Thursday, February 9, 2012

Style File: Lively Hues

Guest post by Lindsey

While neutrals tend to dominate outfits this time of year, my winter wardrobe always involves COLOR. When it's grey/brown/white outside, all the more reason to don lively hues! To keep from going over-the-top summer, I do pay my respects to neutrals a tad more. How can we find that neutral ground between going nutso with the rainbow like it's summertime all year long and boring everyone around us right down to our goldfish with bland ensembles.

Well, darlings. Allow me to present a few color-infused options, using my favorite items from Ruche to take your winter wardrobe from drab to vibrant!
Ruche-Winter Color-Girl's Night out!
Ruche-Winter Colors-The 9 to 5 gig
view: blazer, skirtpurse, heels

What are the colors you are most excited to get back into circulation this winter? 
Let those repressed hues loose, ladies!

--Lindsey, from Ruby Girl

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