Monday, February 13, 2012

Love Stories: To My Husband

Our countdown to Valentine's Day continues! Tomorrow is the day! ♥

Love Story: To My Husband
--Becki O'Brien, from Happily Becki

To My Husband

I fell in love with you the second before the moment we met,
before our minds had time to catch up with our hearts.

It was an elusive breath,
a love that whispered down through the cracks
and fell into my soul.

It was a love that explained why your gaze felt so familiar,
before I ever spoke your name.
Why your presence made my heart smile and stretch,
– eager to begin what it already knew –
before I felt how perfectly my hand fit inside yours.

Quiet and sleepy, like a blossoming rosebud.
A love that murmured of memories yet to be made,
of a fairy tale more precious than countless imaginings.

A love that existed just beneath the surface of reality,

 just beyond my lingering thoughts.

It floated beneath my knowledge for long months.
And you became my good friend.

Then, out of nowhere, in the midst of a prayer,
my mind fell in synch with the beating of my heart.
And I looked up from my daydreams
 to meet forever in your eyes.

Everything paused, on the day that I knew.
Ever so softly, as if I never should have doubted,
an eternal voice told me

that I was (you were)
the one.

I had fallen in love with you from the start.
And you had fallen in love with me.

The day you told me. In a fluttering whisper, as if we had always known,

that I was (you were)
in love.

Photography Credit: Laura Zastrow Photography

--Becki O'Brien, from Happily Becki

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Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful poem. It definitely made me smile! <3
xo Amanda

Connecting Four said...

I think the Love Stories Posts are one of my favorites from Ruche! Thanks for sharing these wonderful stories :) <3

Julie said...

This was so absolutely beautiful! I loved it =)