Friday, July 15, 2011

Love Stories: High School Crush

On my first day as a freshman in high school, I was laughing with my new best friend in class and suddenly noticed the senior assistant. My freshman-self had found her first high school crush. He had longish brown hair and the most amazing eyes I had ever seen. Not only did I see him as ridiculously gorgeous, but for some strange reason I wanted to get to know this guy. Naturally with all the shyness involved, it never really got past the "hi", smile, barely-an-acquaintance deal. Eventually he graduated and years went by without seeing him, but I would randomly think about him from time to time.

Sometime in early 2010 I was at a friends house and noticed my high school crush on my friend's Facebook page. I was too afraid to add him thinking that he probably wouldn't remember me and that I’d feel like a fool. It had been about eight years after all. A couple of months went by and then I got a friend request on Facebook from none other then him. I added him back, of course, and my dorky panicky self began thinking what I’d say to him if we talked and I wondered if he actually really remembered me. Then one day he commented on one of my photos and later that evening, he sent me a chat online asking how I was. I asked, “Do you even know who this is?” He replied said yes and mentioned that we were in a computer class together, which made me blush. So we talked for a bit, he gave me his number and we started texting and ended up talking for hours and hours that same night. We realized we had a bunch in common and he really wanted to take me on a date which of course I said yes to. Just that morning, I had been thinking about how much I want to go on a date since it had been awhile. I never expected that my little thought/wish would come true. You can bet I went to bed with a big smile on my face that night.
We talked every night from then on and it still never ever gets old. I feel lucky. I mean, who else would dance with me in the kitchen at midnight or sing with me in the car? Who else would make up stories for me every night about the adventures we'll have together? This is the guy that sits with me and holds me while I cry my eyes out and always makes it better. This is the guy who tells me all the time that I am the most beautiful, creative, and talented person he has ever met and that I have a beautiful mind and can do anything I want. He is extremely encouraging and always believes in me. I wouldn’t trade him for the world, and sometimes when we are just on the couch watching a movie, I can’t help but think to myself and smile that I got the one I wanted. Not only is it amazing that I found someone who understands my silliness and is just as silly as me, but I found someone that I can honestly say I fall in love with over again every single night.
We like to say that we just had a preview all those years ago…that God simply put us in the same room to know the other existed and sent us on our way to grow and learn on our own, and that when it was the right time, we’d meet and learn and grow in love together. And that's exactly what we do every day.

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Jennifer said...

This is one of the sweetest love stories I've ever heard!

Mandy Rodriguez said...

Jennifer:Thank you!:)

Ruche:Thank you for posting our love story!Sigh that man makes me completely happy <3