Thursday, September 15, 2011

Project DIY: How to make a Neon Zipper Clutch

Guest Blogger: In Honor of Design

Hi, its Anna from In Honor of Design.
I am so excited to share a DIY here with you. I enjoyed the challenge to come up with something for you to create and enjoy! I absolutely LOVE the foldover clutches hitting the market as well as the splashes of neon, so I thought it would be cool to combine the two trends for today's DIY.
Neon Zippers (Found mine here)
Textured Fabric (Find similar here)
Duct Tape
Glue Gun
You can adjust colors and sizes to suit your style

Step 1: Measure out your fabric and cut a piece about 12 in. wide x 19 in. long
Step 2: Fold 1/4 in. of the top part of your fabric down towards the inside to create a hem and hot glue.
Step 3: Hot Glue the FRONT side of your zipper to the fold over flap. Cover with Duct Tape for extra durability.
Step 4: Fold over the sides of fabric inward about 1/4 in. to make a hem and hot glue gun down.
Step 5: Fold 1/4 in. of the other end part of your fabric down towards the inside and hot glue. Cover with Duct Tape for extra durability.
Step 6: Fold the fabric in half and hot glue the sides. You will finish by hot glueing that second side of the zipper to the inside of the hemmed fabric. This will be your most challenging part so take your time! Once finished, you have your own fun and glamorous clutch to take out next time you hit the town!

Hope you enjoy!


Stephanie @ henry happened said...

I love Anna's DIYs! She's a no sew lady like me! :)

Connie @ Daydream In Color said...

I totally heart this DIY, Anna! As a sewing machine-deficient gal, this is right up my alley & oh so cute!

Some Korean Website Highjacker said...

Anna always provides me with the biggest of smiles! loved her DIY take on this really fun clutch. thrilled this is a "no sew" creation, my already pin pricked fingers are very grateful for that indeed! ♥ said...

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