Friday, July 8, 2011

Love Stories: Happiest Place on Earth

Tad and I met when we were students in San Diego. I was a pharmacy student and he was a medical student and we were both assigned to work on the same medicine team at the VA hospital. My attempt to interact with Tad was very dorky: I would page him to tell him about the side effects and correct dose of medication for his patient, and then get all flustered and tongue-tied. He on the other hand, always came off smooth and charming. A few months after we met, Tad asked me out to dinner at his favorite Japanese restaurant. Even though I had just eaten (and was very full), I said I was hungry and gladly accepted! We've been inseparable ever since.

Two years later, we both moved to Los Angeles and one of our favorite things to do was visit Disneyland. We are still season pass holders and have had many date nights there. In 2009, we signed up for the Disneyland Half-Marathon. After we crossed the finish line, Tad got down on one knee, untied one of his shoelaces, and pulled out a diamond ring. I was so caught off guard, but when I realized he was proposing, I no longer felt exhausted and tired. I was the happiest girl in the happiest place on earth.

We were married on September 2010 (less than a year ago!) and it was a very emotional and magical day. I couldn't imagine walking down the aisle to anyone else but Tad and I'll never forget the moments we shared, both together and with our family and friends, on that special day. Tad and I both agreed that this is hands down, the happiest year of our lives. We truly enjoy every minute together, whether it's exploring new places, eating at a new restaurant, going out to get ice cream, or just watching TV in bed with our two dogs. One of my favorite things about our relationship is that we are so silly together and we are constantly making each other laugh. We tell each other all the time how lucky we both feel to have found each other. Sometimes I still can't believe how I got so lucky.

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Anonymous said...

Looove Disney! Cute story :)


Tammy said...

Eek! That's my love story! So happy Ruche posted this! :)

kelli said...

so sweet!