Monday, April 27, 2009

Back from Hawaii!

I'm back from Hawaii...unfortunately. I wish I was still there. Oahu was awesome! Thanks for all the ladies that helped me plan my trip. I didn't get that many good pictures =(.

Here are a couple pictures. Please excuse the bad quality. We took all these with our point and shoot underwater camera.

Swam with sharks, I was in a cage of course. But WOW there were so many sharks! I could basically touch them..but I wasn't stupid enough to stick my hand out.

My fav thing to do - Pig out at the shrimp trucks!

Snorkeling at Hanauma bay. Look at this big zebra fish hehe

Horseback riding along the beach.

We hung out with some friends and locals. It turns out that two of our friends were in Hawaii the same time. We met the owner of 88 tees that weekend. She has awesome tees by the way! Very funky and "harajuku". Check it out here. She was taking out this Japanese popstar/actor named ka-kun so we hung out and had a couple drinks with them (Josh and I are in the back..I'm in the pink dress). Ka-kun kept insisting that Josh looked like Tom Cruise. I saw no resemblance LOL.

Other things I did: hiked Manoa Falls, ate lots of shave ice, sun bathed at the beach.

One HORRIBLE thing did happy on my trip however. We rented a Jeep wrangler convertible. Before hiking Mauna falls, I LOCKED my iphone inside of the glove compartment. I guess it is really easy to break into because when I came back, my phone was gone! When we went swimming with the sharks, we purchased a DVD of ourselves...those punks stole our DVD!!! I mean, I could have understood the iphone, but a dvd? That video meant a lot to us because it was irreplaceable. Well, I'm over it now though. I still had fun the rest of the trip!

chrissie- I did a lot of the things from the list you gave me! I had a plate lunch at Rainbow drive, Napples at Zipps, Ramen, had shave ice (3x). I missed out on a couple things but I hope to get to them next time I go. I went to Kailua but missed out on Lanikai juice =\. I did go to Boots and Kimmi and had the best macadamian pancakes. yummmy!
jeni - I didn't get to visit Cinnamon Girl, hopefully next time!
ali - I didn't get a chance to visit Fighting Eel this time either =(
r+v - Got my giovannis! We actually went out on a shrimp eating marathon! I tried about 4 of them LOL. Giovanni's still got my vote for the best GARLIC shrimp!

Vacation is over =(. Time to plan the next vacation. Paris? Italy?


Leia said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time! Sorry about your iPhone and DVD though. I'm having iPhone troubles myself at the moment :(. It must be awful to have those memories stolen! Oh, well, you will just have to make some more! :)

Just placed my first order through Ruche a couple of days ago using that coupon code you provided! Can't wait for the items to arrive. :)

Stephyy said...

Aw, vacations are fun! Sorry about your phone and stuff but who gets to say they swam with sharks and dolphins?? lol you can!

Heidi said...

looks like fun! Sometimes i miss the travels my hubby and i would go on before the girls....sigh...its good to look at your pics and dream tho! I just ordered a shirt and didn't think about it til today that you might have discount codes or anything. Any idea where i can find them?

Anonymous said...

hey there, i just found your shop and i absolutely LOVE it. i really love one of the purses on there, and really liked a lot of the dresses on the website, but unfortunately my size is sold out in all of them. do you know when you might put up new items? i can wait for the purse if you're updating fairly soon so it all comes in one big batch, without multiple shipping fees.

glad to see you had a fun trip! sucks about the phone and dvd... i almost lost ALL of my photos from when i went to hawaii but thankfully we recovered my friends camera - so i know how you feel. if you're thinking of where to travel next.. DEFINITELY italy! best place to visit in the world, in my opinion! said...

Leia - Yes, I saw your order! Great choices..I love that shirt. Thanks a bunch!

stephyy - I know huh?! =D

Heidi - Josh and I are trying to get all the vacationing out of us before we have kids. I think we're going to start planning next year. I never thought I was ready for a baby until I ran across all these mommy blogs! Your kids are adorable btw! I do have a couple coupons floating around right now. Check out:

rreminiscent - You must be a size small aren't you? haha Gosh I run out of smalls so quickly! I'm trying to get a "shop by size" section on the site so you can easily find out what is available in your size. It is best to make the purchase the first week the items come out because Smalls run out so fast!

I don't do this too often, but you might be able to make your purchases and have me hold it for a week or so, in case you find anything else. I will just refund your shipping in the second purchase and ship everything together!

I have a bunch of new clothes coming up later this week!

platformshoesandwintercoat said...

macadamian pancakes sound yummy

ali said...

aw, looks like you covered a lot! def try to make it to FE next time. :D but a good thing you got napples and boots and kimo's!