Friday, April 17, 2009

Some New Pieces before I go...

Three new pieces. The first one is my absolute favorite! Remember, Small sizes run out really fast! I won't be shipping because I will be in Hawaii! But all orders starting 4/18 noon will be shipped out 4/24, when I come back. Farewell!

anacaona aztec chiffon dress

coco cabana flower print dress

brassica seed crochet cardigan

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Sa-Sea said...

I just found your blog and store thru Lola B and I am in LOVE with your clothes!!!!! LOVE THEM ALL!!!!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

LOVING that Aztec dress!

chrissiela said...

hope you're having fun in hawaii! the weather has been good here lately...try giovanni's shrimp truck on the north shore (it's after turtle bay resort if you're driving eastward back down to honolulu...)

Traveling Mama said...

Greetings from Morocco! I just found your blog through Creature Comforts and I ADORE your blog and your store!

Hope you enjoyed your trip!

Unknown said...

found you via lola b as well ..and actually JUST BOUGHT THAT FIRST DRESS! I'm dying for it. can't wait ...probably will post it on the blog.


Anonymous said...

if i am a small chest/waist but between a medium/large for hips...what size would be most appropriate? how fitted is this dress below the waist? is it more a-line? if the belt ties then i could probably get away with a medium to be safe around my huge butt...i just hate sending stuff back. any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated!

truly blessed said...

i love your dresses, i just wish they were a little longer. I just can't do the thigh high look. the fabrics are fabulous though! said...

Sa-Sea Boutique - Thank you so much! You have an adorable blog and shop as well!

Kristen - I know! I love it too =D

r+v - Giovannis was DELICIOUS!

travelingmama - Hi Tina from Morocco! Thank you so much for visiting!

love Maegan - You're going to love it! I can't want to see you in it!

Life is Reed-iculous - I think the Medium should be good for you then. It fits sorta like an a-line. The belt is at the waist so there is plenty of room for the behind. I only have one Medium left right now! But I should be restocking in 2-3 weeks. Thanks a bunch!

truly blessed - I'll let you know when I get some longer dresses. Dresses just seem to get shorter and shorter don't they?! How tall are you so I have an idea?