Sunday, December 11, 2011

Winter Weekend Moodboard

Happy Sunday!

 (Source one, two, three, four, five)


Anonymous said...

What inspiring pictures; so festive too! I'm currently making christmas decorations for my tree...I never considered acorns!!!

Love Ruche and enjoy reading the blog.

Merry Christmas!


Aiza said...

I love the pictures and the quote. Inspired this morning because of this.

Adrienna said...

This is a perfect weekend moodboard. So classic and festive!

Kim said...

The cutest pictures ever!! I'm looking forward to the holiday season now!

found the route

jk8354 said...

Wow love the cup picture, such a creative way to make use of bokeh... but the whole moodboard is so nice, the quote is great

Moon Child said...

Definitely hits the mood, the stars on the street is my favorite :)

DeLuna said...

Super cute photos. Love the mood!
Great quote