Friday, November 6, 2009

Ruche - Name This Cardigan Contest!

Help us name this cardigan! If we choose your name, you win the cardigan! See Below for details.

Feel free to click on it for more detailed images.

1. Leave a comment on this blog post with your name AND the name(s) for the cardigan. Email is NOT required but please check back to see if you've won.
2. The name must have the word "cardigan" in it.
3. Limit only 3 entries per person. Open internationally!
4. Be creative!
5. Contest ends November 13, 2009. The name of the winner will be announced November 16, 2009 so please check back to see if you've won!

Contest Disclaimer:
No purchase necessary. We reserve the right to close the contests early or late without warning. We will post the name of the winner on November 16, 2009. You may exchange the item for a gift certificate of the same value, but you must request it upon winning. Upon winning, you agree that your name can be published on this blog at the close of the contest. You must contact us within 7 days after the winner has been annouced to claim your prize.

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Georgia Hamann said...

Emily Dickinson Cardigan

Georgia Hamann said...

serafina cardigan

Georgia Hamann said...

betsy and the great world cardigan

Gabrielle Jean Murphy said...

1. The Little Bo Peep Cardigan
2. Cozy Up Cardigan
3. Cardigan for a Winter's Night
---Gabrielle Jean

Lucy said...

1. Rose Oeillet Cardigan
2. Lovely Odille Cardigan
3. Odette Cardigan

- Diana Quang

Charity said...

1. Silk Marionette Cardigan
2. Pillowtalk Cardigan
3. Raindrops on Roses Cardigan

Charity Griffin

HilLesha O'Nan said...

My name is HilLesha.

- Eyelet of the Beholder Cardigan
- Hello, Dolly! Cardigan
- On Taupe of the World Cardigan

whitney j. said...

1. From Rags to Riches Cardigan
2. All Tied Up Cardigan
3. Paris and Tea at 3 O'Clock Cardigan

-Whitney Blue

Anonymous said...

1. Bowties and Cream Wrap Cardigan
2. Vanilla $ Spice Wrap Cardigan
3. Shimmy Shimmy Coco Bop Wrap Cardigan


Anonymous said...

1. Cream Cupcakes Cardigan
2. Hopes & Dreams Cardigan
3. Pale Fields Cardigan

Louise Isselé from Belgium

DLLB said...

1. My Fair Lady Cardigan
2. Pink Pearl lipstick Cardigan
3. Strawberry Souffle Cardigan

Asurom said...

1. Bow Peep Cardigan
2. I'll Be There With Bows On Cardigan
3. Autumn Sunset Cardigan

-Astra Surom

alohamolly said...

1.Dreamy Sweetie Cardigan
2.Lacy Ribbon Cardigan
3.Sweet Ribbony Cardigan

Laura said...

1 - Dusty Rose Cardigan

2 - Lingere Cardigan

3 - Floating Ribbons Cardigan

K said...

Victorian Librarian

victoria said...

Winter's dawn cardigan
dreams of lace cardigan
winter's lace cardigan

Anonymous said...

Poem Cardigan
Ding Dong Bell Cardigan
Autumn Poetry Cardigan


Anonymous said...

ma perle cardigan

Favorite things cardigan

little miss muffet cardigan


girl and bird said...

spiderweb dreams cardigan (:

Holly Bryan said...

Moselle Cardigan

Tracy Grant said...

Athena (The Grey Eyed Goddess) Cardigan

Christine said...

Name: Christie

Cardigan names:
1. Far Afield Cardigan
2. What Dreams May Come Cardigan
3. Winter's Song Cardigan

min said...

1. ruffles and lace madeline cardigan
2. whirling ruffles cardigan
3. sweet oatmeal cardigan

Susan said...

The Dashwood Cardigan

Susan said...

The Dashwood Cardigan

aviatrix said...

lady of the mist cardigan
head in the clouds cardigan
gossamer mist cardigan

Nadia K.

Anonymous said...

1. Quite Classically Cardigan
2. My Fair Cardigan
3. Ribbons & Lace Cardigan

-Alyssa Hollingsworth

Unknown said...

Honor's Heureux Cardigan


Hailey said...

1. Simply Princess Cardigan
2. The Bouvier Cardigan

Hailey Lafone

hayleygolightly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hayleygolightly said...

Hayley Teater

1) tea and cakes cardigan
2) ribbons and petit fours cardigan
3) stroll down the Champs-Elysées cardigan

Klassy C said...

Bathrobe Cardigan

- Anuja Gagoomal,

Nicole Faby said...

Nicole From Raleigh North Carolina

1.The Carolina Cardi
2.Pearl Cardigan
3. La La Latte Lace Cardigan

brooke said...

pride and prejudlace cardigan

Dana said...

1.) Deep Ellum Cardigan

2.) The Fireside Cardigan

3.) The Cream and Sugar Cardigan

misty said...

swept of her feet cardigan
poetry in threads cardigan
the sweetest proposal cardigan

Kathi said...

1. Wrap Yourself in Ribbons Cardigan

2. Ruffles, Ribbons and Ruche Cardigan

3. Color Me Warm Cardigan

Kathi Thomas

Anonymous said...


- nastrini cardigan

Tiffany said...

Oatmeal and Cream Cardigan
Paris Nights Cardigan
The Oh So Cozy Cardigan

the november princess said...

Quasi una Fantasia Cardigan (taken from Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 14, also known as "Moonlight" Sonata)
Lumière Cardigan
The Wrapped in Ribbons and Ruffles Cardigan

Jessica F

A girl said...

1. Angel: Ruffles meet Bows cardigan
2. Mia Bella Cardigan
3. Creme Brulee French Style Cardigan


Christine said...

Frosted Fields Cardigan
Drawing Room Cardigan
Winter's Dream Cardigan

Etc. said...

1. Willow Ribbon Cardigan

2. My Fair Lady Cardigan

3. Cozy Cream Cardigan

Anonymous said...

French Latte Cardigan
Sweetpea's Cardigan

eileenerb said...

Virginia Woolf's Cardigan
Ruffles and Bows Cardigan
Tea and Cakes Cardigan


Jennifer said...

1. Winter Meadow Cardigan
2. Autumn Embrace Cardigan
3. Sunset Serenade Cardigan

Jennifer Adams

Anonymous said...

Adriana Albors
I Feel Pretty Cardigan
Dressed Up to Impress Cardigan
Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice Cardigan

Amy said...

1. Eyelet Dreams Cardigan
2. Tickled Pink Cardigan
3. Sweet Serenity Cardigan

Amy Parker

Anonymous said...

1. Vanilla Christmas Cupcake Cardigan
2. Sugar - lace Cardigan
3. Wrapped up in Snowflakes Cardigan

Marta Tarvida

Carly J. Cais said...

1. Felicity Cardigan
2. Elizabeth Bennett Cardigan
3. Gossamer Knit Cardigan

Carly Hirano, carlyjcais AT hotmail DOT com

Unknown said...

A Day in Bed cardigan

carey voss

Unknown said...

Sweet Savannah Sweater
Southern Charm Cardigan
High Tea Cardigan

Amanda said...

Glimmer of Hope Cardigan

(Shimmering silver plus pink ribbon = breast cancer awareness!)

Lynzy said...

Wrapped in ribbons cardigan

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Darcy in Distress Cardigan.

I'm still thinking of my other two! :)

Teri Zawrotny

Lisa Dickinson said...

Through The Woods Cardigan
Songbird Cardigan
Fairy Field Cardigan

Unknown said...

Sugar Luxe Cardigan
Dreamy Creme Cardigan
Sweet Winter's Cardigan

Mandie Segura

Kris Sallee said...

Whimsical lace Cardigan ~

Dreams of ribbon Cardigan ~

Autumn days Caridgan

Kelly said...

Kelly S

My suggestions are:

-Autumn Breakfast Cardigan
-Saturday Brunch Cardigan

Jenny said...

Central Park Touch Cardigan
Country Roads Cardigan

Carolyn said...

the lacy lady cardigan
the easy breezy lacey cardigan
the fall breeze cardigan

Carolyn G.

KittyKat said...

Victorian Grace Cardigan

I'll Meet You at 3 for Tea Cardigan

A Little Birdie Told Me cardigan

beccaweber said...

i love it!

1. take a bow cardigan
2. cozy couture cardigan
3. a few of my favorite things cardigan

my name is becca :)

Jenny Hendrix said...

1) Haystack Cardigan
2) Bits and Bows Cardigan
3) To the Lighthouse Cardigan

Diana Rush said...

Diana Rush:

Ruffles & Ribbon Cardigan

Rachael Ann Mare said...

Yorkshire Moors cardigan
Tea & Sympathy cardigan
Sense & Sensibility cardigan

Lauren Clemons said...

Ruffle Me Pretty Cardigan

Anonymous said...

1) The Annabel Cardigan
2) Stroll through the park cardigan
3) sweet lace cardigan

my name is krys :)

Anonymous said...

this is so pretty!

'chic winter cardigan'
'lace in love cardigan'
'knit & pearl cardigan'

Unknown said...

1.Tinsel Town Cardigan wrap
2.Once Upon a Dream Cardigan
3.My Sweet Symphony Sweater Cardigan.

This is pretty hard if you ask me!

Elizabeth said...

1. Victorian Romance Cardigan
2. Blushing Belle Cardigan
3. Sweet Dreams Cardigan


Mooshee Design said...

Tickled Her Cardigan

Mooshee Design said...

Central Park Cardigan

Diana said...

1. Ruffles and Lace cardigan
2. soft nights cardigan
3. peppermint cardigan


Pin said...

1. Ruffle and Tumble Cardigan
2. Arsenic and Old Lace Cardigan

Fingers crossed! xx


Allison said...

1. Village Girl Cardigan
2. Flirty Dreams Cardigan
3. Simply Chic Cardigan


Melissa M. said...

1. Pretty in Pink cardigan
2. Time for tea cardigan
3. Romance is in the air cardigan

Nellie said...

(1) Ruffle my Cardigan
(2) Wrap me up love Cardigan
(3) Wrapped in Crochet Cardigan

Mooshee Design said...

YaYa's Cardigan

Anonymous said...

Alice's tea time cardigan
Pretty pointelle cardigan
Bows and whistles cardigan

Teresa said...

Earl Grey Cardigan
Truffles Cardigan
Grey Gosling Cardigan

Ali Wunder said...

1. Lace Age Cardigan
2. Frills and Thrills Cardigan
3. Satin Sensation Cardigan

Unknown said...

Love Lace Cardigan
How High the Moon Cardigan
Lovely October Sky Cardigan

Camille Barletta

Morgan said...

Prairie Duster Cardigan
Autumn Rose cardigan
First Frost cardigan

Laurel Patricia Jessup said...

1. Bon Iver Cardigan (Good Winter in French)
2. Zephyr Cardigan
3. The Queen Bee Cardigan

sarah said...

Sarah Middleton
1# sealed with a kiss cardigan
2# Knot your everyday cardigan
3# simply ruffled ruche cardigan

jennehfer said...

Victorian Trims Cardigan
That's a Wrap Cardigan
Settling Leaves Cardigan

Jennifer L

vnssa906 said...

Hi there! My name is Vanessa, and below are 3 names I have chosen to name this gorgeous cardigan:

1- Dreamboat Cardigan
2- Miss Charming Cardigan
3- Ravishing Ruffle Cardigan

Kimberley said...

juliet bows cardigan

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...


1. Earl Grey Cardigan
2. Jacqueline Cardigan
3. Lonesome Dove Grey Cardigan

Anonymous said...

1. Rosalie Cardigan
2. Morning Mist Cardigan
3. Alice Cardigan

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

1.Chantilly Lace cardigan
2.Sweet Pea cardigan
3.Winter wonderland cardigan

AKS said...

1) Whispered Lullaby cardigan
2) Fallen Snow cardigan
3) Found Treasure cardigan

weetabix said...

ruffles 'n lace Cardigan

Leslie said...

Lazy Susan Cardigan
Que Sera Sera Cardigan
Coffee Shop Cardigan

Anonymous said... i like AUTUMN BREEZE CARDIGAN

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Te'Rea Thomason

Annaline Coutour Ribbons & Ruffles Cardigan

Anonymous said...

1- Embrasse-moi cardigan
2- Cornfield explosion cardigan
3- little house on the prairie cardigan

Lola said...

"Harold and Mauve Cardigan"

based on my favorite cult classic film :)

- Lauren Thompson

Anonymous said...

1.) Hope floats cardigan
2.) Whisper me warm cardigan

Anonymous said...

the above comment is mine:

1.) Hope floats cardigan
2.) Whisper me warm cardigan

Brittney G said...

1.Ribbons Around My Heart Cardigan
2.Sassy Lass Cardigan
3.Romantic Ribbons Cardigan

-Brittney G

Roberta said...

1. Little Romantic Princess Cardigan
2. Flocons de Laine et de Dentelle Cardigan
3. Sweet Pink Candy Cardigan

rachquiz said...

Blush & Bows Cardigan
Prairie Cozy Chic Cardigan

Eli's Lids said...

1. Flutter By Cardigan
2. Ribbon and Ruffles Cardigan
3. Every Cloud has a Silver Lining Cardigan (or Silver Lining Cardigan)
kara at elis lids dot com

Laura Olson said...

Malibu Morning Cardigan
Romantic Affection Cardigan

lisa said...

lacy luxe cardigan

Valerie said...

1. Leave a comment on this blog post with your name AND the name(s) for the cardigan. Email is NOT required but please check back to

Valerie B. --

1. The Elizabethan Life Cardigan
2. "Take a Bow" Cardigan
3. Kiss From A Rose Cardigan

Twig said...

Phew...ok here are my suggestions.

- Autumn Turvy Cardigan
- Bends and Bows Cardigan
- Brocante Afternoon Cardigan


Unknown said...

- Frolic through Farmland Cardigan
- Cuddle me Cardigan
- Hot Cocoa Cardigan

melissa0066 said...

1) Oats and Honey Cardigan
2) Sugar and Some Spice(and all that's nice!)Cardigan
3) Milk and Creamy Cardigan

Submitted by Melissa M.

Unknown said...

With Great Expectations Cardigan
The Dusty Miller Cardigan
After an Afternoon Cardigan

Unknown said...

I made a mistake... I meant

Frolic the Farmland Cardigan
(not Frolic through Farmland)

Anonymous said...

Hi, these are my pics...

Tea and Crumpets Cardigan

Roses at Dusk Cardigan

From Dusk till Dawn Cardigan

Happy naming! ;),
Jessica Hilliard

daimona_regina said...

Let Them Eat Cake Cardigan
Snowswept Moors Cardigan
Miss Bennett's Cardigan

miscrystal said...

lundi cardigan

April N. B. said...

Ruffles & Bows & Twinkle Toes Cardigan
Strawberry Fields and Ribbons Cardigan
A Walk in the Park Cardigan

Unknown said...

My Fair Lady Cardigan

Jackie C from Boston said...

1) Petit Trianon Cardigan
2) asymmetricardigan
3) mauvie night cardigan

Heather H said...

She Walks in Beauty Cardigan

Anonymous said...

Belles and Whistles Cardigan.


Heather H said...

The Heart Asks of this Cardigan

Heather H said...

Under the Harvest Moon Cardigan

Anonymous said...

mauvelous cardigan
cardigan d'amour
forget me not cardigan

-Kelsey R.

Laurel Patricia Jessup said...

1. Bon Iver Cardigan (good winter in french)
2. The Queen Bee Cardi
3. The Zephyr Cardigan

Sonya said...

Ruffle Your Feathers Cardigan
Grey Skies Are Gonna Clear Up Cardigan
Romance Me Cardigan

maryanne420 said...

Felicity Cardigan

Felicity Joy Cardigan

A Walk in the Clouds Cardigan

Jennifer said...

1. Tied Up In Bows Cardigan
2. Curtsy & Bow Cardigan
3. Wrapped In Ribbons Cardigan


Unknown said...

1. Ever More Silk Trim Cardigan
2. Miss Havisham Silk Trim Cardigan

sD said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lexi said...

No Greater Bliss Than This Cardigan

Falling For You Ruffles and Ribbons Cardigan

A Walk in the Dark Cardigan

sD said...

Amelia's Cardigan, also known as, 'Mimi's Cardi'

Nicole said...

1. Ghosts of Cardigans Past

-Nicole Marie

yosnacks said...

Sweet vagabond cardigan

J Lynette said...

1. Romance and Ribbons Tie-Front Cardigan
2. Daydreamer Cardigan
3. Cuddle Me Ruffles Long Sweater Cardigan

Brittany Parker said...

grey bliss.

thesesteps said...

Can't help falling in love cardigan

thesesteps said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
M Matheson said...

1. Honey Lace Cardigan
2. Wrap me in Love Cardigan
3. Class with Comfort Cardigan

Michelle Matheson

Anonymous said...

1.Curds and Whey Cardigan
2.The Cream Tea Cardigan
3.Peel me a Grape Cardigan

Lynn Johnson

Suzanne said...

Miss Ebenezer Shawl Sweater
Chess Game and Cookies Robe
Sleepy Time Tea Cardigan

thesesteps said...

Romance at First Glance Cardigan
Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice Cardigan

Kelsey Jo said...

1. Cricket Faye Cardigan
2. Pretty In Pink Cardigan
3. Ruffled & Bowed Cardigan
4. Not Too Shabby Cardigan

UrbanDorothy said...

"The Éponine"
or "The Éponine Thénardier" (from Victor Hugo's Les Misérables, of course!)

Raquel said...

Fille Romantique Cardigan

High Tea & Sentiment Cardigan

Kiss Kiss Love Love Cardigan

rebecca said...

cookies and cream cardigan
creme de leche cardigan
cozy cottage cardgian

Rebecca Worrell

RoxyMuzc said...

the Dusty Miller Cardigan

Anonymous said...

Irene Thanasi says:

1. Lace me up with endearing ruffles cardigan!

2. Oh Juliette, swathed with the Romantic Cardigan!

3. Lace me up with the delightful ruffled cardigan of ‘that’ era!

Irene's Beautyblog said...

Irene Thanasi says:

1. Lace me up with endearing ruffles cardigan!

2. Oh Juliette, swathed with the Romantic Cardigan!

3. Lace me up with the delightful ruffled cardigan of ‘that’ era!

Anonymous said...

lattice cardigan
glass rose cardigan
eye of the storm cardigan

Anonymous said...

la vie en rose cardigan
lace blush cardigan
shade a la rouge cardigan

Anonymous said...

'Femme Fatale Cardigan'

Anonymous said...

early morning bliss cardigan
twilight cashmere cardigan
lotus reflection cardigan

elle s'ennuie said...

Pale Rose Bow Cardigan
I'm Your Present Cardigan
From Dawn Till Dusky Pink Cardigan

Amber said...

This is tough. But here are my suggestions:

1) Pretty in Pale Pink Cardigan
2) Sheer Whimsy Cardigan
3) Free Bird Cardigan

Amber May

Jessica said...

length of luxury cardigan!

Anonymous said...

oh whoops, i misread and thought you meant 3 entries WITH 3 suggestions each.
in which case i withdrew all my entries and this is my final one:
la vie en rose cardigan
lotus reflection cardigan
glass rose cardigan

Anonymous said...

eye of the storm cardigan
early morning bliss cardigan
twilight cashmere cardigan

Anonymous said...

NAME of blu_sapphire is ginny. thanks!

Unknown said...

1) Ruffle Me Mauvelous! Wrap Cardigan
2) Ribbons, Ruffles, and Bows, Oh My! Cardigan
3) Simply Mauvelous Wrap Cardigan

Niki O.

Sydney said...

1. When I Grow Up Cardigan
2. Baby It's Cold Outside Cardigan
3. Forget Me Knot Cardigan

Amy said...

#1 Griffin loves Sabine cardigan
#2 Tie a ribbon 'round that old oak tree cardigan
#3 All tied up with somewhere to go cardigan

Unknown said...

1. Tender Heart Cardigan
2. Cuddle Me Close Cardigan
3. Winter Dreaming Cardigan

xx Chelsea

Lesley L. said...

Fireside tea cardigan
Blushing Bows cardigan
Ribbons of Warmth cardigan

------ said...

Hello my name is Vanessa G. :] and here are my suggestions for this piece of art :D

1."BOW-ways on Time Cardigan"
2."un-BOW-lievable Cardigan"
3."Better than the Best Cardigan"

Anonymous said...

1. Strawberry Champagne Cardigan
2. Love Spell Cardigan
3. Midsummer Night's Dream Cardigan


Anonymous said...

1) mauvely lady cardigan
2) lovely asymetry cardigan
3) mauves in my pocket cardigan

Jen said...

1. Wendy's Neverland Cardigan

2. Wish Upon a Star Cardigan

3. Dreams of Ribbon and Lace Cardigan


Anonymous said...

- Fly Me Away Cardigan
- Lady Wendy Cardigan
- Purely Opalescent Cardigan

Iris :)

Kristine said...

1) The Jane Austen Cardigan
2) Victorian Elegance Cardigan
3) Juliet Capulet Cardigan


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Scintilla said...

1. mist and fog cardigan
2. whisper and song cardigan
3. tea at sunrise cardigan

Jacqueline Lane said...

Jacqueline Lane

1) The Jane Austen Cardigan
2) Wistful Daydreams Cardigan
3) Tea Party with Alice Cardigan

Anonymous said...

1. Rosy Pearl Cardigan
2. Lily Bouquet Cardigan
3. Crystalline Quartz Cardigan

Bruna J. B. Pereira

Jessica said...

The Lovely Gwyneth Cardigan
The Sweet Holland Cardigan

Piotto Chiara said...

piotto Chiara

1-just little sugar cardigan
2-candy-shaped cardigan
3-would-you-like-a-candy cardigan

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Angie said...

Ruffles and Ribbons Cardigan
Grey Skies Cardigan

Emily said...

1. Twist of Shaddows Cardigan
2. Old English Ruffles Cardigan
3. Tudor Mansion Lace Cardigan

Brenna said...

"Once upon a cardigan"

Brenna said...

"Up, down, all around cardigan"


Unknown said...

Honeymoon Cardigan
Pearl love Cardigan
The Sexy Cardigan

wepartlikerivers said...

'I'm a bit tied up at the moment' cardigan

jsr said...

Sticks and Stones Cardigan

Lasireneserene said...

My picks for a name for this lovely are :

#1 Dreaming on a cloud Cardigan
#2 Lazy days & Sundays Cardigan
#3 Audrey in Repose Cardigan

So beautiful , i hope i win !

Eli said...

bohemian grace cardigan

sugar in my bowl cardigan

delicate decadence cardigan

Katie said...

1.) A Midwinter Night's Dream Cardigan

2.) Ribbons Are a Girl's Best Friend Cardigan

3.) Tea Party Cardigan

4.) White Is The Winter Night Cardigan

5.) Amid the Falling Snow Cardigan

Katie Spawton

terry said...

1. Frills for Chills Cardigan
2. Sweet Lacy Lady Cardigan
3. Toasty Taupe Cardigan


monkey said...

The Bella Cardigan

Bret & Bean said...

1. heatherette
2. grey gardens
3. marie's opulance

Chelsea said...

Chelsea Scanlan

-Southern Belle Cardigan
-Satin Bow Cardigan
-Cream Lace trimmed darling cardigan

Melissa Haight said...

Melissa Haight:

Medley in Mauve

Melissa Haight said...

Melissa Haight (woops, forgot to say cardigan last time):

Medley in Mauve Cardigan

Em said...

What's the Point-elle Cardigan

Pretty in Pointelle Cardigan

A Ribbon in Time Cardigan


Heather said...

Austin appliqué cardigan

Unknown said...

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice Cardigan
Ruffles and Bows to Go Cardigan
Blushing Bows Cardi
Peaches and Cream Cardi

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