust, but a simply beautifullove. One that would overtake them and they would
no longer be two, but be one... Nature became their homeaway from home. Spending as much time with the simple beauty's as much as possible.
Love had just begun for the two of them!

Fiat Lux said...

She had wanted so badly to go to Delia’s seventeenth birthday party because Randal was going to be there. Her mother’s mind made up, she had flung out of the house and to the river, allowing herself a few tears once she was alone.
A friendly greeting in a gentle drawl shocked her so deeply she stopped crying as if someone had turned off a faucet.
The man grinning at her from a shabby blue rowboat was so handsome Randal flew out of her mind as simultaneously as her embarrassment. Taking her hand, he helped her into the old rowboat. That summer was enough to convince her that she had fallen in love with the man who propelled them through the quiet beauty of the dark water day after day. They laughed about it exactly four years after their first meeting: the morning of their summer wedding.

Grace said...

They met a lifetime ago, or so it seemed. Certainly, during another time; before the house, the river, the bayou trees, she remembered endless fields of cotton, shy walks beyond white mansion walls.

Now, she lived her life waiting for his return.

She loved him.

She loved the curious baubles he’d bring back, the stories from different times, different places.

And no matter how long it took, she promised, she would wait for him forever.

Anonymous said...

SHE was drawn to the water. HE avoided it. So when the invitation came, announcing the engagement of Brian and Jennifer...SHE was thrilled because it was at the lake. HE wasn't. But a friend is a friend, right?
At the party, HE spotted a woman in a pink ruffled dress. Long red hair spilled from her straw hat. HE was smitten.
Should he go over and talk to her? Was she with someone else? But HE took the chance and approached her. There was a scent of lilacs floating in the air.
SHE smiled and said 'hello'. HE smiled back and took her hand.
Fast forward 25 years. HER smile and scent of lilacs still made HIM weak in the knees. SHE still liked the water!

Jessica said...

He and she came from Southern money. She - prim and proper, going through life as expected and being happy about it. He - a gentleman adventurous enough to share with her his world. Together, they were ecstatic.

Pajenki said...

He was the dressmaker’s son. She, the only daughter of a local senator. He had been mesmerized by her since they were kids, but she had always been unreachable.
Then one day he saw her by the marshes, reading. He hadn’t meant to startle her, but she jumped in surprise and found herself caught in the twigs.
He promised to fix her dress.
With each stitch he sewed on one by one, she found herself drawn to him.
From then on, she visited the dressmaker’s shop everyday bringing something in to be sewn or hemmed.
And that was how their love began….

Unknown said...

In a quiet town, they grew up together. She was scared to let anyone in, as it had just fallen flat in the past. She didn't even take a glance, all the while he couldn't keep his eyes off of her. Slowly but surely he broke down her walls and taught her how beautiful and special she was. In turn, she gave him her love and affection. She didn't expect any of this, but God had planned quite an adventure for the two of them, together.

Anonymous said...

It started on an ordinary day,
As all great loves stories do.
She wasn't looking for love,
And neither was he.
How they met?
That's a secret,
They both swore to never share.
All you need to know,
When she saw him,
She believed in soul-mates,
When he saw her,
He was in love.
There was a look,
A kiss,
And a lingering stare,
The parted ways slowly,
As it all began.

Emma said...

my original comment got deleted with the blogger madness so if I remember correctly I said some thing like;

Jweaver wrote the same story I had in my head so I just wanted to say that the lookbook is absolutely breathtaking. It is clear that you all put so much love and so much time and effort into making it so amazing. You should all be very proud of yourselves!

Emma x

Cordelia said...

He wasn't looking for Love.
Love found him -- or rather, he found her.
He walked over the path as he always did, while the warm summer sun found its way through the gaps in the tall trees and beat down on the grassy, green floor of the woods. He saw a shadow pass by on the other side of the trail. Then he saw her. One look at her -- that was all he needed.

Every doubt he had ever had vanished almost instantaneously. Love was real. Love at first sight? It was even more real and certainly more beautiful.

Alexandria said...

He was meandering towards his old pick-up, oars in hand, canoe in the back. He noticed a wisp of golden fabric behind the Deerhead oak. He ventured over to find her reading. Ignoring her blatant irritation from his interruption, he inquired about her reading, if she liked McClellanville, and would she like to see the waterways. She thought a moment, smiled, gracefully stood up, and took an oar.
You know the rest of the story…

DaniDoes said...

This young lady was born to a farmer and grew up a tomboy with many brothers. Then when she turned 16 she moved away for schooling, where she blossomed intoo the lovely young lady she is now. When she returned home she was reintroduced to the neighbor boy that used to chase her with worms when they were young. He fell in love with her at first sight and slowly he warmed her heart. Now her father will be walking her down the isle as he waits for her.

Anonymous said...

For those 4 days touring with the Shakespeare company, he was the photographer that had seen right through her.

Everything had changed since they had parted and yet nothing had really changed; he was in Milan and she was here. She had left a part of her there and each time she briefly saw him, she lost another part.

She had lost much and yet, he had given her her soul back.

Green Girl said...

i still remember our days together
our hands touch, our hearts unmindful of time
we listened to the songs of the river as we float

we were filled with dreams
each day, was an exciting beginning
the places we’ve been, the elements
everything we touch turns to love
and Mr. Sun approves

who are we to deny our joy when our witnesses
stand eternal?
If ours is not love, nothing is.

angela said...

seems my first post was deleted :(

Dearest May,
I’d never believed you'd be a fare in my boat! Since the first moment on the dock, I have been lost in visions of you. Under such sorrowful circumstances was our first meeting; I do hope the business of your late aunt’s estate is complete. My sole regret was our finite time together. Saddened by your departure, then overjoyed at your return; strolling, picnicking, finally, the sun reappeared. Alas, again, I eagerly await your return, and your answer to the question of our Unending future together.
Forever Yours,

Ashley Noel said...

Allie's family had lived for decades on a charming old plantation in the beautiful, mysterious swamps of South Carolina. Then came the quiet, poor farm hand. Caleb's gentle ways and love of the land won over the heart of a girl who could have had anyone that she wanted. When he held her hand, he told her that he would never leave her or forget her. He would always be there, to have and to hold. The ensuing summer romance would never die.

Esther said...

Remember the day you took my face in your hands and told me you would show me how beautiful I was? How I looked at you in disbelief but went along anyway? You were right. I have you to thank when it comes to making me feel beautiful. I could wear many faces and yet you would find me.

Unknown said...
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Chesh said...

While she was visiting her parents in South Carolina she visited her favorite hat shop, the new sales boy showed her around, and she left the store triumphantly with 3 beautiful hats and a phone number. He helped her out of the boat, and when they went swimming, brought her a hat to keep her porcelain complexion. She hadn’t wanted a relationship, but when you meet a man that can make you a hat, you have to make exceptions. She promised to return next year for a summer of boating, romance, and hats.

Meagan A. said...

She had vowed to never love again.
But to deny his attentions would be a sin.

He spoke of times of innocence and joy.
She attempted to refuse but instead was coy.

Her heart was no longer hers to hold
but his to cherish and protect from the world's cold. said...

How did they fall in love?

Like any romance should, with a spark. A coy glance. Eyes that sparkled in the sun and shone in the moon. They cheated time, willing away 'hours' and 'days' into moments and feelings. Each day a new adventure, seeing the world through the others view. Everything was new again and every thing beautiful. Each second more vivid than the last. The simplest of activities elicited pure joy, knowing they had found unspoken bonds. -- Mandi Christensen

Congrats, Mandi! Your story made our hearts swoon. <3


Tündéri Lonka said...

oh my god this dress !

andrea kathryn said...

Apparently Ruche has some extremely talented writers!!! I am completely inspired by these wee tidbits. I would love to use some of them on my blog... is there any aversion to this? Perhaps I could think of a giveaway to go with them... it's a bridal blog (that happens to be VERY inspired by all of Ruche's escapades and mentions them as often as possible :) because I know that an outfit from Ruche is the perfect thing to wear to a wedding or even as a maid...)
So these love stories fit right in...


Anonymous said...

Any word on when the winner will be announced? said...

Hi there! The winner was announced on May 16th. :) Thanks!