Thursday, November 26, 2009 - Black Friday Sale starts NOW!

Hope you all had a great Thanksgivings day! I'm so stuffed from all the food!!

A little late but I wanted to share a couple things that I am thankful for.
I'm thankful for my best friend and husband Josh, the greatest parents, my little dog that always makes me happy, all my friends, my life, a higher metabolism so I can eat lots of food and not gain too much weight (hehe), for a home, for Ruche, for the ability to wake up everyday and do something I love, my supportive customers (Ruche would be alive without you)...and much much more.

Thank you all for supporting Ruche and for all the lovely comments and feedback that will help Ruche grow and grow.

On another note, enjoy our 15% off sale!


Friend in Fashion said...

A very sweet list of thanks! Happy thanksgiving :)

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful I found Ruche! Your boutique is exactly what I've been looking for.