Friday, October 21, 2011

Love Stories: Over and over again

I married my best friend. No really, I know everyone says that, but we were best friends before we were “lovers” or whatever you want to call it. Marrying my best friend was the best choice I ever made; I would highly recommend this path to anyone looking for love. Stop looking for what you think you want and go for what your heart knows it wants. Throughout the years that Don Juan and I have been together, I have been lucky enough to experience falling in love with him over and over again. So here for all to behold are the top 10 times I have re-fallen in love with my very own Don Juan DeMarkland (get it? Don Juan Demarco? Johnny Depp? The 90’s? Anyone?). 

1. The first time we hung out solo, we drove up a Canyon parked and talked all night long. Around 6 am we both agreed seeing as we had class in two hours it was time to roll back down to reality. I fell in love.    

2. The day Don Juan started writing love notes to me in church like, “Will you be my girlfriend? Check yes or no.” I fell in love.

3. During one of my oh-so-dramatic times, I broke it off with my man and he sadly walked away with his head down. As I was sitting there wondering what I had just done, he comes bursting in, the wind blowing in his hair, romantic music playing in the background, carrying magic ice cream that had 0 calories and no fat, tells me, “You complete me.” I quickly responded, “You had me at hello.” We fell into a romantic embrace wondering how we ever lived without each other. (This might me a little dramatized. Let a lady tell her story the way she wants, okay?) I fell in love.       

4. While dating, Don Juan moved away for work and we lived apart. It was the dumbest, yet most enlightening, thing we had ever done. I fell in love.       

5. Don Juan played a Christmas song on the piano that he wrote for me. Did I mention my man plays a mean piano? It was beautiful. Everything a girl would want to hear. Right smack in the middle of the song he sings, “Will you marry me this Christmas? Baby, please say yes.” I melted. I swooned. I fell in love.        

6. When we got in the car on our wedding day, we just looked at each other and smiled. We took the plunge! We were married! I fell in love.          

7. When our daughter was born, he cried like a baby. I fell in love.

8. When he got my sixth row tickets to the Paul McCartney concert even though I said we didn’t need to go because it was too expensive. He knew better. I cried three times in that concert out of pure excitement, and he videoed the whole thing. I fell in love.                       

9. When I was diagnosed with cancer, he held my hand, didn’t cry, and told me everything was going to be alright. He called my family and friends and explained to them the situation so I wouldn’t have to. When he stayed home with me when I was too tired to take care of our kidletts. When he cooked for me all of the crazy diet food I had to eat while getting ready for treatment.  When he did all of these things and never showed me how scared he was, I fell in love.     

10. Every morning when I have the privilege of waking up next to him, I fall in love.   

The great thing is, we can all re-fall in love with our loved ones every day.  We just have to look for the opportunities to do so. Hoorah for love!

Michelle Markland J

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Stacia Momany said...

This warms my heart. thank you for sharing.

Karen said...

This is precious. Love is a beautiful thing.