Friday, March 2, 2012

Love Stories: Extraordinary

Our story isn't ordinary.

After an especially rough first year of college, making my way through all sorts of heartache, I moved the 4 hours from my apartment in St. George, UT, back home, and started attending the local University. I reacquainted myself with a few old friends, and spent the entire summer with them.

One friend in particular, was engaged after just 30 days of dating her boyfriend, and they were to be married in October of 2010. We were all ecstatic for her.

She enlisted her good family friend as her photographer, and when she showed us all her engagements and bridal photos, I was impressed with the photographer's work, but didn't give it another thought, though she, and another friend gushed about how handsome and wonderful he was.

A few short weeks later, I found myself walking into their beautiful backyard reception. I was probably fidgeting with my [slightly too fancy] dress, or stumbling over my [slightly too big] heels, but that didn't stop him from noticing. I had just made my entrance, unaware that I had caught the eye of the photographer, who thought to himself in that very moment, "I have got to get to know that girl..." 

So he did. Although I was oblivious. That night, my friend pointed him out saying "that's Devin. the photographer. He is cute, huh?" I failed to respond, in fear of offending my date (Though I did agree. Whole-heartedly.) Later, Devin came over and took a picture of us, and that was it. He was attractive, but I didn't let my imagination get away from me. After all, I didn't even know him. What were the chances, anyway? Considering him as someone I could date seemed silly. So I didn't.

A few weeks later, after a little bit of snooping, and inquiring of me from my friends, he contacted me. I had complimented his photography, and he was very humbled by my remarks. We talked endlessly, having conversations that lasted days, only pausing briefly for sleep, work, and classes. We became best friends in an instant, and often commented on how natural our friendship felt. Like it had always been this way. Shortly after, we knew a date was in order. Luckily, we had a math course in common at school, and had been assigned similar homework. The perfect excuse. As he finished up his classes, I spent 4 hours (literally) getting ready, checking myself in the mirror multiple times, wringing my hands, and tugging on my outfit.

We met in the campus library and pretended to do homework while making small talk. He was beyond excited. I was beyond nervous. It didn't take long for us to realize we were kidding ourselves and not long after, were eating grilled cheese sandwiches and playing games at a small diner with his closest friends. 

We have seen each other every single day since. 
He proposed 4 months later in February of 2011, on a cold night.
We were married in May 2011.

It's extraordinary.

Devin and Katie Ashby

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