Friday, November 11, 2011

Love Stories: Two Different Worlds

We were both single. I was working as an Assistant Buyer in Dallas, Texas and Ryan working under my step-brother at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri. We never in a million years expected what was coming.

Out of the blue, my step-brother (Ryan's boss) decided that Ryan and I would make a good match for one another. Not considering the fact that we live miles away from each other, he suggested Ryan call me. Ryan had no interest in calling a random girl whom he had never met that lived in a completely different state. However, he agreed to do so because his boss asked him too.

Ryan kept putting it off and putting it off when finally after my step-brother's daily inquiry about it, he made the call. From 7:00pm that night until 5:00am the next morning I found my best friend. We began to talk every night, ALL NIGHT from that night on. We sent photos of one another via email and through the next couple of weeks and we coundn't talk enough over the phone. We decided that I would fly to see him in person. I flew to Missouri, stayed with my step-brother and his family while Ryan and I were able to get to know one another in person. We fell more and more in love as each day passed that week. After only a month since our first random phone call, we decided to make it official that we were in a relationship.

We spent the next year flying back and forth to see each other and never let one day pass without talking to each other over the phone. Then Ryan got orders to serve a year in South Korea. This was definitely a test to our relationship. Not only was this going into another year of having a long distance relationship, we also would not have the opportunity to see each other as often as we were used to. Our relationship and commitment to each other had grown so much that we made it work and when Ryan returned from Korea, he  purposed. I excitingly said yes!

I thought the worries were over until he informed me that he got orders to spend the next three years in Alaska. We decided that spending another year apart would not work for us, so I packed up my bags and moved with him. We spent the next year planning our Louisiana wedding and after two years of a dating long distance, we finally said "I do" in May of this year.

We are currently residing in Anchorage, Alaska and we couldn't be happier that we, by my step-brother's persistence, were brought together from two different worlds. Good things do come to those who wait.


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Anonymous said...

What a lovely story! Congrats to the both of you!