Thursday, June 30, 2011

Project DIY: How to Reupholster a Chair

Reupholstering furniture is not only a lot of fun, but also easier than it looks. Today we're going to show you how you can reupholster a chair with materials you probably already have in your house.

Chair - we found ours on the side of the road
Old Shirt - we're using a thrifted shirt that just doesn't get enough love
Staple Gun - you can buy one for around $15
Screw Driver 

Step 1.
Gather all of the materials. Clean off chair.

Step 2.
Start by unscrewing the seat from the rest of the frame.

Step 3.
Using your screwdriver, carefully pry apart staples/studs holding together the old upholstery.

Step 4.
Place the seat face down on the fabric you are going to use to re-upholster. Draw an outline of your seat on the fabric giving yourself a 2 inch margin all the way around. Cutting outside the line, cut out the seat outline.

Step 5.
Choose the side you wish to start with. Pull the fabric tight and staple right in the middle of the chosen side. Moving to the left of your 1st staple, continue pulling the fabric tight and stapling at 1inch intervals, stop at the corner. Repeat on the right side of your initial staple stopping at the corner. Now repeat the process for the remaining 3 sides.

Step 6.
Carefully fold in the remaining fabric left around the corners and staple. Add extra staples to all sides to ensure everything stays put.

Step 7.
Screw on the top and pat yourself on the back, you've successfully re-upholstered your 1st chair.



Cassie said...

I want to do this!! Thanks for the great DIY!

mandyface said...

I love you so much for posting this.