Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wedding Bouquets: An Interview & DIY Project

We recently had the pleasure of working with Mai, the creator of Bunch Studio, and her team. They helped us create our wedding vision with their gorgeous flower arrangements and bouquets. Take a peek into Mai's creative mind below. ♥

When did your love for flowers and designing begin?
I've always had a preference of creative outlets over anything else academic... it's worked out for me so far. I am also an interior designer by trade, so I have respect and appreciation for all things beautiful and well curated. A room, space or event is never complete without the presence of natural botanicals.

What does a typical day in the studio/shop look like?
Cold early mornings at the Los Angeles flower mart, anywhere from 4am to 10am... leaves, petals, and branches everywhere at the studio mid-day, and late nights at the computer. There really are no breaks, but the work is quite enjoyable so you don't always notice when the day has passed you by.

Do you like to garden at home?
I do not have a green thumb, but my goal is to master the art of gardening as we just moved into a space with a 4,500 sq ft yard!

What was the process like for creating Ruche bridal bouquets?
It was a fun palette to work with, and the garden theme gave us more range with the shapes of the bouquets.

Are there any behind-the-scenes moments from our bridal lookbook to share?
The urns at Kimberly Crest had some well rooted aloe plants that we thought were going to be easy to temporarily uproot and replace with our arrangements. While it worked out beautifully, it was quite a process we didn't anticipate. Also both my assistants grew up with horses, which was really helpful when we had to shoot with the ponies.

For a bride on a budget, what flowers would you recommend?
If garden roses aren't in the budget, try standard / Ecadorian roses that are fuller in bloom. Stock and lisianthus are great filler flowers and look really lush in dense quantities. Using just one flower type everywhere makes a great statement, no matter what the flower is. Always aim for seasonal or local.

Thank you so much, Mai! We truly appreciate all the beautiful work you created for us. Ruchettes, be sure to stop by our Wedding Guide and learn how to create wedding bouquets. Bunch Studio shared their recipes from our bridal lookbook!



Kristina - Connecticut-Wedding-Reception said...

Wow! great pictures! The flowers are really classic, lovely and elegant. Thanks for sharing this post.

emily-kallista said...

What a brilliant post! my mum and I both were drawn straight away to the flowers in To have and to hold, its so great to see unusual flowers not always the same classics. <3