Thursday, August 11, 2011

Meet Petit Plume

Meet Genie, the brilliant talent behind Petit Plume. She designs and hand-makes all of her hair accessories and we're excited to officially introduce her to you!

What's the meaning behind Petit Plume?
Petit Plume means "Little Feather" in French. I love a touch of feathers and other materials that are inspired by a French bohemian style and can translate into everyday style. Whimsical, cute, wearable, unique and stylish!

How was your line created?
I simply wanted to stand out for an interview in 2008 and since handmade accessories weren't as popular as they are now, I made my own. I thought it would be fun to wear something colorful in my hair with my plain black and white suit. I have also been interested in creating things all my life and majored in studio art at UCI. After I graduated, I taught art to kids and did many different projects for church, so naturally, I wanted to create something that could be for "the everyday" and for my friends. I incorporated my love for mixed media arts and ceramics with some basic sewing skills my grandmother taught me when I was a kid. Somehow, I still remembered how to do it!
What inspires your designs?
Fine art, nature, unique materials, flea markets, everything! I also think about my friends, the women around me, and their unique personalities and individual styles. I make things that I think would make them feel beautiful.

Do you have any favorite pieces that you've created?
Eeek! That's a hard one! I think when I make something new, I feel like it's the best thing and then I end up making something I like even more later. I guess I go through phases and I love variety, so it's hard for me to have a favorite. My favorites are things that are wearable, like simple vintage trims on headbands and felt flowers that I can just clip in to pull my bangs back and I'm out of the house.

Will you be designing your own hair accessories for your wedding and bridesmaids?
Oh! Many people ask me this! Of course! There is some pressure to create something absolutely amazing, but I have a feeling I will end up going simple and traditional. We shall see! My bridesmaids will wear grayish purple dresses and I'll make them a sash and hair piece, most likely in a mustard color. For myself, I'll have a veil during the ceremony, but a hair piece for the reception. Probably with peach accents.

Do you have your own studio?
I  have a studio in my home. It is pretty insane looking because I have collected a bunch of materials since I started. I think it's time to expand, but I can't really do anything yet since I'll be getting married pretty soon. 

If you could have anything from our Desert Oasis lookbook, which items would you choose?
Oh man! Every Ruche lookbook makes me drool! Such amazing photography, styling and stuff! AHH! I love the outfits in Oasis 15, Oasis 18, Oasis 21, and Oasis 26. Apart from the lookbook, I love the pink lemonade dress and the meeting before dark dress in jasmine. I actually own the lace dress and I love it! So comfortable!

Click here to see all Petit Plume accessories. Thank you, Genie!



Mandy Rodriguez said...

Petit Plume! Genie you are fabulous! I ordered a mustard colored felt hair flower of yours and it is sooo beautiful and well made. One of my favorite things I own at the moment :)

Sincerely Darcy said...

i love that! i made some shoes today see

love Ruche blog!