Friday, August 26, 2011

Love Stories: Connections

I had never really believed in the idea of a love that was “meant to be”. I think I told myself that I didn’t necessarily believe in “the one” because I didn’t want to feel the pressures of finding, or not finding, that specific person.

That all changed when I met my one, and only, great love.
Rob and I met about a year after I moved to Toronto at a church that I had started attending. I instantly recognized him as the drummer in a band at another church I had gone to a few times during my undergrad years in another city. We chatted quickly about the few people that we knew in common, and about how he too had moved to Toronto, about two years before I did. I thought nothing of it other than being one of those coincidences in life. It was a little funny that none of those people introduced us, however, and that we had somehow connected on our own.

Flash forward a few months, and our first meeting turned into a few meetings, then a friendship, and then love. Our mutual friends were surprised and amused that we had both moved to another city and found each other without being introduced by any of them. Rob even found an old photo from Halloween 2005 (before we even knew about each other’s existence) where he is standing right behind me in a big group of people.

The connections and “coincidences” kept piling on that were leading us to believe that there was something special about our new romance. Rob also admitted to me that he had seen me around our new church a few times before we had actually met. He was too shy to simply approach me, so he made sure that he was in a convenient social situation where he could “casually” meet me.
We’ve been together for over two years now, and we often wonder about how many times we had walked past each other or been in the same room before we actually met. We floated around each other for so many years, and had no idea of the great love that would result when we were finally introduced.
I know now that the timing of our relationship was perfect. He is my best friend, has changed my life in so many ways, and I cannot wait for our exciting future together. I have since changed my mind about having a love that was meant to be. I believe that Rob and I are meant to be together because every day we choose each other over any one else... but there is still that uncontrollable magic and love that makes that choice so easy and natural.

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siân ashleigh said...

this is so lovely. "everyday we chose each other over anyone else" particularly struck a chord with me. just beautiful. x

Megan Lancaster said...

What a beautiful story! Makes me so happy inside!

kristin said...

Thats an adorable story! and i love your pictures the buildings in the second picture are so cool where is it?