Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Summer Flowers

When we imagine summer weddings, we think of bright summery colors and sunshine. Before choosing your color palette, however, you may want to research flowers that can withstand heat for inspiration. Flowers that are currently in season (check with your local florist) and tropical flowers will do well. To keep them fresh during a warm day, make sure they're stored in a cool place prior to the wedding and mist them with water every so often during the wedding. When it comes to color, here is a great tip from The Knot:
While many summer couples look to vibrant colors to reflect the season, it's most definitely not a requirement. If bold and bright just isn't your style, there's no need to hew to a palette of intense hues. Going with a subdued color scheme can actually be more unexpected -- for example, icy blues will exude a cool and refreshing atmosphere. For a surefire palette that works with almost any style -- from ultra-formal to relaxed and natural -- look to a combo of whites and ivories with green accents. An apple green hue will give a preppy, fun feel, while a deeper green like loden or moss will imbue your nuptials with a subdued elegance.

Once you pick your flowers and color scheme, your wedding invitations, table numbers, bridesmaid dresses and other decor will be inspired. We love the idea of icy blues with shades of red.
Or maybe shades of white with mustard... or maybe navy and a soft fuchsia... or maybe bright and bold colors afterall...  ♥ Summer brides, what did (or will!) your wedding look like?



Liv Szari said...

So true, the flowers help bring everything together! I had a winter wedding, but my sister just got married two weeks ago and had blues hydrangeas, pink peonies, and yellow wildflowers...and my bridesmaids dress had a blue & pink floral pattern. Too pretty and perfect for summer!


Unknown said...

subtle colors very natural looking burlap, muslin, ivory, navy blue, with hints of red.


Anonymous said...

Wow i like your summer flowers thanks for posting

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