Thursday, February 9, 2012

Project DIY: Lace Mason Jars

Project DIY: Lace Mason Jars
--Stacey, from Stonewash and Bloom

Materials needed:
thick and thin lace trim (optional)
mason jar
mod podge
brush for mod podge
heat gun or hair dryer


1. Start by measuring out a piece of lace that will wrap around the entire base of the jar.

2. Brush mod podge all over the jar and begin wrapping the lace all around the jar.

3. As you wrap, brush mod podge on top of the lace so the lace is sandwiched between a lot of mod podge.

4. Continue to wrap around the jar until both ends of the lace meet each other. Secure with a bit more mod podge at the seam, and then apply heat to help it dry faster and in place.

5. Once the seam is secure, flip the jar upside down, and fold the edges over the botton and secure with mod podge. Apply heat to the bottom and push the lace down as tightly as possible to the bottom of the jar.

6. Flip the jar back right side up and begin applying mod podge to the lace at the lip of the jar. Apply. Smush. Heat. Apply. Smush. Heat. Repeat. (Real professional word choice, eh?)

7. Trim the excess and begin applying the thick lace trim on top, securing with both mod podge and heat.

8. Then apply the thin lace trim to the very top rim of the jar and you're done!

Surround with beautiful flowers and light a candle inside or use as vases and centerpieces. You can always add some twine for detailing, or a tag for a gift container. And of course, color is always welcome!

--Stacey, from Stonewash and Bloom

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Valens said...

Nice idea!!! ;-)

Heather Belle said...

This is so darling! Love it!!