Friday, August 5, 2011

Love Stories: Puppy Love

Tiffany's story:

It was love at first ...

A week before Christmas, my boyfriend, Vu, and I wanted to get a dog as a gift for each other. I was eating at a restaurant for lunch one day and I saw a flyer for a pet store. It advertised healthy puppies and it was only a couple doors down! They were a small family owned pet shop that supported breeders (and not puppy mills) and guaranteed the health of the pup for the first year. It was perfect and just what we were looking for. So, I scarfed down my ramen, hurried over to the store and suddenly found myself in a room full of the cutest Malteses and Yorkies. I zoned in only on one. It just calmly sat there and stared at me with the most adorable beady little eyes. I felt an immediate connection.

I had to make an appointment to view the puppy, so Vu and I went back the next day. When the pet store owner let the puppy out, it was so excited! It must’ve been a little scared too because it ran and hid under Vu’s leg. Vu became instantly attached. While we played with the puppy, I kept asking, “Is this the one?!?” Vu wasn’t 100% sure and said that we shouldn’t buy on impulse and that we should think it over and sleep on it. The pet owner put the puppy back in her crate and as we said our goodbyes, she stared sadly at us and stuck out her itty bitty tongue. That's when we knew we HAD to have her. She was too precious.

As we signed the papers, we thought about the name. We planned on getting a male puppy and naming him Bam Bam, but this puppy was a female. She was so tiny and so cute and got along with us so well that it didn’t matter to us anymore though. Bam Bam wouldn't work for a female pup, and thus, Pebbles (Pebbles Chu-Bui to be exact) was born. 

Ever since that day, Pebbles has been our #1 in our lives. We gush about her like she’s a newborn baby and treat her more like a daughter than a dog. A lot of people say pets turn out to be like their owners… Well, Pebbles’ face is the spitting image of her daddy and her whine sounds just like her mommy. And to this day, that little tongue of hers continues to stick out and reminds of us of the first time we fell in love.

Vu’s story:

“You have to be picky. DO NOT buy the first dog you fall in love with. Many owners make the mistake of buying the first puppy that wins them over.” Last words of a man to his girlfriend, who walked into a pet store and fell in love with the first puppy he laid eyes on. She won me over the moment our beady little eyes met. She won me over before I walked into that store. She won me over before I had ever known of her existence. 

They say it’s intuition and a gut feeling that decides what puppy you choose; the way they look at you, the way they play, the pawing at the window as you make your rounds through the store. My first run-in with Pebbles was that of something from a movie. It was love at first paw. Nothing anyone could have told me would have changed my mind about bringing that adorable little face home. Within 30 minutes, Tiffany and I were signing papers for our new puppy, Pebbles.

I have loved her beyond any limits imaginable and it has only grown since then. Anyone will tell you that Tiffany and I treat Pebbles like she is our child. FACT, she is our baby and we love her to death. Things will never be the same again, and that is because this 5 ½ pound runt has made me love like never before. I look back on that first day that I saw Pebbles and think about whether or not I chose her, or if she chose me. Pebbles-Chu-Bui, you are the best!

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TK said...

I think it's great you guys found a dog you love, and I'm sure you treat Pebbles exceptionally well. She's adorable!

I just always have to put in a plug for adoption as opposed to purchasing a dog. Even though the pet store supported breeders, it's always sad to me when a lot of money exchanges hands and animal lives are treated as commodities, when there are SO many animals out there in desperate need of loving forever homes.

I understand for some people the breed is incredibly important or they plan to breed or show, but I don't see that in your writing. Maybe you had your reasons.

But just think, perhaps if you two decide to get Pebbles a sibling in the future, you could look into rescuing a homeless animal.

Yasmeen said...

Omgomgomg. She's so precious :X I don't know what to do with myself. I can wait to get my own little buddy to love forever.

I think I'll get a Yorkie or Shih Tzu...

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DeLuna said...

Can these pictures get any cuter! Love your blog.

etherealflowers said...

cuteness overload!!