Monday, February 6, 2012

Picture This: How to Add Sparkle

Photoshop Tutorial: How to Add Sparkle

1. Open a blank image document in Photoshop and create dimensions between 200-300 pixels. The range you choose will determine the range of your Sparkles Brush.

2. Select the Brush tool on your left Tool bar.

3. Then scroll down the Brush Presets panel on your right toolbar. You’ll find a few varying “star “or “sparkle” brushes.  Select the size 70 brush.

4. Stamp the brush a few times randomly and however you like. Try to limit yourself to 3 or four stamps.

5. Select a soft round brush (we chose the first brush option on the panel) and repeat step 4, randomly stamping. You can adjust the size as well.

6. Select “Edit” then ”Define Brush Preset” from your top Menu bar and name your brush (i.e. Sparkles Brush). Then Click “Ok.”

7. Open the image you’d like to use and create a new Layer so that you won’t affect your original image and can make changes.

8. Then select your Sparkles brush from your Brush Presets panel.

9. Next play around with your brush settings. Try selecting “Shape Dynamics” and “Scattering” to add some variation to your brush. Also play around with the “Size Jitter,” “Minimum Diameter,” and “Angle Jitter.” You can look to the lower box to see what effects all these options will have. Lastly, in your “Control” box, select “Fade.”

10. Begin to Stamp on your new layer and notice how the brush is randomly applied. From here on you can scatter it however you like.

11. You can also delete sparkles from certain areas using the “Eraser” tool. We decided to erase any sparkles on her face. Once you have the effect you want, save and you’re done! Enjoy your new whimsical photo.



Kristi Hoskins said...

What a difference a little sparkle makes! Thank you so much for this tutorial.


Fashionably Geeked said...

Looks so amazing and professional. Love it!

Heather Belle said...

Sparkles definitely make everything better ;)

Dana said...

I can't wait to start playing around with this... This is such a great step by step! thanks!