Monday, June 13, 2011

Picture This: How to Give Your Pictures a Summer Glow

As a follow up to our Picture This: Giving Your Pictures that Vintage Look blog post, we're going to go over an easy Photoshop tutorial to give your photos a soft vintage look.


Step 1
Start by 1st creating a new layer. Click on the adjustment layer button ( looks like this) and select Hue/Saturation. Adjust the Saturation to +25 or +30 and the lightness to +10 or +15 (depending on how light the original image is).

Step 2
Next create another adjustment layer using the Color Fill option. Select a pale yellow, set to Multiply at 80% Opacity and 80% Fill (adjust opacity and fill to your liking).

 Step 3
Create another Color Fill layer. Select a pale purple color, set to Lighten at 50% Opacity and 50% Fill (adjust opacity and fill to your liking).

Step 4
Create one more Color Fill layer. Select a light blue, set to Color Dodge at 50% Opacity and 50% Fill (adjust opacity and fill to your liking).

Step 5
Create a Gradient adjustment layer. Set the gradient from transparent to white, adjust the angle to your liking. Set to Soft Light at 80% Opacity.

Save and Enjoy. Remember that these are just guidelines, every image will be a little different. Don't be afraid to tweak, adjust or omit some of the steps as you see fit.

(Tutorial Source: The Design Nocture)



Zelina Garza said...

awesome post thank you!

Kelly P. said...

Thanks so much for going step by step! I really appreciate it!

laura said...

what a pretty look! (: this reminds me to play around with photoshop a bit more often.

Anonymous said...

Loving this