Friday, February 24, 2012

Spring Desktop Wallpapers

Bring spring to your desktop with our free wallpapers. ♥ See them here: desktop wallpapers.
All images are from our spring lookbook, Enchantment.



Anonymous said...

I was waiting for these!! <3 those kites

Kaizen Fashion Project said...

Agreed! The kites photo is so whimsical and lovely!

Kaizen Fashion Project

Kim said...


found the route

~dαturα~ said...

I LOVE Ruche desktop wallpapers! Every single one of them! Absolutely adorable ♥

Bonnie said...

Beautiful. thank you!

Clara Alves said...

I've just found this blog because of these wallpapers added on we♥it and wow! I'm amazed! It's beautiful here, congrats ♥

Fee ist mein Name said...

Hi everybody :)! I hope you read to comments, because I didn't get an answer to my mail yet. I hope this is a good way to get in connection.

I do a weekly feature on my blog called "Webliebe" (german for "web love") and next week's theme will be "photo backdrops".
I'd love to use this picture as one out of six:
Book paper mache wall

I'd link to the original source for sure. Are you ok with that?
I'd love to hear from you soon.

Thank you so much and greetings from Germany, Fee

Shannon said...

Those kites are perfection!

abercrombie Outlet said...

she is so lovely and beautiful!
thank you for sharing article! I will continue noticing your blog!