Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: A Picnic Engagement

A little story of how this Engagement Session shoot unfolded:
Back in May 2011 I sent an email to Tabitha congratulating her on her engagement and little it be known that she was actually interested in booking me for her wedding. It was not long after this that I became deeply influenced by my new discovery of Kinfolk Magazine. The magazine itself is a reflection of this unpretentious celebration of simple things in life. Where finding simple beauty in small gatherings, stripping away the unnecessary trappings to get a true warmth and love we feel when celebrating with our closest and dearest. It immediately occurred to me that this style was a perfect fit for Tabitha and Dan's engagement session photoshoot. When we were planning the concept for this shoot, we have thought we would really like the styling to revolve around food and celebration, to let the day unfold as Tabitha and Dan set their picnic table and enjoy each other's company.

Photography: Serendipity Corner
Make-up Artist: Megan Vaughan
Hair Stylist: Melissa Cauchi
Concept & Styling: Rebecca Isgrove Reah
Picnic Hamper by: Sydney Picnic Co.

--Luisa Brimble, of Serendipity Corner Photography

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