Thursday, December 15, 2011

Project DIY: Ruffled Knee Socks

The lovely lady of Dear Lizzy shared this DIY project with us and we're excited to share it with you! ♥

My sister used to always tease me because my socks were always mismatched. You couldn't see them so who cares, right? I'm not sure when things changed, probably when Punky Brewster stopped airing on television, but now I am pretty much obsessed with socks. My drawer is filled with polka dots, stripes and my favorite are over-the-knee paired with leggings. I put together this little diy to make your own ruffle knee socks they are perfect this fall and winter with boots so the lace just peeks out at the top.

These socks are from Target for $2.50 along with some other more decorative ones. I cut off the band at the top and then also made a slit about 2" long down from the edge. After you cut the slit, smooth off the corners so that there is a bit of a dip in your sock and not quite so blunt of corners. What this does is it gives your more room to fit the sock on your leg after your sew the ruffle. The first time I tried this the sock was too tight on my leg so I unstitched it and added the slit and it worked. Also, the ruffle is quite forgiving once you are done and you won't even tell where you cut it.

Next, cut 2 strips of 2" lace. Layer both strips of lace on top of the sock and sew a few stitches to keep it in place. Then hold the fabric behind the sewing machine while stretching the bottom sock layer in front as far as you can. Keep it stretched out really tight the whole time you are sewing. You don't need to ruffle as you go because stretching it out makes the ruffle once you are done sewing and you release the sock.

Add a bow or buttons on the outside of each sock. This bow was made with Chevron Fabric paper but I removed the fabric from the adhesive back that way it is easier to work with.

Looking forward to keep warm while wearing these with boots and leggings this winter. Enjoy!

xo Lizzy

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KaylaMarieEnglish said...

I love them! I think if I dig out the sewing machine I'll make myself a pair! :D

Anonymous said...

I might just try this!!

Melissa Marie Head said...

What an awesome idea! I am going to try this for sure as love ruffly long songs but never find reasonably priced ones.

Jennifer J said...

Awesome!!! I am terribly NEED to find socks like this so I can BUY them from you!

Poppy and Pearl Co. said...

Great post : ) wonderful pics!